TWiP interview #2

January 5th, 2010 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Man.  I’m really not in any mood to write anything.   Haven’t been for a while, as should be obvious for those who attempt to follow this blog, which comes in random bursts, few and far between.. I should say “happy new year” i just dont feel like it.. (hmm.  maybe manic depressive people like me should stick to writing blogs on the upswings, not the downs.. i’ll keep that in mind next time)

so i’ll just keep this short , and go directly to sharing this interview I did recently with Frederick Van Johnson,  a follow-up to the one i did with him back in march or april for This Week in Photography (TWiP), In this one, we discuss my knitting craze, new work, and photography stuff in general.  Its a bit fucked up at the end, as skype cut us off about 15 times while we were recording, so a lot of post-editing was needed. It’s amazingly smooth despite that, until just the very end.

It’s a half hour long, but hopefuly worth listening to: (click either the URL or the screenshot image)

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well I will say Happy New year:) keep up great work!

Needless to say that emotional downs can sometimes release lots of creative energy. No matter what the source, I am looking forward very much to what you may concoct this year. You do have a very unique style.

true, many of my favorite images have been either created or thought up when i’m feeling horrible, so its not all bad ;)

Mike Diblicek wrote on January 7th, 2010

Hi Rebekka,

Nice interview, you would never know that this was re-edited (apart from the end as you say) all pretty smooth, and funny as well.
Nice to hear your thoughts about how you come up with some of your idea’s for your photo’s.

All ,the best for 2010


All that Skype business would drive me crazy. You sounded particularly chirpy despite the technical hitches. Nice interview. It’s always fascinating to hear about how your ideas for photography come to fruition. The whole Anchor saga should be seen as a lesson for people who think art can be made in a few seconds.
Now go and do some knitting, you “extremely unmarried” person! :)

hahaha. i’ve been waiting for someone to give me a hard time for saying that. Me and the whole notion of marriage are like toothpaste and orange juice, somehow.. just. a bad idea.
btw, it was late friday afternoon, I was enjoying a beer everytime the connection broke, and on my way to a christmas party later on, which might explain my chirpiness ;)

I’m “extremely unmarried” too. We should get divorced or something. :)

I was just listening to your interview again now (insomnia as always) as I was working while listening to it first.

Really nice interview, smooth, apart of last minutes, but great to hear your photography and knitting experiences.

All the best in 2010!

Love & Peace

I love this interview. You kept me company during my morning tea. :)

I don’t know why I’ve never found your website before, I’ve been following you my whole flickr life. Might be those manic swings I’m subjec to myself. I’m a bit bipolar with the internets.

Happy New Year. May 2010 bring you and your family untold blessing.

Happy New Year!

Nice interview. I went back and listened to your interview back in Feb. Good to hear your finishing your schooling.

Have a great year!

Happy new year to you too :)

Hi Rebekka, your voice doesn’t sound how I thought you’d sound. I was expecting a voice like maybe Bjork. ?? But great ideas aside from that thought.

Björk didn’t spend her childhood in Florida ;)

i am listening to this now… i actually used to love listening to that one that was in icelandic years ago. even though i was totally lost. haha

Good heavens, that’s the sweetest fucking thing I’ve ever

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