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October 28th, 2009 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

So far so good..  As i mentioned yesterday, i’ve decided to kick myself out of the uncreative rut i’ve been in the last few months, by forcing myself to create some sort of artwork every day for two weeks..  Today’s installment:

I’ve been meaning to make this spoof of one of my early photos for a while,  finally stopped thinking about it and got it done..

Of course Barbie has this benign smile plastered permanently to her face..  Seeing as there was no way of getting her to look all creeped-out, i decided to just add to the sugary sweetness with some soft porn lighting..  Now im not altogether sure what sort of mood we have going here :p

Here’s the original from 2005:

More to come tomorrow..

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I said the same thing to myself a while ago. I’m determined to create something worth while that I can call an artwork by me.

It’s good to see your back BTW.

Well, you could always do something with cats. Give _rebekka_w_cats a run for their money!

hehe.. in my oppinion, whoever is responsible for rebekka with cats has been slacking.. they should make more spoofs.. i gave them my blessing 2 years ago ;)

see u tomorrow

Like I said on flickr before the photo disappeared, the wallpaper is a great touch.

Don’t look back. Stay focused, on what you are experiencing now, for your art.

I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it again: I’m not a lesbian (most unfortunately, these days), but *damn* you have nice breasts.

LOL. I am not a lesbian either, but I agree 100% with Hannah.

Haha :) I am like you Hannah and sobayatty not a lesbian. Actually i am male, and quite sure that those cannot be natural ;) But great looking they still are.

But to comment on your picture, then i love the effect of you looking out of the mirror. Wile the “other” you has her back turned to the mirror.

I would love to learn how to take pictures like this.

Love your work, erotic mood, you’re gorgeous!!

Oh, they’re real alright! And I’ve been a lesbian my enter life(which makes me an authority on what?)though I must admit my having been born with a penis (that I kinda like, but most don’t) does tend to seriously obfuscate my claim.

I suppose I should trouble myself to comment on the photo. (Wait! Whose “troubling” who? This is your blog! Never mind.) Otherwise, what is the point? To wit: I think the photo is neat! In fact, neat-o! I’d even go so far as suggesting keen, but definitely not peachy-keen and certainly not groovy. Maybe cool or even far out — but not far-fucking-out. (It was an early effort, after all.) At least no one has called it awesome, which it’s not. Can you dig it? I new you could.

Great photo. Your image in the mirror is very… creepy? I guess, would makes me feel uneasy if I had my back turned to that version of you. Both of you are a pleasure to look at though. Great photo.

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