our “pet” arctic tern

November 29th, 2009 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

This summer my sons adopted an abandoned tern chick they found. We kept it in the back yard in their old playhouse for about 2 weeks, (taking it out and letting it hop around the yard several times a day) went and caught tiny fish for it in the ponds around our area and enjoyed watching it grow, and learn to use its wings. One morning instead of just flying a few feet, it disappeared over the hedge and hopefully found its way to the sea nearby.  It was sorely missed.

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Aw! Seeing the bird stand in place and accept food from them is so adorable!!!! I am so happy that they were able to nurse the bird back to health.

And now when walking in nature and seeing sterns fly by … you can wonder and dream that the one there on the left is ‘your’ stern. :-)

Awww! Too sweet, this little bird.

I think that if you took only a photo of its feet, it might be mistaken for a duck…

We had a sparrow, but after a week living on a tree nearby, he drowned in a barrow of water. He didn’t fly very good. I hope your bird will have better destiny.

joejoejoe wrote on December 2nd, 2009

OT: The cover photo on your website with you, the anchor and water in the background is beautiful.

we’re all small pets in the hands of somebody, feeling the smooth touching of his soft breeth

thank you for so beautiful and hearty pictures

Nice story and pictures. I remember when you got “attacked” by terns for venturing into their nesting area, so it’s ironic that your family has helped a little one. I’m not really a bird lover, but that little fellow looks very cute, especially in the last photo.

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