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Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 October 18th 2008 I went for a drive to Kleifarvatn lake (not for the first time and not for the last) in desperate need of some inspiration.  Taking a road I hadn’t driven down before, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 I came across an empty shed.  It was in such a state of disarray, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 I figured it couldn’t possibly be in use.  I also saw a great deal of potential in it, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 and after cleaning up most of the mess and pushing the moldy couch to one side, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 I happily decided to return as soon as possible and get to work transforming it into something more interesting than this:

it's a bit drafty, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 but offers an excellent view of the lake!

"i don't know honey. Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 It's looks a bit drafty.."

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 before leaving, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 I shot both a sweater photo, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 and a doll photo. Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 At the time, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 i was completely immersed in my doll series, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 and never left home without at least 2 dolls in the car.

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 I returned 2 days later armed with plastic sheeting, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 electricians tape, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 a hammer and some nails, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 and  contentedly set to work covering the windows, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 with a warm autumn sun looking in on me.  In my head, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 i had visions of making many different scenarious in this space, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 painting it in many different colors perhaps, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 for an intricate series, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 sure to blow everyones mind..

"this is gonna be so awesome!", minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 she thought to herself.. Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00

"this is gonna be so awesome!" she thought to herself.. Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 I was in such a good mood, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 I stopped to take this photo before leaving:

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 The same evening, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 a snowstorm hit (of course).  Not surprisingly, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 the Icelandic wind made a joke of my makeshift plastic window-covers.  When i returned the next day, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 (just managing to not get stuck in the snow) meaning to get to work with step two -painting the walls- I found one of the sheets in shreds.  The other was completely intact, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 but happened to be flapping from a fence a good distance from the shed.

this is what it looks like when Icelandic weather dares you to continue with a silly project..

this is what it looks like when Icelandic weather dares you to continue with a silly project..

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 Inside, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 things weren’t very encouraging either:

yay.. Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00

yay.. Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 Having sensed this would happen, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 i refused to give up.  I had also (just in case) brought with me a bunch of narrow strips of wood. Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 Gritting my teeth, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 I spent one of the most annoying hours of my life fighting the fierce wind to get the stupid plastic back into place, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 this time nailing the wooden strips over it, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 so it wouldn’t just rip right out from the nails again.  Having finally shut out most of the wind and cold again, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00  I did my best to paint half the shed a rather unattractive peach-pink shade (the only left-over paint i could find in my parents garage) , minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 which would have been easier had the walls been dry..



Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 I then went home, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 not really caring if the weather would crash the party again or not..

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 It continued to snow.. Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 I was afraid to return, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 but on October 26th, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 I set out with a group of large white branches I had previously used for another series of photos, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 and my younger son tagging along.  When we reached the turn-off for the road to the shed, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00  the car promptly sunk into a foot of snow, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 and refused to go any further.  Even more unfortunately, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 it also refused to go back onto the main road.  Now, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 before I even had a chance to think about panicking, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 i saw a pair of headlights coming at us from the direction of the shed, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 and it turned out to be a much larger truck, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 driven by a pair of helpful scouts (no joke).  They not only got my car un-stuck, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00  they also drove me, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 my kid, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 the branches and camera gear all the way up to the shed (about 3 km) .  I of course left my hammer in the car.   But, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 being helpful scouts, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 they loaned me one ( scouts honor).  The weather was calm and pleasant, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 so I told them we’d just walk back, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 and thanked them for saving my project. Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 (the probably drove off thinking i was insane, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 and wouldn’t have been too far off)

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 The plastic hadn’t held this time around either, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 ( I found some comfort tho, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 in the fact that i’d nailed it so well into place, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 that this time the top of the original window frame on the left fell down, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 plastic still clinging). Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 Deciding to just accept that the weather would be a part of this project from now on, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00  I arranged the branches in the middle of the floor, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 and nailed them into place..

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 Then i arranged a large white sheet with a hole in the middle, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 around the trees, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 nailing it to the walls. Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 I wasn’t really sure why, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 but it seemed like a good idea at the time..

oct. Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 26th 2008

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 Then we hiked back to the car, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 my son only complaining a little bit when i refused to carry his 9-year-old self along with my tripod and camera bag.

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 I then visited the shed on a regular basis, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 documenting how the weather shaped and changed the set-up:

November 4th, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 2008

November 9th, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 2008.

