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January 15th, 2009 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 I’ve been told i need to update my blog.   Of course i choose to do so when im in the middle of trying to get some writing work done on my scary-ass BA thesis, synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 which is refusing to let itself be written without a fight.

Synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 If all the stuff i write on a daily basis- msn, synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 emails, synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 comments on facebook-  could somehow be mashed together into a BA thesis, synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00  i would be ever so happy. Synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00   I seem to have some sortof ailment which makes it almost painful for me to write anything i HAVE to write, synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00  even if its about something i’m interested in (i’m focusing on my selfportraits and the role of the internet for up and coming artists, synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00  which I actually find to be a very valid and necessary topic to discuss)

Synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 I think I think too much.

Synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00

Synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 So anyway, synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 I’m featured in Playboy Spain (as the picture above is intended to illustrate), synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 been having some mixed feelings about that.  After i agreed to answer the interview questions and send them some pictures, synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 sometime in August, synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 I had a severe anxiety attack, synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 that now i’d completely fucked up, synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00  who’d ever take me seriously after a mention in Playboy?    Now i’m rather tickled by the whole thing, synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 seeing as i’m probably the first icelandic woman to be featured in any version of playboy without at least showing some nipples ..    And there ARE all those men that read it for the articles, synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 right?

Synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 However, synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 that cover pisses me off more each time i look at it.  Either Hef should get naked, synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 to fit in, synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 because the gals look really awkward in their utter nakedness, synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00  or they should just wear bikinis or something.  I mean, synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 if you’re naked, synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 you’re not fooling anyone by putting your arm over your boobs..  and if you’re not going to show your boobs anyway, synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00  wear a fucking bikini to free your arms from that awkward “hiding-my-boobs” pose.

Synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 but hey, synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 maybe that’s just me.

Synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 Next update, synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 i’m going to write something awesome.  I’ll try to do so sooner than April ;)

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Lopid 600mg Pills $221.00

November 13th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Lopid 600mg pills $221.00 “What?” you may ask, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 regarding the odd title of this post..

Lopid 600mg pills $221.00 “what the f***??” was what i asked no one in particular when i recieved the first of what ended up being 10 mails today from middle-school students in Oregon, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 all seeking answers to a question presented to them on some scavenger hunt they’re taking part in.

Lopid 600mg pills $221.00 The question apparently starts out with a quote from an article published in the New York Times earlier this year. Lopid 600mg pills $221.00 The quote is as follows: “Cartier-Bresson is no Guoleifsdóttir” The rest of the question has to do with where i post my photos, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 and how many megapixels my favorite camera has. Lopid 600mg pills $221.00 (who made up this question in the first place is what i’d like to know..)

Lopid 600mg pills $221.00 Now, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 before i go any further, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 let me state the following:
My last name is Guðleifsdóttir, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 not Guoleifsdóttir. Lopid 600mg pills $221.00 Misspelling my last name, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 however, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 was only one of several things that pissed me off about that article, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 that quote being another one. Lopid 600mg pills $221.00 The way I saw it, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 the point of the quote was not to make me appear to be a better photographer than legend Henri Cartier-Bresson, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 (that in itself would have been ridiculous anyway) . Lopid 600mg pills $221.00 But rather, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 to point out that if Cartier-Bresson were just starting out today, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 and were to post his photos on Flickr, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 the average flickr user wouldn’t recognize their brilliance because they don’t adhere to the aesthetic values that we modern folks have become accustomed to, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 in light of the extra dazzle and special effects that digital photography and photoshop have enabled even the most amateur photographer to add to their photos. Lopid 600mg pills $221.00 The average flickr user would not appreciate the precise framing and mood of the masters black and white photos.
The point of the comparison was, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 in short, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 to point out that even tho my photos have become hugely popular on Flickr, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 it doesn’t count because (according to the writer of the article) the average flickr user is an idiot that doesn’t have the necessary background in photo and art history to know a good photo when they see one.
For this condescending assumption, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 I begrudge the writer of the article. Lopid 600mg pills $221.00 Even tho it may well be true that the average flickr viewer does not, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 in fact, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 have any background in studying art or making profound and enlightened statements on the validity of a photograph, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 I personally believe the average person should not in fact NEED such a background to appreciate artwork. Lopid 600mg pills $221.00 I’m interested in reaching not just people who can sound really smart at a snooty NY gallery opening, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 but normal people, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 who feel something when looking at my photographs, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 and are in some way moved by what they see.
Art should be for everyone who enjoys looking at it, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 and you can quote me on that.

