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levitra for sale

May 4th, 2011 by Rebekka in

I have a little favor to ask..

I’ve never before resorted to asking for donations to support my work. However, I’m faced with a bit of a dilemma. I’ve recently undertaken a vast new project, which I can’t realistically fund out of my own pocket. I was all set to use Kickstarter, until I found out I can’t use Amazon Payments because I live in Iceland and only have an Icelandic bank account.   Rather than give up on the funding idea, and since I do happen to have a Paypal account, I’ve decided to outline the project here, and invite anyone who enjoys my work and finds this idea worthwhile, to contribute a little to help it along.

Before I continue, here’s a sneak peek at some images from the project so far:

Allow me to explain:

There’s a saying in Iceland: “If you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes”. There are probably few places in the world as unpredictable in this regard. This is probably why Icelanders talk about the weather so much.
For as long as I can remember, the weather report on Icelandic National Radio has been an unchanging , somewhat comforting background noise, heard but never really listened to. Certain place names have become familiar from hearing them repeated over and over again, but until recently I never really gave much thought as to where these places are, exactly. Some are well known, but the majority are obscure, out-of-the-way spots few people have much reason to visit or think about.

Now let me back up a little bit:

Late last summer, when photographing a field of long grass blowing in a strong wind, I was struck with the idea to create a costume that would behave in a similar way, i.e. a dress covered with strips of cloth to catch the wind.  I created three different versions of this outfit in white, and made some cool photos in the process.  But I wanted to take this further, to create a series tied together in some coherent way. (seriously, there are only so many random selfportraits one can take wearing a dress outdoors in Iceland before it begins to feel a little redundant)

Anyway, to make a long story short, I decided that I’d photograph myself in a new, black “wind gown”, in the vicinity of all the weather stations scattered around the country.

I soon realized that this undertaking would be a lot more work than I first imagined. I had no idea there were so many weather stations, (over 200 in all) or that some of them are located in places only reachable by boat. So, I figured I’d limit the spots to the ones actually mentioned on the radio forecast, which narrowed the field down to “only” 62. And still a few only reachable by boat. A challenge, for sure, but I seem to thrive on those.

Once the photographing process is complete, the resulting photos will be made into a book, along with little stories from the creation process, behind-the-scenes photos, and a map detailing where each image was taken.

Rather than attempt to do this all by myself (which is how I’ve stubbornly worked in the past) I gladly accepted my boyfriends offer to join me in a collaborative effort. In April we set out in a Land Rover, accompanied by one happy dog:


to tackle the first leg of this project, running into a few minor inconveniences along the way… like almost sinking the truck near Vík before noon the first day..

(we needed a bit of assistance getting out of that one..)

and spending an hour driving almost all the way along a mountain road called Dynjandisheiði, (which we heard was open)  only to be forced to turn around and go back, when the tracks we’d been following, and with them any visible road, disappeared completely..

3200 km and one week later, we’d only managed to cover 22 spots. (Reduced to 21 when I realized that one of the farms we visited, making an hour detour to get there, was the wrong one with the same name).

All in all, the results are very promising so far, and we’re both extremely excited to continue. , we spent roughly 900$ on gas and acommodation (as cheap as we could find, we spent 3 nights out of 6 in a tent in sub-zero temps).  Realistically, we’ll need at least three more trips to cover all 62 locations, and for a few spots we’ll need to hire a boat. We’re also both putting other work on hold while driving around working on this. So any donations, from 1$ and up, will make a difference.

To make this more worthwhile, anyone who donates 15$ or more will recieve a PDF version of the finished book.  As soon as I’ve received the donation,  I’ll put your name and email down on the “cool people who get an e-book for helping me out” list.
Furthermore, donations of 50$ will be rewarded with a PDF of the book, plus five 12×17 cm (5×7″) prints of any 5 images featured on (from all categories except “people”)
Obviously, you’ll have to trust me on this, but I assure you I have nothing to gain by not keeping my word. I would however have a lot to lose, since then people would just start telling everyone that I’m a liar and not to be trusted, which just isn’t productive to ones career in any way ;)

Thanks in advance to anyone that decides to help out.

46 comments for this post

Njörður Helgason wrote

Áhugaverður fyrirlestur. Ég sé að þú hefur tekið alla vega einhverjar af þínum góðu myndum í fallegri náttúru í Mýralnum.


It’s the least I can do, seeing as you introduced me to long exposure photography.
Thank you for that and good luck on the project :)



Alessandro Rizzolli wrote

it’s an honor to have the chance to support your creative efforts: great artists always need to be supported and helped when possible.
I just can hope I’ll be half as good as you in a hopefully-not-too-far future :)
And of course Iceland is on top of my “travel wishlist” ;)

Good luck on your project!
Can’t wait to see the book! :)

Mark Adams wrote

I just got back from a 10 day photo trip around the American Southwest, so give me a week or so and I’ll see if I can’t scrape together a cuple bucks for you. Love your work!

