Everything you need to know about my sweaters, if you think you might like one.

September 25th, 2010 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Anyone who’s been following my flickr or facebook pages for more than a few weeks may have noticed that I’ve been knitting sweaters.  (I’ve made 55 sweaters in the last 3 years, to be exact).  I haven’t been advertising them very energetically, for the simple reason that they take long to make,  I have plenty of other projects, and was afraid I’d get inundated with far more orders than I’d ever be able to complete.  So for a while I haven’t been taking on any new orders, but have finally almost reached the end of what was a seemingly endless waiting list.  So: If you’re interested in owning one of these unique garments at some point, I’m going to address some FAQ’s about the process:

Material:  100% pure Icelandic wool, medium thick (Lopi, in Icelandic). If you cant tolerate wool at all, this is obviously not for you.  The sweaters are usually worn as jackets (unless you want a particularly tight fit, as in the image above), over light clothing, so itchiness isn’t a problem for most people. (I often sleep in mine over a tank-top in winter, they’re that soft)

Each one is absolutely unique. I create a new design (around the shoulders/front of sleeves, sometimes along the bottom edge) for each one.  I like to think of them as unique, wearable works of art ;)    If desired, I can create a pattern based on a particular image .  This could be anything-  One client wanted fighter jets, of all things:

Another client wanted something reminiscent of Hawaiian flowers, which resulted in this hibiscus-based pattern:

I work from measurements for an optimum fit:

1. Length of sleeve from armpit to cuff
2. Length from armpit to bottom
3. Width across when measured flat  (I tend to have womens sweaters very slightly tapered in at the waist, unless a very loose fit is desired)

(Here I’m referring to measurements for the sweater itself,  not body measurements, although those can be helpful to have as a guideline)

Color: The wool comes in a very wide range of colors ( from natural white/grey/brownish tones to quite garish and bright artificial colors) with several gradients of light to dark for most of the colors.  If requested, I will use a similar color-scheme as in previously made sweaters, but always with a new pattern.

Style:  All sweaters have a front zipper, crochet detail along the zipper, and choice of hood or a stand-up collar.  Optional are large front pockets and thumbholes.

Cost: Currently I’m charging 425$ (US dollars) for the basic style.  Shipping is 30$. Large front pockets are 25$ extra, extra long sleeves with thumb holes 10$ extra.    Image-based designs, as mentioned above, are far more difficult to create (an extra day of work at least), and are 50$  extra.

Payment method: Preferable method of payment is via Paypal.  If this is a problem, other options, such as a direct bank transfer, can be arranged.

The sweaters are tagged with a lable reading "Hand made and designed by Rebekka Guðleifs" so there's no question where they came from.

As the pictures above indicate, I always photograph myself wearing the sweaters before sending them off. To begin with I just wanted a proper documentation of each one after spending so much time working on it, and now this has become an important part of the process for me.  Most of the pictures end up on my website. The fact that I model them all myself is likely the reason I’m so often asked if I make sweaters for guys as well.  The answer is yes, and the following are a few examples of men’s sweaters I’ve created:

This should cover everything. If you have additional questions, or are interested in having a sweater made, contact me via email:  rbekka@gmail.com .

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