Lopid 600mg pills $221.00 Now, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 having gotten that much-needed rant out of my system, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 I’m going to answer the kids’ question.
My favorite camera at the moment is a canon 5D, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 as its the best camera I’ve owned so far.
It has around 12 megapixels;)
I post some of my photos on flickr, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 but as of last month my more artistic work has been removed from there, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 and is only visible on my personal website, lopid 600mg pills $221.00 .

Lopid 600mg pills $221.00 Good luck with the rest of the scavenger hunt guys.

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Calan 120mg Pills $83.00

September 25th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Calan 120mg pills $83.00 (i decided it was time for another list)

Calan 120mg pills $83.00 1.  When i was 4 years old, calan 120mg pills $83.00 i came very close to drowning.  i was pulled from the bottom of the pool where i’d been playing by a stranger, calan 120mg pills $83.00  a woman who’s name i never knew.

Calan 120mg pills $83.00 2. Calan 120mg pills $83.00 I had to learn how to swim three times.  First when i was six, calan 120mg pills $83.00 again at age 8, calan 120mg pills $83.00 and again at age 9.  How I managed to forget how to swim in between still baffles me.  I suspect it had something to do with a suppressed memory of almost drowning.

Calan 120mg pills $83.00 3. Calan 120mg pills $83.00 Between the ages of 13 and 15, calan 120mg pills $83.00 i was the biggest Led Zeppelin fan ever.  I was deeply in love with Robert Plant (the 70′s version of him in any case), calan 120mg pills $83.00 and spent hours drawing amazingly good pencil renditions of the photos inside the book that came with the “remasters” cassette collection my brother owned. Calan 120mg pills $83.00 (Later he bought all of their albums on cd, calan 120mg pills $83.00 and I spent an estimated 5 hours every day listening to them)  Some of these drawings were done on the inside of the loose-leaf binder I used at school, calan 120mg pills $83.00 and got me more than a few admiring comments from classmates who, calan 120mg pills $83.00 on the whole, calan 120mg pills $83.00 had never heard of Led Zeppelin, calan 120mg pills $83.00 and viewed me as a bit of a weirdo.

Calan 120mg pills $83.00 4. Calan 120mg pills $83.00 I am a bit of a weirdo.

Calan 120mg pills $83.00 5.  When i was 15, calan 120mg pills $83.00 (1993) i bought myself an accoustic guitar.  I had planned on buying an electric one, calan 120mg pills $83.00 but somehow my mother talked me out of it.  I daydreamed about Jimmy Page teaching me how to play.  I got as far as teaching myself how to strum the basic chords to “heart of gold” by neil young (even sang along, calan 120mg pills $83.00 as i recall, calan 120mg pills $83.00 when nobody was in earshot) , calan 120mg pills $83.00  but i think i gave up on actually learning to play before my 16th birthday came around.

Calan 120mg pills $83.00 6. Calan 120mg pills $83.00 I have never seen the movie “reality bites”.

Calan 120mg pills $83.00 7. Calan 120mg pills $83.00 My temper has cost me 3 jobs.

Calan 120mg pills $83.00 8. Calan 120mg pills $83.00 I’m afraid of spiders.

Calan 120mg pills $83.00 9. Calan 120mg pills $83.00 I’ve been lifting weights seriously for 12 years, calan 120mg pills $83.00 but am never quite happy with my body.

