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March 26th, 2010 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

When i was a kid, my parents subscribed to World magazine for me and my brother, because we were smart nerdy kids and enjoyed reading about science related stuff..  On the back of each issue, there was always a grid of several square photos, close ups of some odd angle or tiny part of something and you were supposed to try and figure out what you were looking at, and then the answer was upside down on the bottom of the page..  This series of photos, which i made in february of 2008, one evening when i was bored at my desk,  reminds me a little bit of that.  Although, you can’t really guess what it is you’re looking at, because it’s nothing you’d ever come across.  I do think they’re pretty however.. just as somewhat abstract photos.. which is about as far from my ordinary work as you can get, so i figured i’d share some of them ..

For curiosities sake, here’s a list of what was used here:

Bits of clay-like stuff used to stick papers and stuff onto walls.

The nylon thread I’d used to hang pictures I’d exhibited a week earlier.

A large book, “Golf courses all over the world”, (given to me as a joke present by some friends after the opening of said exhibit), which i found a use for because it has large colorful spreads and made a great backdrop of different colors.

A magnifying glass.

Desk lamp.

5D with 100 mm f/2 lens.

And, as mentioned before, enough boredom to spend 2 hours playing around making tiny sculptures from the clay stuff and the thread ;)

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