Lets take a moment to appreciate the Beatles.

December 10th, 2013 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

I am a HUGE fan of the legendary Liverpool quartet.  Grew up listening to them, thanks to my dad (as well as jazz and classical music which I probably would not have sought out myself before the age of ten).

I recently revisited their music after not listening to them in forever.  Went through their entire catalogue in two days (while knitting) and decided a list was called for.  Everybody loves a good list every now and again.

So, in no particular order,  here are my ten favorite Beatles songs:

Don’t bother me
 (With the Beatles)

She’s leaving home
  (Sgt Peppers lonely hearts club band)

Blue Jay Way
(Magical mystery tour)

Love me do
(Please please me)

I am the walrus
(Magical mystery tour)

A day in the life
(Sgt. Peppers lonely hearts club band)

A ticket to ride

I’m looking through you
(Rubber Soul)

Ps I love you
(Please please me)

I’ll follow the sun
(Beatles for sale)


What amazes me about this band is how much their music evolved over their career while remaining original and awesome, how diverse it is, and how extraordinarily many of their songs are just wonderful.
For me, this is THE go-to stuff when I need cheering up.

Since I never had the opportunity to photograph the Beatles, and don’t like using other peoples images on my blog, but hate blog posts with no pictures, here’s a picture of my dogs instead.

Ok.  That’s all for now.  Carry on with your day.

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