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December 5th, 2011 by Rebekka in


I’ve been creating for a good three years now.   After giving this some serious thought, I’ve decided to set myself a limit.

I’m now working on sweaters #78 and #79.   Once I reach #100,  I will no longer continue to offer them.   I feel I’m already spending far too much time knitting instead of working on my photography and other projects, and that’s just not the direction I had in mind for myself.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy making them, the fact that each one is unique and custom-designed keeps things from becoming too boring, but the “painstakingly hand-made”  factor is taking its toll,  stealing far too much time from other potentially time-consuming projects I have lined up in my head clamoring for some attention.

So, in short.  There are 18 sweaters left before I reach 100.  As I mentioned already,  each one has a unique design and color pattern based on the buyers wishes, and is made to fit custom measurements.

Each one comes with a label reading “handmade and designed by Rebekka Guðleifs”  as proof of authenticity.

Current price is 80.000 ISK (icelandic krona) for a zipped hoodie or zipped w/ standup collar.  Check online conversion charts for the amount in your countries currency.     Shipping is 4.000 ISK. 

Preferred method of payment is via Paypal, although direct bank transfer is also an option.  

Contact me at for more info , or to put in an order.



41 comments for this post


Wow, these sweaters look absolutelly awesome and super comfortable! No wonder there is such a hign demand for them!


Hi Rebekka,

I sent you two messages (actually three) about the sweater, to order one, but I didn’t here from you. Could you please give me a hands up?

Thank you,
Brisbane – Australia


Hi Bruno, I just saw your most recent mail, I’ll get back to you first thing tomorrow!


I love your sweaters! I’ve been knitting for 20+ years but a sweater is very time consuming! People really have no idea how many hours go into each one. There is a shortage of stylish Icelandic patterns so I draw inpsiration from yours. I must say that your photography is absolutely incredible so I understand why you have made this decision.


Hi Rebekka,

Good to hear from you!

I will be waiting :)

Tks a lot,


This makes me feel really lucky for having one of yours! :-)

Ontario Wanderer wrote

Lovely sweaters but way out of my price range. I am looking forward to more of your photos!

Anna wrote

Sent you e-mail with order for 2

Mike wrote

I sent you a couple emails hoping to order but got no reply. Are there still some left to order?

Bron wrote

Hi Rebekka,

Your sweaters are great! Given you will finish up at #100 could you make your patterns available to purchase?


Donna wrote

Hi, your sweaters are so beautiful. I have only made on scarf in my life while a friend was going through chemo. She has since passed, but it is the sweetest of memories. You have a lovely talent. :D


I’ve been missing the pictures, a nice post for Xmas.

Steven wrote

Hi Rebekka,
Glad I ordered a sweater when I did. Sorry to hear you are going to stop though. I was saving up for a black hoodie with some flame-like pattern. Good luck with the rest of your projects!



Superiores y magnificas fotografias, saludos desde Valencia-España

Marcelle wrote

I second the request for patterns for purchase. I even think you could publish a book of patterns, especially with your lovely photos.

kris wrote

Add another person who would buy this as a pattern.

Tanya from Russia wrote

hi Rebekka i sent you email about sweater i want to order
could you please check it?
love your works, your photos and knitting objects
you are gifted artist, thank you

Justine wrote

I would be really interested to buy your patterns too!!

Wylie from Canada wrote

Hi Rebekka,

Are you still making sweaters to sell? I would really love to have one.


marcelle wrote

If you do offer your patterns, you might want to consider as an outlet…

Carly wrote

HI Rebekka,
I sent you an email about a month back about your gorgeous sweaters. Am I too late to order one or have you got your 100th order? I would LOVE to have one they are just beautiful.


Hello Rebekka:

I have long tried to get a sweater from you since I saw a few on your Flickr site. If you have not reached the quota, please let me know. I will love to get one and hopefully more.

In any case, I hope you are just taking a break from knitting. Would be a bit tragic to see such craftsmanship and beauty lost.



Albert wrote

Is one more left? Prefering a Green hoody! ;-)

Greg wrote

Hi Rebekka, If you still haven’t reached number 100, I’d love to get one of your sweaters.


Sorry i’ve been so bad at answering questions on here.
At the moment there are still 16 sweaters available. It’s best to send me a request at , as I don’t check my blog as often as I should!

