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July 10th, 2010 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

To begin with, I have to say i’ve discovered such a gem of a book, it almost deserves its own blog post all by itself:

This book, Pandora, by Jilly Cooper (who I’ve never read before but have instantly fallen in love with) is the most entertaining literary journey I’ve embarked on in a long while.  It’s a massive story, spanning more than half a century, filled with such vivid characters and delightfully mischeivious goings-on that it’s as unputdownable as the best thriller or horror story.  Anyone who’s studied art, is an artist themselves, or has an interest in the art-world should find it worth their while to check out.

I’ve been doing a lot of browsing at the library the last 2 years or so, searching out authors i’ve never read before (after having serendipitously discovered Margaret Atwood a few years back and finished ever single book i could find by her),  and i’ve come across some great stuff. (I also discovered last year that i’m able to read and knit simultaneously, which is pretty awesome, and allows me a lot more time to read than i’d otherwise have, knitting being my day job and all)

In my last post about books,  i mentioned Fay Weldon, who i’d just started reading then.  Weldon is an amazing author with a wicked sense of humor which i thoroughly appreciate.  The Bulgari connection, Puffball, The Hearts and Lives of Men, The Spa Decameron, are particularly good.

Doris Lessing is one of those names i’ve probably heard a million times but had never read until I randomly grabbed one of her books, The Fifth Child the other day , and was surprised at how fascinating and disturbing it was.  Will definitely check out more of her work.

But for now, Jilly Cooper has won my heart, and I’m hoping her other books will prove to be as awesome..

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In the UK, Jilly Cooper is considered a bit “naff” among the literati, but I think she’s a “guilty pleasure” for a lot of women. She’s obviously got a knack for entertaining people, though, because she’s sold millions of books.

I’m amazed you can knit and read at the same time. I can barely read and breathe at the same time and it’s really bloody annoying.


‘Devouring’ your photos is too punishing a term. The imaging is testiment to living, photographing, journaling, a landscape as Iceland… You live inside the rock, air and water (metaphorically), a wunderlust of a victim, who eminates some heavy passion. Much uber talent.

Et… examiner le bonbon du plus fin.


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