Photogenic Icelandic cliché week

April 23rd, 2010 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

What better way to follow up the volcano photos, than with some Northern Lights?

Next up, I’m going to will the long dormant Geysir to start spurting again,  and maybe go photograph some whales and puffins after that..

jokes aside, it’s taken 5 years since I got into photography before I finally get a chance to photograph the Aurora Borealis.  Seen them at least twice a year, but always when I’m impossibly far away from a camera. I also learned something about them: they’re hard to photograph.  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to do them more justice at some later date.

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jestem wrote on April 23rd, 2010

And how. Every photograph I’ve ever gotten has been green and fuzzy. Very frustrating.

Awesome! I’ll be spending a week on Iceland in September. Hoping to be able to photograph something like this!

Fuzzy auroras? Recipe: get the ISO as high as you’re confortable with. Then add two stops, and don’t be afraid to shoot a fully open aperture on a (ultra)wide lens; don’t worry, nobody will care how the corner pixels look, as long as you get a sharp view of the subject. Beware of the cold!
Happy shooting :)

Well, you have 5 more years to prepare. :-)

“Five years”? You do less time for involuntary manslaughter, in New York.

Can’t you run with a camera? (Don’t tell me “No, they don’t have legs!”) They only weigh about as much as two water bottles. (Yes, liters.) And I know how going for distance with bags and cameras hanging off ones body can feel like sex wearing a rain coat, but that’s the trade-off. You want photos or an extreme endorphin rush? With moderation, call it a balanced load, you can have both. And it beats the shit out of that ‘I was just told my puppy drowned, while my mouth was filled with chocolate cake’ feeling. (Come to think of it, where is that mutt?) Maybe it’s because I roll in a trekking culture, but I have no problem “wearing” a small pack as my outer-most layer of “clothing” — especially on cool nights. (What’s “cooler” then the Aurora Borealis?)

(I wonder what we’re getting for rants here, these days.)

I Love the way the Auroras dance ;-)
Makes me feel as though I’m dreaming with my eyes wide open.
Neither here nor there, they can seem to be almost anywhere.
I Love the way the Auroras dance ;-)

Looks like you are doing them justice right now. ;)

Very nice.

I got a photo of Geysir spouting 3 years ago……. unfortunately I wasn’t paying much attention to it, so you can just see it behind Strokkur…..

That is for me one of the reason going to Iceland. what is the best season to visit iceland to see Aurora Borealis?

Those are my dream to see (and to try and take some pictures of).
If you’re interested in seeing some other wonderful ones by a fellow flickr photographer named David Cartier:

He has a truly amazing stream, entirely about nature!

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