Tonia wrote

Hi Rebekka, your sweaters are wonderful! You should publish a book with patterns using your pretty fotos or offer your patterns on etsy or dawanda. I would definitely by that!


I’m very impressed that you design and hand knit these yourself. Beautiful work but I can see it must take up a lot of your time. Why not set up a small company with other people to hand knit them on your behalf to your own unique designs?
Photography is hard enough to make a living from right now so having an entirely different sideline is a great idea.-I wish I could knit ;-)

Best wishes,


Crosbo wrote

Please oh please extend that limited # out. I’d order two sweaters for my wife and I, but we just returned from a trip to New York City to shop for a bridal dress with our daughter. So, first things first.

Beautiful work Rebekka…both with the sweaters and the photography. As a past photo hobbyist, I love your work.


Scarves would be less time consuming ? :) Wonderful work and had I the spare $s I would certainly order one for myself and my better half. I have a funny feeling that a knitwear designer will come knocking one day. Good luck with your photography.

Tiago wrote

Very Nice sweaters indeed! Nutrição $600??? WOW!!!! It’s about 500€!!! Shame i can’t Get mu hands on this. Not saying it isn’t worth it, but it’s very expencive! Comparing with the minimum salary here… 485€ !!!! More less $550 usa


Nice set of photos here, nice sweaters too :)

Sherie wrote


Leonie wrote

Hello. I have tried to contact you a couple of different ways to find out if you are still making these as I would like to buy one. I’m not sure if my emails are going missing, or if you are just too busy to reply. Please can you email me to let me know if you are (or aren’t) making these any more? Thanks :)

eva wrote

Hello, rebekka
I ‘d like to buy sweaters from you if it is not over your limit. Please contact me for details if you can. Thanks a lot.

Chuck Parker wrote

I was going to buy one of your sweaters for my gf but being a photographer, I would hate to take you from you photography. Photography is what gives me my outlet to express life.

Angela Lawn wrote

Beautiful sweaters…but 100 sweaters in three years?? Are they hand knit or machine knit, because by hand just doesn’t seem possible, given all the other passions you have on your blog. I am interested in purchasing a hand knit. Thanks!


Hi Rebecca,

First want to say that your work is truly exceptional, both knits and photography. I had come to your site, curious whether there were any patterns and after reading your blog (as a Mum, Granny, business owner for years etc etc) wanted to make a suggestion to you – would it be worth the effort to write out your patterns and offer them for sale as a PDF download either through your own site or perhaps through the very popular knitting site of Ravelry?? Thought that this could be an ideal way for you to recoup some of your time you have invested already and have a passive income from your efforts. All the very best, you have amazing and beautiful talents. Cheers, Arlene

Sarah Krainer wrote

hi rebecca!

great knitting works! and really breathtaking photography, I really love those very special icelandic locations where your handmade “artorks” are set :-) and I really love your knitting patterns too! I’m a graphic designer and passionated “knitter” myself – and my next knitting project will be a handmade pullover with icelandic design – so maybe it’s possible to get one of your beautiful knitting patterns? as I’ve read you’ve already knitted too much, 100 sweaters is mazing :-) I can understand your intention to focus more on other things. so maybe if you think about publishing or offering your knitting patterns – please let me know!

greetings from austria!

Maria wrote

Your sweaters are amazing! I’m also one of those looking for the possibility to buy a pattern for your hooded sweater. If you aren’t interested in selling, could you please share what yarn you are using. I’ve seen Lopi mentioned, but there are so many different kinds..
Best wishes from Norway!

Rebekka wrote

For all of the sweaters I’ve been selling, I’m using the classic “álafoss Lopi”, also called “hespu lopi”. Not to be confused with “plötu lopi” (which is far more delicate, and not twisted so it easily breaks apart if your not careful while knitting) and “Létt lopi” which is twisted but thinner than the stuff I use. I don’t know if that actually tells you anything, but you can probably see the different types on the Álafoss website :)

Ulrike Grittner (germany) wrote

Dear Rebekka,
as the commentators above i would be very interested in some knitting patterns from you. would you mind to share/sell some?
it seems to be not easy to get a really good knitting pattern for an island sweater. do you have some ideas?
I spin the wool for myself but now i need a good knitting pattern….
thank you in advance for your help
many greetings from brandenburg

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