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January 15th, 2010 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Above is a screenshot of 9 out of 10 of my entries in the Power of Self art contest I’m taking part in. Click the image to visit my portfolio.

Those who follow me on flickr and facebook have heard enough about this already, but I wanted to mention it here for good measure.  It’s an international contest on the Artists Wanted website, which devotes itself to giving new artists a chance to be discovered.   Taking part will hopefully help my work reach a new audience.  Part of the contest is the “peoples choice award”,  which is where the online voting comes in.  I’ve gotten a lot of support in this, and hope that I continue to do so until the deadline runs out (it’s been prolonged by 5 days due to the popularity of the contest, that is , people still have 5 days to submit work)

So, feel free to visit my portfolio and rate me based on what you think of my work.  If you’ve enjoyed what i’ve been doing for a long time, hopefully your rating will reflect that appreciation.  This means a lot to me, so thanks in advance, and feel free to spead the word..

As for my choices. Nearly impossible to choose 10 out of all the selfportraits I’ve made over the years, but I hope at least that these 10 show a certain range and variety, and reflect a little bit of my sense of humor :)

Here are the images:

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I feel it is a great cross-section of your work. And I would like to say a little thanks as I truly appreciate the ability to see your work in larger images that I can get on your portfolio and on Flickr.

An award would be well deserved and also encouraging. Once in a blue moon is for now. I’ll vote with pleasure.

Rebekka, I have only recently been introduced to the magic of your work. I am speading the gospel like a mad bee. ‘What I’m trying to say’ is I sincerely hope you reap this prestigious award, because you deserve it!

thank you so much :)

Wonderful collection! I always enjoy looking at your Flickr photos too!

Just rated 5 stars, dearest. Good Luck! I do so love your work and the craft is better because of you.


I won the “peoples choice” award in the contest, btw :)
enormously happy right now.

Congratulations! Go Girl go!

Congratulations Rebekka! I was also in the competition…. your win was very well deserving!! Absolutely love love love your photos

Congratulations to a beautiful and talented photographer, great source of inspiration from me, and somehow one of the reasons why i would like to see Iceland :-) )

Congratulations Rebekka!! So pleased for you!!!!

Onwards and upwards….!!!!!

Rebekka, your work was far and away the most imaginative and unique in the top #15 for the people’s choice award. Very well deserved!!! Good luck with the judges for the Grand Prize.

Cpl. Nobbs wrote on January 29th, 2010

Congratulations. Want to tell the folks on flickr?

Rebekka, Congratulations!…..I have been following your work from a far and your talent is evident. I wish you the best and look forward to see new work from you in the near future

Congratulations, Rebekka, the other contestants didn’t stand a chance. You’ve been a true inspiration to me for some time, now.

I appreciate reading a bit of your blog today, if only to see that you have struggled like everyone else. It’s all too easy to see the resulting art and not be aware of all the time, effort and struggle behind it.

I’m also surprised to find that you chose to draw a few times during your art-every-day challenge to yourself. It is time-consuming to draw. You’re already fantastic at taking photos, so to take the time out of a day to draw with your hands is funny to me.

I think the above is what impresses me the most about you – your unfailing drive to do whatever it is that you feel you need to do. This drive might be the cause for turmoil or exhaustion too, but it is impressive to me. Keep doing what you are doing, and I hope you actively enjoy doing it.

I started out drawing. Long before i had ANY interest in the camera, (from age 14 or so) i was working for hours a day perfecting my pencil-drawing technique, mostly drawing from photos..

after the age of 25 i suddenly found a passion for photography, and put the drawing aside almost completely for over 2 years, while i worked on perfecting my camera skills.

When i returned to drawing again a couple years ago, this time working from photos deliberately taken with a drawing in mind as an end result, i could see that the two mediums really work to compliment each other. Working with different lenses and thinking so much about composition made me see all new possibilities for drawings. the ones i posted recently here on my blog were however just hasty sketches, not thought-out works, obviously. Im working on a very large drawing at the moment that will probably take me half a year to complete.
I only wish I had more time to work on both.

flottar myndir :) ég er bara aðeins að forvitnast hvort þú setjir myndavélina á timer eða tekur einhver annar myndirnar?

Great work, very creative and I love some of your montages

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