the problem with setting goals..

July 23rd, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

.. and then reaching those goals, is that once the goal has been reached and is behind you, you can’t just kick up your heels and say “there. I totally aced that. ” and just feel content. Not if you’re me at least. You have to set a new one, otherwise, you get the feeling you’re not going anywhere…

To clarify: In March this year i started running again.. (i’ve been jogging off and on since i was 16, but became somewhat lazy in the last few years)

30 minutes on a treadmill was exhausting to begin with. I kept at it , and started running outdoors as soon as the weather started getting better.. Going from half an hour to 45 minutes , to an hour or more , in a rather short period of time.  By May, when i managed to run for 84 minutes nonstop, I  decided I would aim at competing in the Reykjavík Marathon in late August, and run a half marathon (21 kilometers)

So, i’ve been training all summer, steadily increasing my distances until the other day (or night) I ran for 108 minutes.. not sure about the distance but i figured somewhere between 16-18 km. Being impatient, I felt compelled last night to just go ahead and try for half a marathon. Yes, in the middle of the night. Alone. With no one to witness it. Doing it the other way, with the crowds and the accurately measured distance and people cheering, is altogether too ordinary.

Got up around 3:30, was off at 3:50, and ran, for what seemed like an eternity, in the morning stillness (well, it was actually quite windy and chilly, but I wasn’t passed by a single car or pedestrian, so stillness of that sort at least) . At one point, when running past a field where there’s a nesting area for several kinds of birds, I had to dodge a gull that did its very best to shit on my head.. Seriously.. it spotted me, turned and dived low, and let go with a generous glop , which landed approximately 2 feet to my left. But only because I veered two feet to the right. Too close for comfort that was. I added a generous extra half hour loop to the approximate 16 km I ran a few days earlier, and when i finally arrived back home, (ending the run with a looong grueling uphill climb, with plenty of headwind) it was 6:08. Two hours and 18 minutes of nonstop running.  If that wasn’t at least 21 km, i’ll eat my running shoes. For at least an hour, I allowed myself to bask in a feeling of accomplishment, trying to ignore the fact that my knees seemed to have stopped working temporarily, and my right ankle refused to properly carry my weight.

But now what?? Does this mean i actually have to aim for a full marathon one of these days? Knowing me… probably.

But hell. For now, yay! I did it ! :)

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you really can never be too careful…

July 20th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

ok, this is all very pointless and random.  But when eating breakfast the other day (something i rarely do),  breakfast being a bowl of cereal called Mornflakes Maple Pecan Crisp , i found myself reading the side of the box (as one does, if one happens to not have any other reading material handy) and came across what struck me as a two rather unnecessary “warnings”…


Apparently,  great caution should be shown when attempting to eat this treacherous cereal, as it can be harmful both if eaten cold or hot.

Anyone smart enough to be able to read the warning, should be smart enough to deduce, from the clattering sound produced when pouring said product into a bowl, that the product is, indeed, of the crunchy sort.

all this nonsense aside, it’s actually quite tasty.  Certainly more interesting than Cheerios..

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if you’re in Iceland…

July 14th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

.. In the Snæfellsnes area, to be exact,  you should stop by a place called Hellnar..  I was there last week with my kids, and found the scenery quite breathtaking..  Even tho i didn’t manage to get any particularly good photos taken.   Hellnar is close to a place called Arnarstapi, there’s actually a 2.5 km seaside path connecting the two places,  which i didn’t walk because it was really windy and my kids didn’t feel like it,  but it’s probably a nice hike to make in good weather.  At the end of this path (if you walk from Arnarstapi) you come out thru a cave-like area, and see a cozy cafe overlooking the sea, where you can warm up with a cup of cocoa and cakes.. (a bit overpriced, definitely,  but still worth a stop if you’re there).






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Hypocrisy, anyone?

July 7th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Short interview clip with John McCain … I believe this is pretty much the definition of putting your foot in your mouth:


but wait.. there’s more!


Uh.. does this man ever mean anything he says? THIS guy may become president?? A 71 year old geezer that apparently called his own wife a cunt and a trollop in the media?? (still trying to dig up solid proof on that, but there’re rumors all over the place.. so i’ll stick to”apparently”)

This pretty much goes without saying, but I’m rooting for Barack Obama. For once, lets hope enough smart, clear-headed americans bother to vote this year. Seeing as the fate of the rest of the world is sortof in the hands of these guys. *shudder*

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“Don’t get mad.. It’s just a postmodern thing.. “

June 30th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Ok.. so i get a fair bit of mail, thru my website and flickr.. most of it nice people telling me they appreciate what i’m doing w my camera, which i always appreciate hearing, but once in a while, i get stupid mail. The title of this post is taken from one such flickr mail i got this weekend, which went something like this:

“hey.. rebekka. I was wondering, if i sent you a nude picture of myself, would you send me one of yourself? Don’t get mad, it’s just a post-modern thing. ”

Yeah. Suppose throwing around some artsy phrases struck this person as a sure-fire way to get me naked and posing , for his viewing pleasure.. Maybe i should write him back and tell him he’s getting his genres confused, and that nude-picture swapping is more akin to neoclassicism. (altho it’s not, i’m just making that up) .  Just to get him thinking.  Maybe he’d end up at the library browsing thru art-history tomes, and would learn something useful, or at best,  learn some new phrases to toss around at parties.

But hey, can’t blame a guy for trying i guess.  ;)

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