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Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 As of this evening, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 my partner Óli and I will be embarking on the final trip to complete the Weather Experience project we’ve been working on since April 2011. Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 This has taken so much longer than planned, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00  and I’m sure all the wonderfully supportive people who have already donated towards the project have begun wondering if this was all just a scam.

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 For those reading that have no idea what I’m talking about, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 the idea behind this project is that we’re travelling to each location in Iceland mentioned in the weather forecast on Icelands national radio. Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 At each location I’m photographed, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 barefoot in a flowy black dress with extra cloth strips attached, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 which my mom and I designed together, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 and the point of which is to show how windy it is.

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 Fagurhólsmýri1 gufuskálar

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 látrabjarg2small blog3

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00  

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 Each spread of the book covers one location, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 and in addition to the main photos (with me in the dress), ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 there’s a smaller photo showing something distinctive from the area, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 a small map showing where in Iceland it’s located, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 and some text telling the story of our travels.
The following image (click to view larger) shows the layout of the book(so far) in Blurb, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 which I’m using to make it. Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 At least the prototype. Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 Maybe we’ll find a publisher later. Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00  I have yet to write nearly all the text.

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 9.13.43 PM

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 Of the 62 weather station locations we set out to document, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 we now only have 8 left and will be completing them all in this trip. Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 After that’s complete, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 I’ll finish putting the book together, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00  and everyone that’s donated at least 15$ at some point towards this project will then receive their long-awaited PDF of the book.
As well as exceeding the time frame we first envisioned, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 this has been quite a bit more costly than anticipated. Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00  Many of the locations are on islands, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 and to reach them we’ve had to charter boats, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 take ferries, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 and paddled out to one in an inflatable two-person kayak.

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 gulavél_Jun232013_0068 gulavél_Jun232013_0092

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 Last year we spent five days hiking between two of the most remote locations (neither of which could be reached by car), ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 which was by far the most effort I’ve ever put into two photos.

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00  

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 DSC05878 DSC05884

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 Also while working on this, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 our truck nearly sank:

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 we nearly got stranded in crazy deep snow:

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 dyn2

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 and spent at least three nights camping in subzero weather.

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 Bjarkalundur..

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 To sum this up, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 it’s been a lot of work, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 a lot of fun (the nearly-sinking-the-truck bit excluded), ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 and I can’t wait to share the adventure with readers.

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 Without the help we’ve already gotten, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 this whole endeavor would have fallen flat the first year.
This one last time, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 I’m again going to share a donation link for anyone that would like to help out on this last leg of the adventure.

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00  

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 As before, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 any little bit will help, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 but 15$ will get you a PDF copy of the completed book (your name and email will be added to the growing list) , ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 and 50$ or more will get you five 12 x 18cm (5 x 7 inch) prints of your own choosing from the images on my website ( or that I’ve posted on my facebook artist page ( )

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 Simply send a message along with the donation, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 including links to the five images you’d like, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 and you’re mailing address.

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 Thanks in advance to anyone that decides to help out, ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 it means the world to us!

Ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00  

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Discount Canadian Cialis

December 10th, 2013 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Discount canadian cialis I am a HUGE fan of the legendary Liverpool quartet. Discount canadian cialis  Grew up listening to them, discount canadian cialis thanks to my dad (as well as jazz and classical music which I probably would not have sought out myself before the age of ten).

Discount canadian cialis I recently revisited their music after not listening to them in forever. Discount canadian cialis  Went through their entire catalogue in two days (while knitting) and decided a list was called for. Discount canadian cialis  Everybody loves a good list every now and again.

Discount canadian cialis So, discount canadian cialis in no particular order, discount canadian cialis  here are my ten favorite Beatles songs:

Discount canadian cialis
Don’t bother me
 (With the Beatles)

Discount canadian cialis
She’s leaving home
  (Sgt Peppers lonely hearts club band)

Discount canadian cialis
Blue Jay Way
(Magical mystery tour)

Discount canadian cialis
Love me do
(Please please me)

Discount canadian cialis
I am the walrus
(Magical mystery tour)

Discount canadian cialis
A day in the life
(Sgt. Discount canadian cialis Peppers lonely hearts club band)

Discount canadian cialis
A ticket to ride

Discount canadian cialis
I’m looking through you
(Rubber Soul)

Discount canadian cialis
Ps I love you
(Please please me)

Discount canadian cialis
I’ll follow the sun
(Beatles for sale)

Discount canadian cialis  

Discount canadian cialis What amazes me about this band is how much their music evolved over their career while remaining original and awesome, discount canadian cialis how diverse it is, discount canadian cialis and how extraordinarily many of their songs are just wonderful.
For me, discount canadian cialis this is THE go-to stuff when I need cheering up.

