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December 7th, 2010 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

If you’d made a habit of checking out this blog on a regular basis at some point, you may have noticed I’ve been doing a really lousy job of updating it.  The reason for that is simple. In september I was offered to join a new blogging community called,   where I’ve been doing my best to regularly post informative (and hopefully entertaining) articles on any things photography related.   Seeing as how it has to be “photography related”, I’m not going to abandon my own blog completely, since I’m allowed to write whatever the hell I want on here ;)   I’ve just been too busy to do so.

Since I’m mentioning the pixiq blog,  I’m gonna go ahead and mention too that I get payed a little bit for it, but only if I reach a mininum number of page views each month.   So if you appreciate the effort I put into my work,  have perhaps been doing so for years,  but are unable to afford to buy my prints or sweaters,   you can actually show me a great deal of support just by bookmarking the pixiq blog, checking it out regularly, and sharing it around on twitter or facebook if you enjoy it.  Thanks.

Now, recently I’ve added quite a few new prints to my print store (click on the pictures to view pricing and sizes available):

Daybreak, Jökulsárlón. July 2009.

Búðir, Snæfellsnes.  February 2007.

Búðir, Snæfellsnes. February 2007.

Horses in Hvalfjörður. Feb 2007.

Chance encounter

Chance encounter. Selfportrait, January 2009.

Fjallkonan.  October 2010.

Fjallkonan. Selfportrait, October 2010.

Cheer up .  July 2008.

Cheer up . July 2008.

Trio of horses, Hvalfjörður. October 2010

Dawn.  4 am, Kleifarvatn, June 2008.

Dawn. 4 am, Kleifarvatn, June 2008.

Jökulsárlón, July 2006

Jökulsárlón, July 2006

That's my glass, silly .

That's my glass, silly. Selfportrait 2006.

I have a bonus print offer going on.  Until January 6th, (the official “last day of Christmas” in Iceland) , a free 18×28 cm print, of any image featured in the shop, ( will be included with any print orders of 145$ or more (price without shipping cost).
Again, here’s a link to the store catalog:

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this offer, just send an email to , after placing your order, to let me know which bonus print you’d like.

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Hi Rebekka, I’m a regular reader of your blog and quite a fan of your fantastic photos! I just loooove them. All of them!

I just have a little question: if I remember it correctly you you recommended to read books on the subject instead of buying expensive gear, was that right? I just would love to hear which one of the oh so many books on photography you would recommend?

hmm. i don’t remember recommending that , to be honest. Not in those words.. I certainly read a lot of books, but rarely about photography.. Except when I was still in school, I read quite a bit about photo history. Most of what I know about gear and photography is just from experience..

However, i did write an article related to this subject, you might enjoy reading that:

Hi Rebekka
Great to see you back! I have been following your blog for the last twelve months or so. I hope your work is selling well, inspite of world recession.
Would you mind recommending a camera to move onto after a digital. I can’t capture enough of what I can see and its frustrating. I am driving everyone in the family crazy since I discovered photography about eighteeen months ago. The camera goes everywhere I do. Took some doll pics at Kinnity Castle, Ireland during the Halloween Weekend. Acknowledged your work as being my inspiration.
Kind Regards

You might consider posting here with a link to the pixiq site. That way you can pull those of us who check this site there, and if you post anything else we’ll get both.

Just a thought…

Great to know. Have added that blog to my reader feed. Also, would be grateful if you can make the full transcript of your blog available within Google reader and other feed readers.

Happyfishy wrote on December 30th, 2010

Hi. ;) love it all
maybe change the background from black. hurts me eyes ;(


The Bridport Film Festival has a nice little competition at the moment that may be something for you, goven that you have made short films in the past.

They have 5 stories online and the idea is that yiu make a minute long film based on one of the stories.

The winning films will be screened at the film festival and there is a cahs prize.

Details are at:

Just thought I’d pass it on,


Hi, back here after a few months. I was just thinking-would it be difficult for you to print a few, er, smaller prints of your pix? I’m asking cos I’m not too sure I would love to buy a 200 dollar one, but I’d be glad to buy three or four 15-20 dollar ones. I think I’m not alone in thinking this. I mean why not hanging on your wall 4 small prints instead of a single large one you might get bored of after a while?
Franz, Milan, Italy

Shipping cost alone, for even a very small print, sent with tracking number from Iceland to wherever, would never be less than 15$. The work put into the artwork has to be worth someting, right?
So no. I’m simply not interested in mass producing my artwork and selling it dirt cheap.

However, one of these day’s I will get around to producing several books of my work. That way those who can’t afford (or simply don’t want) one large print can enjoy many images in print for a fraction of the cost.
I just feel like I’d need an extra 24 hours each day to get all of this done. But it will happen..

michelle wrote on February 20th, 2011

Hi! LOVE your photographs…so inspirational. Regarding your new venture in posting for that other site, another blog that I frequent also posts for another site and this is how she drives traffic to it. I think it’s a really great way to update your site while sending people to the other site too.

have a great day!

I must say that I´m a big fan of your work and I love your pics, since my sister went to Iceland to work all these years ago i wanted to go there and just photography..sometime, sometime.. If you ever come to Sweden for some workshop in photography, please let me know so I can come and see you! :)

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