Bob Dietel wrote

gentlest rebekka –
all the best in this new challenge — i’m proud to help — just wish it could be more! ;o)


How can I not help when you helped me a few months back with a hotel phone number. My wife and I will be in Iceland in July. Maybe we’ll see you.

Mitchell Rodda wrote

Only too happy to help out as you’ve given much inspiration over the years. Besides, I have to see MORE of that dress! I’m sure you’ll raise sufficient funds to cover your project – isn’t this what the web’s for?
Take care (both of you!).


Honored to have the opportunity to help.
I love, truely love, all your knitted garments (and their pics), that’s how I get to your pictures; and through your work I’ve also discovered Iceland; your photography is so inspirational… impossible to avoid to help you in your new project!
Good Luck!


Only too happy to help. Donation sent.
Love your work, and look forward to seeing more !!


I love your work and will send a donation. Your work has been inspiring.


Had the chance to “visit” your country last summer. Visit might be too strong a word with respect to the zillions of interesting places to see around Iceland, and believe me 15 days is way too short. My only wish is to get back there asap :-)
That comment aside I really like your work, knitting included :-) , and am really happy to give my small contribution to this wicked idea.
Keep up with the awesome work and good luck to both of you for the adventure.


Thanks to all of you so far that have donated, I’m incredibly touched and grateful for the support :)

Maxim wrote

Done. Good luck!

Julien wrote

You brought Iceland to my knowledge a few years ago, and it changed my life. Here are a few gallons of gas, because I know you’ll do something great with them.


Hi Rebekka, Wow, what a great project! I did something similar last year to go to Italy and research and photograph the historical locations surrounding Santa Margherita of Cortona and managed to raise the money I needed. I started on Kickstarter and didn’t make my goal but did what you are doing and requested that everyone donate through paypal. Worked for me! I have followed your work for a couple years now and you are an inspiration to me and I have no doubt that you will reach success! Good Luck


You rock girl; keep making art and have fun.

Michael wrote

Good luck on your ongoing adventure, looks like you’ll be needing it ;) Please take care and don’t get hypothermia, fall off a cliff or stub your toe on a crevasse! Look forward to seeing more of your crazy work…

Bapf wrote

Hi Rebekka. Great an interesting project. Can’t wait to see all the results. Have you ever considered using flattr () for support?



try not to almost lose the truck again.

I used paypal to donate $50 just now to you and your project.

Good luck

Bill Gibson

Victoria Harbour, Ontario, Canada


Although I have a PayPal account, I haven’t been able to sync it with my debit card (they say that I can do it, but when I try, the only options that pop up are credit cards). Could I do a transfer from my bank account to yours? I do want to help out (I’m a photographer, too–though I’m not full-on professional yet–and I know the going can be a bit tough, money-wise, for us artists), but I can’t do PayPal.

Good luck (and try not to wreck the truck again)!

St. David Ridge, New Brunswick, Canada


Donation given.
Love your work, and by the look of it I bet you love making it. Looking forward to seeing the completed project.

Silvia wrote

Rebekka I am a great admirer of your work, so I could not resist and do a donation. Thank you for sharing your art with us and good luck on your new project!

Silvia, London, UK


5$ don’t go a long way but that’s more a sign of my continuous interest in your work and I hope to see several books from you, whether it be through amazon or your “shop”. I hope some of the older shots will make to a book one day.

Good luck



Great project, happy to help! Bless, Aidan


I love the sound of this project – can’t wait to see the images! Have sent you some money via PayPal. Hope it helps!

Best of luck,



Glad to offer some support of your project via paypal


MikkoH wrote

I decided to donate this marvelous and important project.


Nick Maddox wrote

I’ve been a fan of your work for a while now. Glad to be able to help it continue.


Vladimir Vladimirov wrote

Done :) I’ve just make my donation :) Good luck and let inspiration be with you!

Rune L Jørgensen wrote

fell over your pictures accidentially through a mutual friend on facebook, and i must say, this is some of the most amazing pictures ever! i used to live in iceland and now i truly miss the beauty of it. i will make a donation when i get some money soon :)
all the best from københavn!


I’m happy to help! Your shots are inspiring. I’m an amateur photographer and am amazed by your awesome ideas. Keep up the great work! Oh and it would be cool to see the progress of donations…a graph on your website would be fun to check in on!

rudi wrote

Hi rebekka,

why dont you also try flattr.com as a supporting / mircopay way to support your work?