Discount canadian cialis Since I never had the opportunity to photograph the Beatles, discount canadian cialis and don’t like using other peoples images on my blog, discount canadian cialis but hate blog posts with no pictures, discount canadian cialis here’s a picture of my dogs instead.

Discount canadian cialis

Discount canadian cialis Ok. Discount canadian cialis  That’s all for now. Discount canadian cialis  Carry on with your day.

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Levitra Vs Viagra

November 9th, 2013 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Levitra vs viagra I now have two little items available in my Blurb Bookstore.

Levitra vs viagra There’s the Icelandic Horse, levitra vs viagra and now a book showcasing a collection of  series I’ve made since 2007.

Photographic Series 2007-2012 by Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir
Make Your Own Book

Levitra vs viagra It’s 74 pages, levitra vs viagra  mostly photo spreads but also text, levitra vs viagra describing in depth how I think and work when approaching a subject.

Levitra vs viagra Many images in the book have never been online, levitra vs viagra and are not really typical for what I’m known for. Levitra vs viagra  It’s a pretty cool book.

Levitra vs viagra It’s available in three choices of cover, levitra vs viagra  three different prices.

Levitra vs viagra Or, levitra vs viagra I have this neat offer for you:

Levitra vs viagra For 5$, levitra vs viagra  I’ll give you the PDF version of this newest book. Levitra vs viagra  Simply press the “buy now” button below. Levitra vs viagra  Your email address will turn up in the notification I’ll get, levitra vs viagra  and I’ll send you the dl link for the “book”. Levitra vs viagra  Easy for all!

Levitra vs viagra  

Levitra vs viagra In other news, levitra vs viagra I’ve been dabbling a bit in video and animation recently. Levitra vs viagra  I’ve put what I’ve been doing on my youtube channel, levitra vs viagra and plan on doing a whole lot more in the near future, levitra vs viagra so bookmark that if you’re interested.

Levitra vs viagra Here’s a music video I made for my boyfriend:

Levitra vs viagra

Levitra vs viagra And a hand drawn cartoon I drew back in 2008 but only just got around to putting together in after effects a few weeks ago:

Levitra vs viagra

Levitra vs viagra I have sooo many great ideas for photo projects that I sincerely hope I can get around to doing soon, levitra vs viagra I’m pretty much broke right now and the process of actually making art is anything but lucrative.
But new work will be on its way soon!

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Vigor 2000

August 23rd, 2013 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Vigor 2000 This has been one amazing summer! I was a bit glum at first about the prospect of turning 35 (this happened May 25th) but since then I’ve tried all sorts of cool new things and never felt better. Vigor 2000  Thus I’ve decided more firmly than ever that I’m actually not getting any older, vigor 2000 the number’s just getting higher for some reason. Vigor 2000  And my kids are getting mysteriously tall (the 15 yr old is 6’1″ and showing no signs of stopping).

Vigor 2000 While by brain is brimming with all sorts of things I’d like to share, vigor 2000 I’m going to start with a much needed update about the Weather Experience project, vigor 2000 especially for those generous people who donated funds to help make it possible, vigor 2000 and might be wondering if the book will ever actually see the light of day. Vigor 2000  (For those not familiar with it, vigor 2000  this is a huge-scale project I’m working on with my boyfriend Óli, vigor 2000 started in April 2011). Vigor 2000 In my last update I mentioned we had all the most difficult locations yet to do. Vigor 2000  I’m happy to say that since then we’ve managed to cover four of those hard-to-reach spots, vigor 2000 which is a huge relief. Vigor 2000  This means we now have completed 46 locations out of 60, vigor 2000 with only four locations remaining that need to be reached by boat. Vigor 2000  In early May we made a trip up north to get the island of Grímsey out of the way. Vigor 2000  As the red dot shows , vigor 2000 its a good ways offshore:

Vigor 2000

Vigor 2000 So we reserved a ride with the Grímsey ferry, vigor 2000 which we learned would be leaving at 9 am from the small northern town of Dalvík. Vigor 2000  We were told to be there by 8:30 am at the latest, vigor 2000 so we left the previous evening from our home in Hafnarfjörður, vigor 2000 and drove all night.
The trip was uneventful aside from the goose we accidentally hit with the car –  I became a little hysterical that we’d killed it and wasn’t at ease until Óli had turned the car around and driven all the way back to see if its lifeless (or worse, vigor 2000 hideously injured) body was lying in the road. Vigor 2000  It wasn’t, vigor 2000 so apparently geese are tougher than I thought, vigor 2000 which came as quite a relief. Vigor 2000  I’d rather complete this project without any animals getting killed in the process. Vigor 2000  On a happier note, vigor 2000 we also passed a field of horses, vigor 2000 where a newborn foal was taking its first steps with the help of its mama:

