day 3 (this is already getting hard)

October 29th, 2009 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Okeydoke.  already i’m slacking, started on “todays” project (only by now it’s technically yesterdays) after 11 pm, and just finished (its 1:40) and I hate it, but it was certainly good practice at some freehand drawing, which ive been neglecting, and will have to do for the third installment:

i typically spend 2 weeks on drawings, not 2 hours, so this isn’t quite up to my normal standard.

Now to sleep and come up with an idea for today.


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I find this quite inspiring. I can’t remember the last time I drew anything. I used to draw and paint constantly over a decade ago. I need to do this.

Keep it up. I’ll be cheering you on.

oh come on rebekka – aren´t you that self-appointed nightowl, so why not spend another 2-3 hours on it? ;) (lespecially the hand looks a bit too sketchy)

Hello Rebekka, its nice for your followers that you so much pressure on your own shoulders to push you back into creativity. But to lower your pressure a little bit and maybe to support you, my thoughts. I love to follow your picture feeds on flickr or on your own website because its the great scenery you can find around your location on Iceland combined with your special and creative view on the things around you, this salted with some pictures out of your life makes it always a joy for me to pick up your feed. In you eyes it might be no “real art”, but if I get the chance to photograph some autumn trees on the weekend from middle of Europe – get all the catchy colors I see around me, and have the luck to capture them with a nice clipping it might be art for someone who is not used to see this kind of scenery.

But nevertheless repect for the nice sketchy drawing at such a late time – even for an owl :-) ! I would be glad to have these skills.

Regards, Sebastian

Try starting your art when you first awaken. Hopefully before your other duties begin. It will come easier.

I was going to say that I envy the variety of which you are able to find your creative outlet, but I realised that I *do* actually have more than my photography.

I haven’t spent much time on flickr recently (where I originally came across your work), but this post helped me realise that I was limiting myself.

Everyday I create, just not always in a recognisable manner.

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