Calan 120mg pills $83.00 10. Calan 120mg pills $83.00 I often laugh at my own wit, calan 120mg pills $83.00 usually when no one else does.

Calan 120mg pills $83.00 11. Calan 120mg pills $83.00 While writing this, calan 120mg pills $83.00 I’m supposed to be working on updating my school portfolio…   go figure..

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Clarinex 5mg Pills $133.00

September 20th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 As those who follow my flickr page regularly have probably noticed, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 i recently did a school project involving a large number of paper airplanes.  Months ago the idea of an empty trashcan surrounded by a mountain of paper planes popped into my head, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 and kept resurfacing until i just decided to use the idea for a “finished work” i had to turn in at the end of a 4-week course at school (im on my final year studing visual arts at Icelands Academy of the Arts)

Clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 Before thinking much about how i’d shoot the final outcome, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 i set about creating the planes, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 which turned out to be far more time consuming and boring than i somehow imagined it would be.  After a week or so of spending an hour here and an hour there folding paper, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 i started feeling the whole thing was rather pointless if not downright silly.   I decided to photograph the work process, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 and got a surprisingly good image from that, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 which at least made the trouble seem a little bit more worthwhile.

Clarinex 5mg pills $133.00

Clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 With a little more than a week to go before turning in, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 i still didn’t really know where or how i was going to photograph all these planes, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 and began losing interest in the project. Clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 I got a vague idea that it might be cool to get a real office to use as a “set” , clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 but had no idea where i’d find an office.
At the dinner table one evening, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 i asked my parents if they had any bright ideas, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 and my dad suggests “why not borrow the office of the Minister of Education . Clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 It’s a school project and all.. Clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 ” My mom agrees that this is a neat idea, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 and i look at both of them like they’ve lost their minds, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 and say “right.. Clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 like she’s gonna just loan me her office to fill up with paper planes” and then my older son says “i dare you mom.. Clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 you’re not chicken are you?” and that did it.

Clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 I sent a letter describing the project to the Ministry of Education, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 and then patiently waited to get a “no, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 that’s not possible” response in return. Clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 After more than a day with no reply i started feeling like a downright fool, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 but then i actually got a call , clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 from the minsters secretary, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 wanting more details about the project, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 and she says they’re considering my request. Clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 That was on a thursday. Clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 On monday morning, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 (4 days before i had to turn in the finished project), clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 I still hadn’t gotten any response so i called just to make sure i’d have to figure out a plan B, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 but instead i was told that i was welcome to use the office that day.

Clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 My friend Sara came along to help, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 and we got these really weird looks from the lady working in the reception, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 had to assure her that we did indeed have permission to be there ( i don’t blame her really , clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 we had 3 large bags, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 one of them an ugly black trashbag, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 filled with paper airplanes, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 two camera bags and a tripod, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 and i was dressed like a really fake looking “businesswoman” )

Clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 Anyway, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 i shot both film (slides film which i cross-processed) and digital, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 the digital version somehow came out better for computer screen viewing, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 but what i turned in was a print from one of the negatives, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 which im going to post here for comparison.

Clarinex 5mg pills $133.00

Clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 As you can see, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 this is not just a simple scan of the negative, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 however, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 i’m not going to disclose, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 for now , clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 how i got that weird look to it. Clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 Feel free to guess, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 and i might explain it in a comment below.  (It looks a lot better printed large and framed, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 you’ll just have to take my word for it)

Clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 Why there’s a disembodied head perching on the corner of the desk is a whole other story, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 which i’ll explain in a later post, clarinex 5mg pills $133.00 a week or so from now.

