day 4-5

October 31st, 2009 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Whew.   Spent 10 hours of the last 22 working on this newest installment in my “picture a day” challenge. Therefore, im going to make it count for 2 days.

This is my good friend Óskar, who said i should draw him, when i was drawing something else the other day, so i did just that, without telling him.  Typically, i spend at the very least a week, often a month or more, on detailed pencil work.  Also, i find frontal portraits like this, with rather flat lighting, the most difficult to get right, as being able to capture the right charecteristics of the person lies heavily in the shadows, and working almost nonstop on shading is a lot more exhausting than i thought (seeing as i’ve never forced myself to do it before).

So, im marginally happy with this one.  I’ve flipped over to a clean page at least, and look forward to continuing with this on monday..

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Time well spent! I have never thought about how it would be to draw front light. i only know how to photograph it. Great insight. He should be very happy with your drawing.


I’ve heard that drawing and painting helps you appreciate and understand the subtleties of light and colour, as well as making you look closer at subjects which can help improve your photography. I thought it was just having an appreciation and love of art that helped. Do you have any thoughts on this?

i do indeed… i started out as a portrait artist, before getting into photography.. then i put my pencils aside and focused solely on photography for about 2 years, before doing some drawings again (around 2007 this was), and noticed a huge change in the drawings i produced… i’ve been neglecting the pencil work a bit since then, before forcing myself to start practicing again now with some quick one-day-max studies….
I strongly feel that the two rather different mediums work to complement each other and broaden ones approach to them..

Amazing and beautiful Rebekka!!!
Still would love to see your Led Zeppelin sketches!

Thanks for sharing…

oh.. hey i actually found those and posted them on facebook.. i’ll put them up here too in my next post, just for fun :)

Looks kinda like Clive Owen…:)

You are a great artist! I love your drawings/photos.

Regards HJ.

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