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September 25th, 2010 by Rebekka in

Anyone who’s been following my or pages for more than a few weeks may have noticed that I’ve been .  (I’ve made 55 sweaters in the last 3 years, to be exact).  I haven’t been advertising them very energetically, for the simple reason that they take long to make,  I have plenty of other projects, and was afraid I’d get inundated with far more orders than I’d ever be able to complete.  So for a while I haven’t been taking on any new orders, but have finally almost reached the end of what was a seemingly endless waiting list.  So: If you’re interested in owning one of these unique garments at some point, I’m going to address some FAQ’s about the process:

cialis online sales:  100% pure Icelandic wool, medium thick (Lopi, in Icelandic). If you cant tolerate wool at all, this is obviously not for you.  The sweaters are usually worn as jackets (unless you want a particularly tight fit, as in the image above), over light clothing, so itchiness isn’t a problem for most people. (I often sleep in mine over a tank-top in winter, they’re that soft)

cialis online sales. I create a new design (around the shoulders/front of sleeves, sometimes along the bottom edge) for each one.  I like to think of them as unique, wearable works of art ;)    If desired, I can create a pattern based on a particular image .  This could be anything-  One client wanted fighter jets, of all things:

Another client wanted something reminiscent of Hawaiian flowers, which resulted in this hibiscus-based pattern:

cialis online sales

1. Length of sleeve from armpit to cuff
2. Length from armpit to bottom
3. Width across when measured flat  (I tend to have womens sweaters very slightly tapered in at the waist, unless a very loose fit is desired)

(Here I’m referring to measurements for the sweater itself,  not body measurements, although those can be helpful to have as a guideline)

cialis online sales The wool comes in a very wide range of colors ( from natural white/grey/brownish tones to quite garish and bright artificial colors) with several gradients of light to dark for most of the colors.  If requested, I will use a similar color-scheme as in previously made sweaters, but always with a new pattern.

cialis online sales:  All sweaters have a front zipper, crochet detail along the zipper, and choice of hood or a stand-up collar.  Optional are large front pockets and thumbholes.

cialis online salesCurrently I’m charging 425$ (US dollars) for the basic style.  Shipping is 30$. Large front pockets are 25$ extra, extra long sleeves with thumb holes 10$ extra.    Image-based designs, as mentioned above, are far more difficult to create (an extra day of work at least), and are 50$  extra.

cialis online sales cialis online salesPreferable method of payment is via Paypal.  If this is a problem, other options, such as a direct bank transfer, can be arranged.

The sweaters are tagged with a lable reading "Hand made and designed by Rebekka Guðleifs" so there's no question where they came from.

As the pictures above indicate, I always photograph myself wearing the sweaters before sending them off. To begin with I just wanted a proper documentation of each one after spending so much time working on it, and now this has become an important part of the process for me.  Most of the pictures end up on The fact that I model them all myself is likely the reason I’m so often asked if I make sweaters for guys as well.  The answer is yes, and the following are a few examples of men’s sweaters I’ve created:

This should cover everything. If you have additional questions, or are interested in having a sweater made, contact me via email: .

32 comments for this post


I love your sweaters. They are incredible and I’ve always wondered whether you sold them. I thought perhaps you just made them for friends and have wished so much that I were a friend. Now I am wishing I had $400.


Can you make me a transparent one? ;)


When I read this, I determined that if I ever were to become a millionaire, I would have a wardrobe of sweaters made by you. These photos are amazing, too. You’re clearly a very passionate person and very talented.

Ann wrote

I have just decided that one of these absolutely beautiful sweaters will be my reward item for when I achieve my goal weight (I’ll have the super cute body to show it off).


I recommend placing an order well in advance, there’s usually several months wait ;)

@arty: it actually took me half a day to get that joke.. haha..

jb wrote

I think I’ll order one..

jestem wrote

I love, love, love your photographic work, Rebekka. But, call me crazy, I adore your sweaters even more. Twice I’ve come twitches from emailing you for one for my wife as a surprise gift, but each time I relented because the sizing issue scares me a bit.

By the way, this post was a bit of a false pretense. the RSS feed is titled “Everything you need to know about my sweat…”


Kim wrote

I’ve been admiring your sweaters for quite some time. I know one would be worth every penny so I better start saving. How perfect one of these would be for when I move to Canada! Thanks for posting all the info.


@Jestem: hahaha. wow that would’ve been one weird blog topic, even for me!

Robert Jensen wrote

Too bad I’m allergic to wool. :o (

ToddK wrote

That is so cool that you can take something you love to do and also make some income from it. All of your sweaters are fantastic!


If you are in doubt or think about the price tag on them. I can only advise you order one, I can nothing but recommend them whole hearty. It is to bad that you can’t touch a sample via the net ;) , oh and they are really really warm.

I gave one to my wife as present, we got it knitted by Rebekka this year. Those things are marvelous in feel and craftsmanship. And they are unique pieces.


I am looking forward to mine! :-P

NoNamePlease wrote

@Arty ~ You can have mine, mate! If I ever find it.


Hello there Rebekka. I’m from México and I just love your sweaters. I wonder about the price and charge for ‘em, if it possible to sent ‘em here.

Thx in advance for attention.

btw… I’m a great fan of ur photos.

tania wrote

I’d like to order one i’ve allready submitted an e-mail.
Beautiful knitting and photographic work!!


I think your sweaters are certainly priced to sell… may be covered up for the next few years in wool! I expected them to be about 600 or 700 hundred. I do have one question; if I place an order now do you want the money now or when the sweater is finished? I didn’t see the answer to that anywhere in the blog so could you please answer that one for me.
Thank you Rebekka!


The third photo is one of the sexiest I’ve seen on the web lately. :)


Rebekka, I’ve been a fan of your photographic work for a while now, and would love to commission you to do one of your sweaters for me. I’ve sent you a few emails now without receiving a reply, have you stopped taking orders for your sweaters for now?


I would like a sweater please! maybe a green and white one? Or perhaps blue and green like water. Let me know when you have time… No rush. Erin

chris wrote

do you make mens hoodies?


Found you on FLickr. You have good photography and I love your sweaters. They’d fit right in here with the scandanavian styles popular in Minnesota. As ft retail photographer, I will need to save up.


Hi Rebekka,

i been a fan of you Photography for a long time now and would love to own one of sweater’s are you ready to take more orders and if so i would love to order one.


katy wrote

Hi Rebekka,

Have you ever considered writing a knitting pattern to sell? I am a knitter and I have not been able to find a basic pattern to make an Icelandic-style yoked sweater that is as nice as yours are!

Thanks, Katy


Oh my god..! Just amazing sweaters! and incredible photography. How do you click yourself this well?

verena wrote

hi rebekka!

your sweaters are amazing. love them. i love knitting as well. do you have maybe a website where i can order that lopi wool?
thank you, verena.

Sara wrote

I see the question has already been posted, but is it possible to buy a pattern? Amazing work!

Linda wrote

I’m also wondering if you would ever consider offering the recipe for making the sweaters including the additions of pockets, hood, and thumb holes. They are beautiful!!

Coreen wrote

Your sweaters are so beautiful. I just wish they weren’t so expensive…

Gary Haskew108 wrote

do you make men sweater to

Eva Kilfeather wrote

Just wondering if you publish a catalogue and prices….

kitkat32 wrote

Would you be willing to sell the pattern?? I can knit like a pro but I cant find any patterns around like this sweater it is perfect.

Please let me know I would like to buy the pattern very much. My email is


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