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October 27th, 2009 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Its ironic..  Now that i’ve graduated from art school and am officially a visual artist , with a BA degree lying in a drawer somewhere around here to prove it and all, one would think i’d be spending all my time, well, creating art, for instance..

However, the last 5 months or so i’ve been doing anything but.  I’ve been selling a few prints, some drawings this summer.. but as for new projects, nothing.  Its beginning to scare me..

Not that i haven’t been creating.  Since i started advertising that i’m custom making and selling Icelandic wool sweaters, i’ve had enough orders to keep me knitting as a 9-5 job (only i tend to do it not during those hours, but just whenever im not doing anything else.  Which is probably the same number of hours a week as a 9-5 job would be.   Is knitting sweaters art?  Hm. In a way.. seeing as i’m designing the patterns, making sure each one is unique and beautiful. i actually enjoy it quite a bit.  I like the idea of these sweaters travelling off to far corners of the earth,  keeping people that i’ll never meet warm and cozy.

However, I’m not happy about this lack of creativity in other areas.  Obviously, the main reason for it is that i’m drowning in wool and have only so many hours per day – keeping in mind the upbringing of my two boys, who are now in the fifth and sixth grade, and the need for sleep – during which i can be creative.

Anyway.   This has got to change.  I can feel, whispering at me from my subconscious, a gathering of neglected ideas, wanting to come out.  In order to force myself into action, i’ve made myself a challenge for the next two weeks.  Everyday art.  Create something each day, however small or seemingly inconsequential, that can be considered visual art.  Preferably not out of wool.

Today’s project consisted of a few bits of my parent’s garden, photographed in a quickly constructed kitchen-table mini-studio, (some white paper, styrofoam, carboard, and (haha) sheeps wool actually)

I think these would actually look rather nice blown up to say 2 meters tall.. might do that sometime..

To be continued..

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This is beautiful! It’s a great, creative idea. Have fun with your 2 week challenge :)

they do look interesting. i thought they were stuck in snow or ice. Creativity is a funny thing, how it seems to come and go.

Great DoF and colours – all you need is a wall tall enough to hold 2 metre tall berries! I understand your feeling of neglected creativity. I need a project like this too!

only one of those items are berries, the other red things are what’s left on rosebushes once the flowers fall off..

Good to read echo of my mind from Island. I’m also dealing with similar situation, although I work too much for clients and nothing for me, although I have great ideas and even pictures, but not enough time to sort it out. + two daughters

PS: creative people must be a little bit unsatisfied, because that’s a guarantee of progress!

(Excuse my english) I’ve been reading you since … I don’t remember… and follow your beautiful photos. Congratulations for your degree! I’m on trying yet. Anyway your work talk about your creativity more than any degree.

Maybe an unkwon “cleaning” process is being developing in your mind, like if you were cleaning your mind-chalkboard: great photos are next to come, keep your camera beside you…

Neat idea! I have wool from my goats and was wondering how to use it as it is so beautiful. I tried a sculpture but was not pleased but using it with other objects in a photo looks brilliant!


Since November is so close you may want to consider expanding your challenge by joining folks at NaBloPoMo. National Blog Posting Month. Post every day for the month of November – That’s it!
You can check it our here. http://www.nablopomo.com/
I have done it the past couple of years and it is fun and really helps getting the creative juices flowing. You also have a community of other participants cheering you on. Please consider it. I’d love to see thirty days of your work.


well, 30 days of just posting on the blog should be possible.. i mean, i have loads of old stuff lying around that i’ve been meaning to put into blogs anyway.. so we’ll see. Not a bad idea, since ive been neglecting this blog since summer..

Good news! Also the left over red things on rose bushes after the petals fall off are called rose hips. Many folks make rose hip tea from them.


Is there a wave file of how to pronounce your last name or an english phonetic spelling of it? I don’t know the sounds of the Icelandic alphabet.

I suspect it’s go-liefs-daughter or go-liefs-doe-tiere but I’m probably wrong.


It’s great to see a new shot from you, Rebekka! I actually really like it a lot (out of all the new photos from my contacts this one grabbed my attention first). Very much looking forward to all that comes out of this project :)

Yeah, the little things that are left on the rosebushes once the pettles fall off are called rose hips – the oil is apparently very good for reducing scared skin tissue (or so my wife tells me!)

This art gives me the sense of two people dancing. You are very talented!

Great topic!

I understand your situation with lack of creativity. Maybe it’s good to make a travel outside iceland if you can. I know you have children but maybe a 1 week in, Portugal, Greece,France helps you to pick up ideas. Maybe you shoot a lot of pictures that when you come back are the same you were doing in Iceland but maybe looking at them gives you a hint to do something else

Awesome and interesting ….: )

Paul Malget wrote on January 9th, 2010

Good day Iceland, this idea of finding beauty in the basics is seemingly more popular by the day. In these telling times the small things matter most. If we invest in the things that ask us to simply enjoy and not commodify, the essence of their existence has value beyond anything that we could repackage and sell. As a trained florist I have enjoyed sourcing from nature more than any wholesaler!!!

As for the comment on the rosehips, and some of the other more pedantic comments, its not scared tissue……it is scarred tissue Jonathan!!

The syrup is delicious over vanilla ice cream or simply added to custard. I am going to revisit some of my old Ikebana books…..you may want to look up a guy called gregor lersch if you like the simplicity of flora and fauna.

Best regards,


Hi Rebekka,
I would like to know how to make a order of the sweater?
Best regards,


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