11 things you probably didn’t know about me..

September 25th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

(i decided it was time for another list)

1.  When i was 4 years old, i came very close to drowning.  i was pulled from the bottom of the pool where i’d been playing by a stranger,  a woman who’s name i never knew.

2. I had to learn how to swim three times.  First when i was six, again at age 8, and again at age 9.  How I managed to forget how to swim in between still baffles me.  I suspect it had something to do with a suppressed memory of almost drowning.

3. Between the ages of 13 and 15, i was the biggest Led Zeppelin fan ever.  I was deeply in love with Robert Plant (the 70′s version of him in any case), and spent hours drawing amazingly good pencil renditions of the photos inside the book that came with the “remasters” cassette collection my brother owned. (Later he bought all of their albums on cd, and I spent an estimated 5 hours every day listening to them)  Some of these drawings were done on the inside of the loose-leaf binder I used at school, and got me more than a few admiring comments from classmates who, on the whole, had never heard of Led Zeppelin, and viewed me as a bit of a weirdo.

4. I am a bit of a weirdo.

5.  When i was 15, (1993) i bought myself an accoustic guitar.  I had planned on buying an electric one, but somehow my mother talked me out of it.  I daydreamed about Jimmy Page teaching me how to play.  I got as far as teaching myself how to strum the basic chords to “heart of gold” by neil young (even sang along, as i recall, when nobody was in earshot) ,  but i think i gave up on actually learning to play before my 16th birthday came around.

6. I have never seen the movie “reality bites”.

7. My temper has cost me 3 jobs.

8. I’m afraid of spiders.

9. I’ve been lifting weights seriously for 12 years, but am never quite happy with my body.

10. I often laugh at my own wit, usually when no one else does.

11. While writing this, I’m supposed to be working on updating my school portfolio…   go figure..

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I like nr. 10…

sounds familiar ;)

….interresting things to know – thanks for sharing :)

I never really learned to swim. I just kinda flailed everything, which got me moving, which I considered good enough. Skating, on the other hand, I would pick up by the end of the season, forget it over the summer, and have to relearn the next season. Every single year.

Also, I hate spiders.

Well I’d imagine learning to swim in Iceland would be quite cold. I think I’d want to forget how to swim too!

there are swimming pools in iceland, believe it or not..

however, i was living in Florida between the age of 4-11, so all that pool related stuff took place there..

Oh so Gators instead :P

Astonishing and draws memorys from deep within.
When I was tree or four I almost drowned in a lake in switzerland. I remember this from outside my body, I think that is a psychological reaction to keep my child’s mind sane. It was my father who saved me, I still somehow remember the hand crushing through the waters surface. One of my dreams is to make a photograph which somehow deals with that issue.

Can you tell us more about the 3 jobs you lost because of your temper? I am sure that you have some interesting stories there.
I was put on a course last year called ‘Tactical Behaviour’ which was meant to improve my group behaviour. There were a few people on that course who had some anger management issues to put it mildly. I work for a Japanese company so you don’t have to do anything too crazy to be labelled as overbearing or too forward. In other spheres in life I am known as shy but at work I am supposedly the opposite, go figure.

…maybe you should add too , that you´re a bit ‘lazy’ in your mail correspondence. ;)


i totally relate to number 4.

12. I’m a bit .. no, scratch that.. im VERY lazy at mail correspondence ..


‘ I often laugh at my own wit, usually when no one else does.’

haha- I think, we Geminies, are like that. Sometimes other people call it crazy…

beautiful / wierd
it’s all in the eye of the beholder

could watch you for weeks…

serge deb. wrote on September 28th, 2008

I didn’t have much choice in learning how to swim, my dad just chucked me in the deep end. I was also a major Led Zep fan in my youth. I could lie hours on end in my bed listening to them, being escorted to a world where I was so at peace with myself. Great memories! By the way, I saw Robert Plant and Alison Krauss a few months ago. For his age he’s still a fantastic singer. Great cd too if you haven’t got it.

I learnt to swim in Iceland’s divine outdoor swimming pools. I never nearly drowned although by brother slipped through the ice in Tjornin and ended up with Scarlett Fever… If i could be anywhere in Iceland right now i’d be lying at the bottom of the pool off Hofsvallagata, looking up through the blue water as the snow falls down towards me and then gets melted just before it hits the surface.

Thanks for the memories Rebekka, hoping to make your show in December.

i’ve never heard of “reality bites” …

it was a hugely popular movie about young people, back in the mid-nineties.
winona ryder and that guy that was married to uma thurman were in it..
what was his name again…

oh yeah. ethan hawke..

