day 4-5

October 31st, 2009 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Whew.   Spent 10 hours of the last 22 working on this newest installment in my “picture a day” challenge. Therefore, im going to make it count for 2 days.

This is my good friend Óskar, who said i should draw him, when i was drawing something else the other day, so i did just that, without telling him.  Typically, i spend at the very least a week, often a month or more, on detailed pencil work.  Also, i find frontal portraits like this, with rather flat lighting, the most difficult to get right, as being able to capture the right charecteristics of the person lies heavily in the shadows, and working almost nonstop on shading is a lot more exhausting than i thought (seeing as i’ve never forced myself to do it before).

So, im marginally happy with this one.  I’ve flipped over to a clean page at least, and look forward to continuing with this on monday..

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day 3 (this is already getting hard)

October 29th, 2009 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Okeydoke.  already i’m slacking, started on “todays” project (only by now it’s technically yesterdays) after 11 pm, and just finished (its 1:40) and I hate it, but it was certainly good practice at some freehand drawing, which ive been neglecting, and will have to do for the third installment:

i typically spend 2 weeks on drawings, not 2 hours, so this isn’t quite up to my normal standard.

Now to sleep and come up with an idea for today.


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day #2

October 28th, 2009 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

So far so good..  As i mentioned yesterday, i’ve decided to kick myself out of the uncreative rut i’ve been in the last few months, by forcing myself to create some sort of artwork every day for two weeks..  Today’s installment:

I’ve been meaning to make this spoof of one of my early photos for a while,  finally stopped thinking about it and got it done..

Of course Barbie has this benign smile plastered permanently to her face..  Seeing as there was no way of getting her to look all creeped-out, i decided to just add to the sugary sweetness with some soft porn lighting..  Now im not altogether sure what sort of mood we have going here :p

Here’s the original from 2005:

More to come tomorrow..

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Everyday art

October 27th, 2009 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Its ironic..  Now that i’ve graduated from art school and am officially a visual artist , with a BA degree lying in a drawer somewhere around here to prove it and all, one would think i’d be spending all my time, well, creating art, for instance..

However, the last 5 months or so i’ve been doing anything but.  I’ve been selling a few prints, some drawings this summer.. but as for new projects, nothing.  Its beginning to scare me..

Not that i haven’t been creating.  Since i started advertising that i’m custom making and selling Icelandic wool sweaters, i’ve had enough orders to keep me knitting as a 9-5 job (only i tend to do it not during those hours, but just whenever im not doing anything else.  Which is probably the same number of hours a week as a 9-5 job would be.   Is knitting sweaters art?  Hm. In a way.. seeing as i’m designing the patterns, making sure each one is unique and beautiful. i actually enjoy it quite a bit.  I like the idea of these sweaters travelling off to far corners of the earth,  keeping people that i’ll never meet warm and cozy.

However, I’m not happy about this lack of creativity in other areas.  Obviously, the main reason for it is that i’m drowning in wool and have only so many hours per day – keeping in mind the upbringing of my two boys, who are now in the fifth and sixth grade, and the need for sleep – during which i can be creative.

Anyway.   This has got to change.  I can feel, whispering at me from my subconscious, a gathering of neglected ideas, wanting to come out.  In order to force myself into action, i’ve made myself a challenge for the next two weeks.  Everyday art.  Create something each day, however small or seemingly inconsequential, that can be considered visual art.  Preferably not out of wool.

Today’s project consisted of a few bits of my parent’s garden, photographed in a quickly constructed kitchen-table mini-studio, (some white paper, styrofoam, carboard, and (haha) sheeps wool actually)

I think these would actually look rather nice blown up to say 2 meters tall.. might do that sometime..

To be continued..

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