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November 7th, 2009 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

.. i’ve screwed this whole “post something every day” thing up , but have nonetheless been feverishly working on something or other every day. Except last friday, when i was super-hungover an slept til 4.  But I made stuff today. This for instance:

this was very spur of the moment … was in the process of tearing down this sheet (which has actually played a part in a very large number of my photos, usually as a backdrop) into narrow strips to weave into a rope (which will be used in another photo, and no, buying a rope would be too easy and im also a bit insane) and while holding it up , with the window to my back, glanced in the mirror and liked the sillouhette thing going on and decided to try and capture it in a picture..(without the ugly hanging-around-at-home clothes i was wearing)

true story.

see, here’s the rope being made:

sadly i chose probably the most time-consuming method of weaving those strips together (each pile is about 20 meters or more of cloth), after 2 hours i only had 2 meters of rope.  Ugh. Why do i insist on being so meticulous? God sometimes i just don’t know. But I suppose i’ll feel really good about having made the damn rope myself when the picture is complete.  I hope so because nobody else will ever be able to tell. haha. oh well.    I just started on a new drawing , not a quick one but one that’ll end up being really cool and detailed.  I should sleep but its calling to me..

And for curiosities sake, here are some other images this sheet has appeared in:

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Daniel Wadsworth wrote on November 7th, 2009

Your photography is wonderful!

no preview of the drawing? humph….

your work is quite inspiring. It’s nice to hear about what photographers do besides the actual shoot, how much work goes on that nobody sees.

Bravo Rebekka!
I´m becoming a great fan of your work!! And of your blog too!! :-) )
I´m thinking about travelling to Iceland, I´m really impressed about how much talent per square meter can be found in such small country!! Besides, there is a beautiful nature there!!

You’ve used that sheet to great effect in the past. I can’t imagine what you’ll be using the rope for, but I’m sure it will be interesting.

Like many others said before I wont be original when I say that your work is a source of inspiration for me. I’m just big fan of yours… Can I have your permission to set 1st picture of today post as my desktop background?
I hope creativity will never leave you…

Dear Rebecca,
I am an intrigued admirer of your work and the journeys your brain takes you on. I wonder (and this is a medical perspective) whether you would be able to determine whether there is a menstrual-cycle influence on your work for example whether you have noticed the type and emotive demand of your work in the pre-menstrual phase. I know this comment is coming from ‘left field’ somehow but it is certainly something that was noticeable in the poetry of some of my female poet friends ( less so now as we are of the age where menopause has lessened the cyclical influence). Anyway I love the sheet imagery. I find in paintings, writing and photography a discarded sheet or an unmade bed the most beguiling and sensuous of all metaphors. Yours Sincerely, Roger Derham (http://deworde.blogspot.com)

Just an observation, why is it when your photography is being sensual the face is nowhere in the composition? Just a part of your style?

CARLOS P. wrote on November 9th, 2009

Dear Rebekka: my mother is dead. All is dead.

Lee Davies wrote on November 12th, 2009

Hi Rebekka, I discovered your work 4 hours ago and am absolutely enthralled! I’m just beginning an interest in photography but I can see that your talents are far wider than simply photography. You have such a provocative, sensual yet almost naivety about your self portraits, which for me is unexplainable, beyond my understanding of art, photography and your skill.
I shall be a fan forever and I wish you all the success imaginable.
Lee x

Your “picture a day” thing lasted about 9 days. That’s quite impressive for you! I expect it will be a few months before you next update your blog. I bet you always have time for chin-ups, though.

Jimmy Page wrote on November 23rd, 2009

Create. Your fans are waiting.

Adore your work!

Love the last pic in the series with the arm reaching through the tear – magnificent!!!


John E Adams

NaThaLie wrote on February 16th, 2010

amazing work

frOm-. mexicO

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