(ok, im writing this despite not having seen it, and i didn’t imdb it, so i could be wrong)


Reality Bites is a mindlessly funny-in-spots flick. Probably no need to check it out at this point in your life though. However, if you haven’t seen The Breakfast Club, now that there is one you need to go out and rent.

I am glad that you are weird. I like your weirdness. It inspires me to let out my weirdness. We don’t have to be perfect, pretty-to-just-look-at little pixy’s for the world to see all the time.

I snorted out loud laughing about the temper item. I never would have thought that of you but I think it makes you far more interesting.

I can see the Zeppelin influence in some of your photography, in what you find beautiful. I think they might have hired you to do an albumn cover if your paths had crossed.

It makes me wonder if people can see the Pink Floyd influence in mine.

ooga mooga wrote on October 10th, 2008

apples and peanuts…RAAAAAAAAAAARGH…oooooh.oooooh. hair trimmer and eyes eyes eyes!

I love the lists.

I often come up with ingenious thoughts and laugh out loud when no one is around. Unfortunately I can’t ever remember how ingenious it was once I try to write it down. This poses a real problem as I’m a writer.

I also dislike spiders…more than anything in the world.

I’m a little weird myself, I’d like to think of it as dorkiness. My girlfriend and I are complete and total dorks together, something you could not pry from us out in public. What is shared when others are not there is how beautifully intimacy works.

Ok.. Now i know someone else who managed to go same way about swimming and drowning. Altough i was saved be me grandfather (and mind you – almost same age – 5), but how the heck one can forget how to swim totally eludes me too :)

And we all weirdo.. Life will be way too dull overwise.

I like the list, I’m Afraid of chats and I have never seen the movie “reality bites”

Ok the #1 it’s something i can relate to….When i was like 7 i studied in a school that has an Olympic pool, so when i went to my first swimming class i was really nervous and since i was the new kid no one really notices (or care) about the fact that if i really know how to swim or not…so the teacher start to tell everyone to do something different, and for my surprise EVERYONE knows how to swim…

so there i was, waiting for someone to tell me what to do…but instead of that my teacher grabs my arms and throw me into the pool, and then he sits back to read a magazine while all the kids are “swimming” in the pool…

The next thing i remember was waking up with all the kids around me while i spit water all over the place….after that i was know by the name of “fishy”

by the age of 17 i was one of the best swimmers of my country….how ironic isn’t it…

We’ve got something in common (pt4&pt8) ;) .

Your portfolio is amazing. I love it!

gerardo evans wrote on November 4th, 2008

today i knew your work…its really amazing….i like this post…p.s.
i love you…you are so beauty

I would love to see your Led Zeppelin drawings, if you still have them of course.
Take care…

i was actually thinking of digging them up and posting them at some point :)

Hi! I like your photos very much! The way you use colors is great. Amazing portfolio.
Maxi, Buenos Aires, Argentina

good luck with your temper :-)
maybe because of that temper u creating great images

c u

saw them at their first concert in the sixties
at the rah and meet a friend in the break

Gustavo wrote on December 3rd, 2008

Would you marry me?

Hi Rebekka,

My name is Jimmy Page. I’m a Led Zeppelin fan, but I don’t play the guitar (learning the harmonica though). I suspect I’ll be visiting Iceland a lot in the future with my new job. I’m very much looking forward to it. Happy holidays!


Yeah, c’mon-do you still have those Led Zep drawings? If they’re just half as good as the feet’s drawing…man can’t wait then!

they’re nothing like the newest drawings, (after all, i made them at the age of 14) , but they are surprisingly good. I will make a point of digging them up, photographing them , and posting them here , when i have a moment..

I need to stop reading any of your personal blogs because it just makes me think “I wish Rebekka lived near me and we could stay up all night chatting and laughing at our own jokes”.
The Led Zeppelin stuff leaves me totally cold, but the obsessional behaviour is fascinating. Being of a fiery temperament, I too could never hold down a job. I think everyone becomes a bit more patient and mellow as they age, but I always got fired for being “mouthy”, or I just walked out because it seemed too much like “work” to do what I was told by idiots.
If you think you’re weird, you should see the “16 things” I wrote on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/artysmokes/3154354974/

First let me say that I think your photography is amazing and I really admire your creativity. I was even more impressed when I found out you have an amazing talent for drawing…. however, when I read that you are a huge Led Zeppelin fan I have to admit that I am now in love with you… well, in a totally Platonic admiration kind of way ;)

Oh… and #10 is awesome… I do that way too much as well.


complete stranger wrote on July 1st, 2009

i would like to kiss your thumbs.
you are adorable.

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