Vigor 2000  

Once in Dalvík, vigor 2000 we hurried to the ticket office and spent a few minutes debating wether or not to spend an extra 10.000 króna (80$ or so in addition to the 160$ it cost for just the two of us) to bring the car with us. Vigor 2000 Since we had a bunch of camera stuff and no backpacks, vigor 2000 we decided it would be a lot more convenient. Vigor 2000   At that point we were also under the impression that we’d have 4 hours on the island. Vigor 2000  So I drove the car on board, vigor 2000 all the way as far back as it could get (as i was instructed). Vigor 2000 Then the dock workers proceeded to load a new dock (partitioned into several huge pieces) onto the boat behind my car. Vigor 2000  This did not bother me at the time.
And off we sailed. Vigor 2000  As you can see, vigor 2000 there was still an amazing amount of snow around Dalvík in May:

Vigor 2000

Vigor 2000 Now, vigor 2000 the boat ride itself was 3 hours, vigor 2000 and since I’d been driving all night, vigor 2000 I promptly fell asleep on the floor of the main passenger area and snoozed for an hour. Vigor 2000  (We were the only passengers, vigor 2000 so this wasn’t as awkward as it sounds). Vigor 2000  The highlight of the trip was when the captain let us know there was a group of humpback whales ahead, vigor 2000 if we wanted to take pictures. Vigor 2000  He actually swerved off course to get us closer to them, vigor 2000 which I thought was very awesome of him.

Vigor 2000
Once we arrived in Grímsey, vigor 2000 we were told the boat would only be staying for an hour. Vigor 2000  It then dawned on me that my car wasn’t going anywhere until the dock had been unloaded from behind it. Vigor 2000  I figured they meant we’d have an hour once we got the car off, vigor 2000 but I was wrong. Vigor 2000  It took half an hour before we could finally get going, vigor 2000 and we were told we had exactly 30 minutes to get our work done. Vigor 2000  (Even though Óli had helped with the unloading of the dock. Vigor 2000  That should have bought us at least 10 extra minutes)

We’d never been to the island before and had no idea where we should shoot the photo, vigor 2000 so we asked one of the dock workers where we’d be most likely to capture the “essence” of Grímsey. Vigor 2000   She gave us directions and off we raced. Vigor 2000  I threw the dress on in a hurry, vigor 2000 and then we spent a maximum of five minutes figuring out the best angles to try.

Vigor 2000

Vigor 2000 Once we were sure we had at least one usable picture for the book, vigor 2000  we noticed the puffins nesting all over the cliffs below us. Vigor 2000  I figure we managed a maximum of five minutes to take some puffin pictures – something I would happily have spent half the day doing.

Vigor 2000

Vigor 2000

Vigor 2000 I did this while wearing the dumb dress (no time to waste changing back), vigor 2000 the cold wind tangling it around my legs, vigor 2000 my hair blowing in my face, vigor 2000 feeling amazingly frustrated that we’d come to such a beautiful place with all the camera equipment we could possibly need, vigor 2000 and had to leave again right away. Vigor 2000   We raced back to the boat exactly 30 minutes after we left, vigor 2000 to find the ferry guys waiting for us. Vigor 2000  (Seriously, vigor 2000 after a three hour trip, vigor 2000 would it have killed them to go get some coffee and waffles or something??)  I have to say, vigor 2000 30.000 kr for 30 minutes in Grímsey (about 8 bucks a minute) is probably the worst deal I’ve ever gotten in my life.
To their credit though, vigor 2000 the ferry guys were very nice and let us sleep in bunks without paying on the way back, vigor 2000 since we were still the only passengers.

