Finally! The Weather Experience Project is almost done!

June 26th, 2014 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

As of this evening, my partner Óli and I will be embarking on the final trip to complete the Weather Experience project we’ve been working on since April 2011. This has taken so much longer than planned,  and I’m sure all the wonderfully supportive people who have already donated towards the project have begun wondering if this was all just a scam.

For those reading that have no idea what I’m talking about, the idea behind this project is that we’re travelling to each location in Iceland mentioned in the weather forecast on Icelands national radio. At each location I’m photographed, barefoot in a flowy black dress with extra cloth strips attached, which my mom and I designed together, and the point of which is to show how windy it is.

Fagurhólsmýri1 gufuskálar

látrabjarg2small blog3


Each spread of the book covers one location, and in addition to the main photos (with me in the dress), there’s a smaller photo showing something distinctive from the area, a small map showing where in Iceland it’s located, and some text telling the story of our travels.
The following image (click to view larger) shows the layout of the book(so far) in Blurb, which I’m using to make it. At least the prototype. Maybe we’ll find a publisher later.  I have yet to write nearly all the text.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 9.13.43 PM

Of the 62 weather station locations we set out to document, we now only have 8 left and will be completing them all in this trip. After that’s complete, I’ll finish putting the book together,  and everyone that’s donated at least 15$ at some point towards this project will then receive their long-awaited PDF of the book.
As well as exceeding the time frame we first envisioned, this has been quite a bit more costly than anticipated.  Many of the locations are on islands, and to reach them we’ve had to charter boats, take ferries, and paddled out to one in an inflatable two-person kayak.

gulavél_Jun232013_0068 gulavél_Jun232013_0092

Last year we spent five days hiking between two of the most remote locations (neither of which could be reached by car), which was by far the most effort I’ve ever put into two photos.


DSC05878 DSC05884

Also while working on this, our truck nearly sank:

we nearly got stranded in crazy deep snow:


and spent at least three nights camping in subzero weather.


To sum this up, it’s been a lot of work, a lot of fun (the nearly-sinking-the-truck bit excluded), and I can’t wait to share the adventure with readers.

Without the help we’ve already gotten, this whole endeavor would have fallen flat the first year.
This one last time, I’m again going to share a donation link for anyone that would like to help out on this last leg of the adventure.


As before, any little bit will help, but 15$ will get you a PDF copy of the completed book (your name and email will be added to the growing list) , and 50$ or more will get you five 12 x 18cm (5 x 7 inch) prints of your own choosing from the images on my website ( or that I’ve posted on my facebook artist page ( )

Simply send a message along with the donation, including links to the five images you’d like, and you’re mailing address.

Thanks in advance to anyone that decides to help out, it means the world to us!


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Holy moly, that’s a massive yet marvellous project indeed! I just read through the description and pretty much soaked it up. It’s quite an unusual idea and the photos are stunning. You seem to float in some of them and the black dress really adds some fascinating drive. Also good to get some insight on the “making of” for certain locations, giving an idea about the balance between art&work…
Best of luck for the remaining locations and always dry feet! ;)

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