pic of the day # 6..

November 2nd, 2009 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Just a quick sketch today,  purely from my imagination..

in between this and my last drawing, all i drew was this:

thats what happens when you decide half an hour in advance to show up at a halloween party , and all you have is eyeliner and lipstick to work with..

more tomorrow..

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This is great Rebekka. A great project and a great challenge. Keep it up, you’re a talented artist and I’m looking forward to checking in each day.

Cut yourself shaving, did you? ;)

I like this drawing. Very surreal and almost like anime. I don’t know if you plan on taking it any further, but I think you should explore and push it some more.

Nice last minute Halloween make-up. Victim #1.

Great Hair! Is there a reason the hair looks like roots and branches? Excellent symbolism! Lipstick looks pretty good too.

I love the little plats in your hair…

ha.. thanks, you’re first to mention those.. Not one person, the entire night, mentioned the braids, which i thought were pretty cute :p

that looks very scary

Your sketch is haunting and beautiful. I love it.

sigríður stefánsdóttir wrote on January 10th, 2010

Guðdómleg mynd, ég varð ótrúlega hrifin…<3

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