Finally, a book to call my own.

July 30th, 2011 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

After at least two years of enthusiastically thinking about it every few months, I’ve finally put together a photo book.  The first of many more to come, if all goes according to plan.
The book is a collection of photos I’ve taken of Icelandic horses over the past 5 years,  and is available for purchase in the Blurb bookstore, either in soft or hardcover.  You can check it out right here.

I’d heard a lot of cool things about Blurb, and am a big fan of keeping things simple, so I decided to try it out for this first tentative venture into publishing.  I downloaded their free BookSmart software, and after some initial frustration at not figuring everything out at once, I soon found myself loving it.  Endless possibilities and freedom with layouts and stuff, couldn’t really be easier.  And since you only need to purchase one copy of each book you create in order for it to be published in the Blurb bookstore, there’s an incredibly low starting-out cost (as opposed to printing an edition of x-many books first and then hoping they’ll sell).

Again, the book can be found here, along with a preview look at 15 of its 40 pages.

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Congrats, great work !

Congrats on your new ook…. I’ve followed your work cheers all round! I think you may like to know……BLURB does not honor their word…. Tought you and your readers would like to know! I was the winner of a people’s choice award two years ago…..they invited me to the award ceremony in San Francisco ….said they would fly me out from NY….then AFTER I. Canceled shoots to rearrange my schedule to make the trip…they said…I’m sorry we weren’t able to get you a flight!!! Hmmmm well…OK….but THEN I was supposed to wina week at some photo excursion workshop type thing….which…I actually just thought might be a nice mini get away…..I inquired aout it they said…the people who are hosting it….will be in touch….. Well…… Aain nothing ever came of it!!!!
Last October at the Photo Expo here in NYC I approached them…..they were surprised….said they would get in touch with an answer….and AGAIN……NOTHING!!!! I also met the good people from ASUKA Books….with whom I will print any ooks with. Superior quality! Excellent service. Also….they keep their word!!!! I usually only give public praise….. But sorry BLURB….. You earned my wrath. Re Ella…again…love the work…wish you much success and happiness behind the lens…. You seem like a person who would appreciate honesty…and integrity…… This company you are using… Could take a lesson in both.

Jason Joseph
In NY 347-523-4171
in LA 323-523-5291

Hey Rebekkah! Congratulations on getting your book finally realized and out there! Really love the pics! Love horses and you have captured their individuality beautifully!
Thank you.

Hi Rebekka
I am a big fan of your Icelandic horses photography
Congrats on your book, someone must be a big fan !

Looks amazing! Great job! Very inspiring!

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Congrats! Amazing work! Heard about you through Photography Blogger on Google+.

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