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July 9th, 2009 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

In the last 3 months, i’ve composed at least 10 highly entertaining and informative blog posts, in my head.. Actually logging in and writing them has proven to be all the more challenging.

For now, i’m going to mention (on the off-chance that someone who actually follows my inactive blog is on their way to iceland before the end of summer) that there’s a new art gallery in downtown Reykjavík that people should by all means check out. It’s run by a group of young artists, displaying work for sale by around 30 or so visual artists, designers and photographers. (yes, i’m one of them) It’s called Gallery Crymogæa (named after a historic manuscript by one Arngrímur Jónsson dating from many centuries ago, the title of which is an old greek word for Iceland, if i have my facts straight). It’s located on Laugavegur 41a, and looks like this:

Crymogæa art gallery

Crymogæa art gallery

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Hi Rebekka. I do follow your blog. I have you in my Google Reader, so any new posts are automatically flagged for my perusal. I think it’s just fine that you post whenever. Whenever the mood strikes or the muse visits.

I would LOVE to visit Iceland and truly hope to do so in the future. I have seen videos and looked at a gazillion images of your wondrous homeland.

Congratulations on all your many achievements, including your latest gallery venture. Oh, and break a leg, as we say state side.

Deborah Wolfe

I follow your blog too, and look forward to every post. :D

Would love to go to Iceland this summer but sadly would have to win the lottery. Good luck at the gallery!

I follow your blog on Google Reader too. And I imagine plenty of others do as well, since whenever there is a post here, however infrequent, Google Reader always puts it at the top of my ~50 blog feeds. Goes to show, people are hanging on to your every word you decide to put out (t)here. No pressure. :P

haha. well, that’s nice to know.. i don’t have a counter and have no idea how many readers my blog has. But i do actually have some stuff i mean to put on here, and will do so soon :)

I keep you in my Google Reader as well, according to their stats, your blog has 1,166 subscribers (which is pretty awesome!).

I’ll put the gallery on my list of must-visits on my next trip to Iceland (though it probably won’t be anytime real soon).

1,166 is quite a lot more than i would have guessed..

Following. Always worth the wait :-)

Ian Turton wrote on July 9th, 2009

Remember that 1,166 is just people reading through Google Reader.


Can’t wait to visit Iceland in the next 5 years. Looking forward to seeing some of the things you’ve shot, in person. :) It sounds like you’re excited about the art gallery — very cool, and good for you! :)

Iceland is definitely near the top of my list of places to visit. The fag shop and the local beach are cheaper and nearer though.

I’ll show up between 20.7.and 1.8. :-)

Heikki wrote on July 15th, 2009

I travelled in Iceland last week and also visited this gallery. It was great to see your work! Thanks!

Interesting, I never knew that about Iceland. You just taught a Greek a new word. :)

“Thanks for sharing. It is very useful for us.

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