Hi Rebekka,

This project looks great, i’m just wondering where the following picture was taken?


Markus wrote

I have just received the 5 prints.


Very nice!


Chuck wrote

Hi Rebekka,
Pleased and honored to be able to make a contribution to your current Project…..You are a most beautiful, creative, dedicated and inspiring Artist….and I extend you best wishes for success in this and all future endeavors…You are absolutely Amazing!


This looks like it will be an interesting project – I’m surprised you didn’t try to recreate the 62 stations out of papier mache in your garden ;)

Anyway – it’s a pleasure to donate a little money for diesel & I can’t wait to see what you make out of this. You have always been so generous with us, sharing your work and your methods.

Good luck (and be carefull!)


Hi Rebekka,

Glad to help out a fellow photographer. What a cool project.

I just returned from Iceland, and I do mean just as I was caught in the Grimsvotn flight cancellations. I was photographing at Jokulsarlon only 2 days before the eruption!

Loved Iceland and I love your work.


Alex wrote

Just got the 5 prints and want to say a big thank you!50$ is too little compared to how much of your inspiration you have shared with us all those years..Thanks again!
Alex, Greece


Hello Rebekka,

Your work is excellent. I just came back from Iceland, and loved your country, now I see your pictures from a different perspective. I’d like to contribute to your project, is still ongoing?



Yes, I’m still accepting donations. We’ve just come back from the third trip working on this, 35 spots have been completed, so we’re a little past the halfway mark now. We could not have gotten this far without the donations we’ve received, I’m extremely grateful to those who have decided to help out :)

Sabine wrote

Hi Rebekka,

You know, i just love your work ;-)

Wish you the best!

Sabine, Austria


As another of those you’ve inspired to play more with a camera, and a follower from Flickr, I’m glad I can contribute to this project. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Wishing you a successful book, and a brilliant future,



Good luck (bonne chance)in your quest, it is an amazing project.

And by the way, Merry Christmas.

Jean-Pierre Dagenais
Montreal, Canada



There is a British equivalent to Kickstarter you can use next time based out of Britian is you want to give that a try.

I guess it’s lucky you can camp for 5 Kronur given the price of gas. I’m wanting to travel all over the US or at least to NC to get some soapstone but can’t because of gas prices.


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Although the hallmark feature of MDSCs is immunosuppression, emerging data reveal that the degree of immunosuppression varies among populations of MDSCs isolated from different organs, with intratumoral MDSCs being the most immunosuppressive. Interestingly, these MDSCs express greater levels of NOS2 and ARG1 than their splenic counterparts (5). ARG1 expression is mainly regulated by the STAT-6IL-4R pathway (30). We recently correlated IL-4R expression on CD11b+/Gr-1+ with an immunosuppressive phenotype (29), and our in vitro data (Fig. 5) indicate that sildenafil down-regulates IL-4R on MDSCs. We then asked whether in vivo PDE5 inhibition reduced ARG1 and NOS2 and down-regulated IL-4R in tumor-associated MDSCs. BALB/c mice were challenged with CT26WT, and half were treated with sildenafil. Mice were killed 15 d later, and intratumoral MDSCs were obtained. Sildenafil increased cGMP (Fig. 6 A), reduced IL-4R expression (Fig. 6 B), and down-regulated NOS2 and ARG1 expression and reduced their enzymatic activity in the intratumoral MDSCs (Fig. 6, C and D). Considering that ARG1 and NOS2 are key enzymes in MDSC suppressive pathways (8, 31), these findings support the hypothesis that PDE5 inhibition is a novel pharmacologic approach to regulate MDSC-mediated immunosuppressive pathways. Testicles are part of the male body. They make male hormones and sperm. Usually both testicles are inside the scrotum. While male babies are still growing inside the uterus, their testicles are inside their abdomen. The testicles usually move down into the scrotum just before or just after birth. An undescended testicle is one that did not move down into the scrotum. HealthDay Reporter Produces more back pain than other agents; men taking 20 mg report a 6% rate compared with 3% of controls; this mild to moderate pain has been reported to occur bilaterally in the lower lumbar, gluteal, thigh, and thoracolumbar areas; pain tends to be increased in recumbency; anti-inflammatory drugs are generally effective in alleviating this problem and few (0.5%) have discontinued tadalafil because of this problem Some medicines can cause erectile dysfunction. If this is true for you, your doctor may take you off that medicine or give you a different one. Penile nerves function Sometimes men who abuse alcohol and drugs that depress the central nervous system may find themselves unable to achieve erections, too. Diabetes mellitus: Erectile dysfunction tends to develop 10-15 years earlier in diabetic men than among nondiabetic men. 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