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 Finally, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 on January 10, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 2009, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 I returned to shoot a self-portrait in the ravaged remains of my first-ever installation piece.

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 after editing, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 this was my favorite outcome from that shoot:

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 I told myself my mission was accomplished, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 but being the hopeless perfectionist i am, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 doubt soon set in. Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 Finally admitting to myself that I wasn’t satisfied, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 I returned on March 11th.  Again, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 the road was impassable (this time due to thawing and deep mud), minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 so I had to walk.   I reshot the scene, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 and was far more pleased with the result this time around:

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 Even getting a pretty good outtake:

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 Last time i drove up to this area, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 the shed had been torn, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 and my branches nowhere to be seen, minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 making me even more grateful that I had the sense to document this process.

Minomycin 100mg pills $387.00 Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes posts from other projects in coming weeks..

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Deltasone 10mg pills $109.00 i prefer..

Deltasone 10mg pills $109.00 hummus to pesto
weightlifting to yoga
dancing to singing
night to day
drinking to smoking
cooking to cleaning
books to movies
the macabre to comedy
the beatles to the stones
fiction to reality
country to city
beer to wine
wide-angle to telephoto
quiet to loud
watermelon to bananas
subtle to obvious
sarcasm to slapstick
a really long kiss to a really short fuck
Dalí to Pollock
long hair to short
showers to baths
the ocean to mountains
fall over spring
black to white
the 80′s to the interneties
knitting to sewing
hip-hop to indie
spontaneity over planning
hard work to short-cuts
falling asleep to waking up
creating to waiting

Deltasone 10mg pills $109.00 but that’s just me.

no contest really

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Diovan 80mg pills $263.00 To begin with, diovan 80mg pills $263.00 I have to say i’ve discovered such a gem of a book, diovan 80mg pills $263.00 it almost deserves its own blog post all by itself:

Diovan 80mg pills $263.00

Diovan 80mg pills $263.00 This book, diovan 80mg pills $263.00 Pandora, diovan 80mg pills $263.00 by Jilly Cooper (who I’ve never read before but have instantly fallen in love with) is the most entertaining literary journey I’ve embarked on in a long while.  It’s a massive story, diovan 80mg pills $263.00 spanning more than half a century, diovan 80mg pills $263.00 filled with such vivid characters and delightfully mischeivious goings-on that it’s as unputdownable as the best thriller or horror story.  Anyone who’s studied art, diovan 80mg pills $263.00 is an artist themselves, diovan 80mg pills $263.00 or has an interest in the art-world should find it worth their while to check out.

Diovan 80mg pills $263.00 I’ve been doing a lot of browsing at the library the last 2 years or so, diovan 80mg pills $263.00 searching out authors i’ve never read before (after having serendipitously discovered Margaret Atwood a few years back and finished ever single book i could find by her), diovan 80mg pills $263.00  and i’ve come across some great stuff. Diovan 80mg pills $263.00 (I also discovered last year that i’m able to read and knit simultaneously, diovan 80mg pills $263.00 which is pretty awesome, diovan 80mg pills $263.00 and allows me a lot more time to read than i’d otherwise have, diovan 80mg pills $263.00 knitting being my day job and all)

Diovan 80mg pills $263.00 In my last post about books, diovan 80mg pills $263.00  i mentioned Fay Weldon, diovan 80mg pills $263.00 who i’d just started reading then.  Weldon is an amazing author with a wicked sense of humor which i thoroughly appreciate.  The Bulgari connection, diovan 80mg pills $263.00 Puffball, diovan 80mg pills $263.00 The Hearts and Lives of Men, diovan 80mg pills $263.00 The Spa Decameron, diovan 80mg pills $263.00 are particularly good.

Diovan 80mg pills $263.00 Doris Lessing is one of those names i’ve probably heard a million times but had never read until I randomly grabbed one of her books, diovan 80mg pills $263.00 The Fifth Child the other day , diovan 80mg pills $263.00 and was surprised at how fascinating and disturbing it was.  Will definitely check out more of her work.

Diovan 80mg pills $263.00 But for now, diovan 80mg pills $263.00 Jilly Cooper has won my heart, diovan 80mg pills $263.00 and I’m hoping her other books will prove to be as awesome..

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