window pain

March 24th, 2011 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

I have a terrible habit of starting something, becoming really excited about it for a short period of time, and then completely forgetting about it.  On a road trip around northern Iceland  in July 2008, driving past one abandoned farm after another, I became briefly obsessed with making these “window portraits”,  the plan being to continue with it later.  Came across these recently , having not looked at them in over two years, and feel a definite urge to pick up where I left off…

The indoor shots are all taken in a farm that used to belong to two aunts of mine, sisters that never married and lived alone until they were around 80 yrs old, if I remember correctly, before moving to a rest home.   I found a way in through a door in the basement that was ajar, and was struck by the sense of .. well , abandonment.
I remember visiting them there in 1986 with my family. (I was 8 years old) They gave us freshly baked doughnuts and were always so sweet, and I couldn’t understand how they managed to go up and down this crazy narrow and steep staircase without falling.  Another memory from when I was only three or four, of playing in the field outside, running after one of their cows and falling over. Very strange and a  sad walking through the empty rooms, curtains still hanging, an empty shell left to slowly succumb to the elements..

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