The Power of Self competition

January 15th, 2010 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Above is a screenshot of 9 out of 10 of my entries in the Power of Self art contest I’m taking part in. Click the image to visit my portfolio.

Those who follow me on flickr and facebook have heard enough about this already, but I wanted to mention it here for good measure.  It’s an international contest on the Artists Wanted website, which devotes itself to giving new artists a chance to be discovered.   Taking part will hopefully help my work reach a new audience.  Part of the contest is the “peoples choice award”,  which is where the online voting comes in.  I’ve gotten a lot of support in this, and hope that I continue to do so until the deadline runs out (it’s been prolonged by 5 days due to the popularity of the contest, that is , people still have 5 days to submit work)

So, feel free to visit my portfolio and rate me based on what you think of my work.  If you’ve enjoyed what i’ve been doing for a long time, hopefully your rating will reflect that appreciation.  This means a lot to me, so thanks in advance, and feel free to spead the word..

As for my choices. Nearly impossible to choose 10 out of all the selfportraits I’ve made over the years, but I hope at least that these 10 show a certain range and variety, and reflect a little bit of my sense of humor :)

Here are the images:

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TWiP interview #2

January 5th, 2010 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Man.  I’m really not in any mood to write anything.   Haven’t been for a while, as should be obvious for those who attempt to follow this blog, which comes in random bursts, few and far between.. I should say “happy new year” i just dont feel like it.. (hmm.  maybe manic depressive people like me should stick to writing blogs on the upswings, not the downs.. i’ll keep that in mind next time)

so i’ll just keep this short , and go directly to sharing this interview I did recently with Frederick Van Johnson,  a follow-up to the one i did with him back in march or april for This Week in Photography (TWiP), In this one, we discuss my knitting craze, new work, and photography stuff in general.  Its a bit fucked up at the end, as skype cut us off about 15 times while we were recording, so a lot of post-editing was needed. It’s amazingly smooth despite that, until just the very end.

It’s a half hour long, but hopefuly worth listening to: (click either the URL or the screenshot image)

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