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Norvasc 2.5mg Pills $91.00

July 27th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 cheeeese.jpg

Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 Ok.. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 i uploaded that photo first for chuckles.. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 That’s my cousin Berglind and her husband, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 they were married yesterday, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 and while they’d hired a “real” photographer (i’m no wedding photographer, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 tho i’ve shot two weddings before.. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 found it’s really not for me) , norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 she wanted me to take a few portraits as well. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 Funny how time flies.. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 there’s a picture in a photo album somewhere, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 taken in the year 1988, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 that shows me, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 age 9, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 sitting in a chair with Berglind, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 age 3, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 in my lap, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 at a beach house that her family was vacationing at in Sarasota, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 Fl. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 (My family was living in Gainesville, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 Fl, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 at the time, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 and came to visit them) Seeing her yesterday, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 looking raidiantly beautiful and grown up, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 i couldn’t help think of that photo , norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 and how odd it would have seemed to me then, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 to know i’d be photographing her on her wedding day, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 and me still unmarried :) Life’s funny that way. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 Anyway, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 all rambling aside, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 i thought i’d use the opportunity to show off a few photos from these three photoshoots , norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 since i never uploaded any of them on flickr.

Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 1smaller.jpg

Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 bubbles1-small.jpg

Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 koss1small.jpg

Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 One of the two weddings i shot last summer was when Berglinds’ older brother, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 Jón Þór (we’re the same age, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 and played together when we were less than 3 feet tall ), norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 got married .. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 Jón Þór and his wife Guðrún are quite possibly the jolliest, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 cutest couple alive…

Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 koss-i-grasagardi-small.jpg

Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 bride-small.jpg

Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 3small.jpg

Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 tun4small.jpg

Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 the other wedding last summer was shot in Eskifjörður, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 which is as far from my hometown of Hafnarfjörður as you can get, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 without actually leaving Icelnad.  That was likely the hardest job i’ve ever done. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 I drove off at 4 a.m. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 , norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 to be sure to get there with plenty of time left over.  Half an hour into my trip, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 in heavy fog, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00  i managed to hit and kill a bird, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 that just HAD to be sitting in the middle of the damn road.  I was off to a great start.  At Vik í mýrdal, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 i decided to take a short nap before continuing. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 Accidentally slept for over 3 hours. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 So off i rushed, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 getting more and more stressed with each passing hour. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 To make the trip more colorful, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 i picked up two 20 year old swiss hitch-hikers, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 who just happened to have shot a wedding together not too long previously, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 and they entertained me with stories of how much could go wrong during such a gig.. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 After dropping them off, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 i managed to get stuck in the town of Djúpivogur, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 driving several aimless circles and not finding the right exit, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 because by then i was panicking that i’d not only be late, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 i’d never even manage to find the town of Eskifjörður at all.. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 It shouldn’t, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 in all honesty, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 even be possible to get “lost” in a town as small as Djúpivogur. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 My mistake was actually driving into the town in the first place.. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 i thought i was supposed to go thru it. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 I wasn’t. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 I actually had to stop at a cafe there and ask for directions. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 Come to think of it, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 I imagine i’m the only person to ever, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 actually, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 get stuck in Djúpivogur. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 So, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 i drove back the way i’d come, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 passing the young hitchhikers again, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 where i’d left them 10 minutes earlier, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 feeling enormously stupid. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 After a quick, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 desperate perusal of the map, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 i figured out where i was supposed to go next, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 and about 2 towns from Eskifjörður, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 it started raining. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 (it had been sunny the entire trip, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 and i was going to photograph them outdoors..this just kept looking better and better..) I finally arrived in Eskifjörður at 3:45 pm, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 after nearly 12 hours of travelling, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 a mere 15 minutes before the ceremony started, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 all sweaty and exhausted.. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 Just had time to throw on a dress and pantyhose, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 which i of course managed to tear in all the rush, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 just a little boost for my confidence before shooting the ceremony.. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 Amazingly, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 despite the murphy’s law feel of the whole day, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 the actually photoshoot went well, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 and the people were happy with their photos. Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 So, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 all in all, norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 a great experience.

Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00

Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 2.jpg

Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 41.jpg

Norvasc 2.5mg pills $91.00 51.jpg

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