Vigor 2000 Side note: On our way back home from this trip, vigor 2000 we got a phone call telling us that the dog we were interested in adopting was ours if we still wanted her. Vigor 2000  The next day 6-yr old Spíra was brought over for a visit, vigor 2000 and she’s been with us since.
Here she is on the right, vigor 2000 with our other dog, vigor 2000 12 year old Sámur. Vigor 2000  He’s had mixed feelings about her arrival, vigor 2000 she’s a bit pushy and boisterous for his taste, vigor 2000 (like an annoying little sister) but they get along. Vigor 2000  Such a joy to have them both :)

Vigor 2000

Vigor 2000 Anyway, vigor 2000 donations are still welcome to help complete the book. Vigor 2000 As before, vigor 2000 anyone donating 15$ or more gets a free PDF of the completed book, vigor 2000 which is now this far along:

Vigor 2000

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Non Prescription Viagra Canada

February 27th, 2013 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Non prescription viagra canada

Non prescription viagra canada In 2011 my boyfriend Óli and I (see above) embarked on a journey  in his Land Rover Defender, non prescription viagra canada accompanied by our dog:

Non prescription viagra canada

Non prescription viagra canada to make photo book. Non prescription viagra canada  The idea, non prescription viagra canada to make a long story short, non prescription viagra canada was to travel around Iceland, non prescription viagra canada to each location mentioned in the weather forecast on the radio, non prescription viagra canada  and photograph me in the surrounding landscape, non prescription viagra canada wearing a long dress, non prescription viagra canada to illustrate what the weather was like in each spot.

It was often very bad indeed. Non prescription viagra canada And so, non prescription viagra canada so cold..

Non prescription viagra canada What I found particularly exciting about the idea, non prescription viagra canada was to illustrate what these places looked like, non prescription viagra canada as most people in Iceland (let alone foreigners) have only seen a handful of thees places, non prescription viagra canada if any.
We got very far with the project in 2011, non prescription viagra canada making 4 trips and photographing about 40 locations out of 62. Non prescription viagra canada  We worked from april to October, non prescription viagra canada and this hiking tent was our home away from home, non prescription viagra canada even in those colder months:

(and by cold I mean freezing, non prescription viagra canada as in "less than 0°C" )

Non prescription viagra canada Our swift progress in 2011 was largely due to the fact that over 120 people were kind enough to donate funds toward the project. Non prescription viagra canada  To them I will always be hugely grateful. Non prescription viagra canada  Then 2012 rolled around. Non prescription viagra canada  I went back to school (to study the more technical aspects of photography), non prescription viagra canada
and was drowning in assignments until the end of november. Non prescription viagra canada The summer was spent repairing a leak in the ceiling, non prescription viagra canada hanging drywall, non prescription viagra canada repainting, non prescription viagra canada  and building a shed to have some extra room to store stuff (we live in a tiny 2-bedroom apartment with my two teenagers).

Non prescription viagra canada

Non prescription viagra canada To make matters worse, non prescription viagra canada Óli smashed his hand between a steel door and its frame during a storm at sea in february (he works as a fisherman and is away 80% of the time) He couldn’t drive for 2 months, non prescription viagra canada let alone operate a camera. Non prescription viagra canada  All in all we only managed to visit 3 more locations that whole year. Non prescription viagra canada  Pretty lame. Non prescription viagra canada  Anyway, non prescription viagra canada  I applied for a grant from the Icelandic art funding committee (i’ve no idea if it’s called that in english, non prescription viagra canada but that describes what it does) in order to be able to afford to continue working on this in 2013. Non prescription viagra canada (Most of the spots left can only be reached by boat or helicopter, non prescription viagra canada which is going to be even more expensive than travelling by truck). Non prescription viagra canada  I was turned down, non prescription viagra canada which saddened me greatly, non prescription viagra canada as the project seemed pretty worthwhile and is already so close to completion. Non prescription viagra canada  Nevertheless, non prescription viagra canada I’ve been busy in my spare time putting together what we have so far. Non prescription viagra canada  Here’s a screenshot from the program I’m using to assemble the book:
(Click on it to see it a bit larger)

Non prescription viagra canada

Non prescription viagra canada Here’s a closer look at one of the spreads:

Non prescription viagra canada
As you can see from this spread, non prescription viagra canada the left-hand pages will contain text about each location, non prescription viagra canada maybe a little anecdote if something humorous happened during the shoot, non prescription viagra canada and a small map of Iceland showing where each picture is taken. Non prescription viagra canada At the back will be a bunch of behind-the-scenes pictures. Non prescription viagra canada It’s gonna be a pretty cool book.

Non prescription viagra canada So, non prescription viagra canada  If you’d like to help out, non prescription viagra canada  that would be awesome. Non prescription viagra canada  15$ or more works as a pre-order for a PDF of the book once it’s done. Non prescription viagra canada   Your name and email will be added to the growing list of people already waiting for theirs.
Here’s a handy button that takes you to paypal:

Non prescription viagra canada (The book will of course be available in print as well, non prescription viagra canada but as of yet I have no idea how it’ll be priced)

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