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July 27th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized


Ok.. i uploaded that photo first for chuckles.. That’s my cousin Berglind and her husband, they were married yesterday, and while they’d hired a “real” photographer (i’m no wedding photographer, tho i’ve shot two weddings before.. found it’s really not for me) , she wanted me to take a few portraits as well. Funny how time flies.. there’s a picture in a photo album somewhere, taken in the year 1988, that shows me, age 9, sitting in a chair with Berglind, age 3, in my lap, at a beach house that her family was vacationing at in Sarasota, Fl. (My family was living in Gainesville, Fl, at the time, and came to visit them) Seeing her yesterday, looking raidiantly beautiful and grown up, i couldn’t help think of that photo , and how odd it would have seemed to me then, to know i’d be photographing her on her wedding day, and me still unmarried :) Life’s funny that way. Anyway, all rambling aside, i thought i’d use the opportunity to show off a few photos from these three photoshoots , since i never uploaded any of them on flickr.




One of the two weddings i shot last summer was when Berglinds’ older brother, Jón Þór (we’re the same age, and played together when we were less than 3 feet tall ), got married .. Jón Þór and his wife Guðrún are quite possibly the jolliest, cutest couple alive…





the other wedding last summer was shot in Eskifjörður, which is as far from my hometown of Hafnarfjörður as you can get, without actually leaving Icelnad.  That was likely the hardest job i’ve ever done. I drove off at 4 a.m. , to be sure to get there with plenty of time left over.  Half an hour into my trip, in heavy fog,  i managed to hit and kill a bird, that just HAD to be sitting in the middle of the damn road.  I was off to a great start.  At Vik í mýrdal, i decided to take a short nap before continuing. Accidentally slept for over 3 hours. So off i rushed, getting more and more stressed with each passing hour. To make the trip more colorful, i picked up two 20 year old swiss hitch-hikers, who just happened to have shot a wedding together not too long previously, and they entertained me with stories of how much could go wrong during such a gig.. After dropping them off, i managed to get stuck in the town of Djúpivogur, driving several aimless circles and not finding the right exit, because by then i was panicking that i’d not only be late, i’d never even manage to find the town of Eskifjörður at all.. It shouldn’t, in all honesty, even be possible to get “lost” in a town as small as Djúpivogur. My mistake was actually driving into the town in the first place.. i thought i was supposed to go thru it. I wasn’t. I actually had to stop at a cafe there and ask for directions. Come to think of it, I imagine i’m the only person to ever, actually, get stuck in Djúpivogur. So, i drove back the way i’d come, passing the young hitchhikers again, where i’d left them 10 minutes earlier, feeling enormously stupid. After a quick, desperate perusal of the map, i figured out where i was supposed to go next, and about 2 towns from Eskifjörður, it started raining. (it had been sunny the entire trip, and i was going to photograph them outdoors..this just kept looking better and better..) I finally arrived in Eskifjörður at 3:45 pm, after nearly 12 hours of travelling, a mere 15 minutes before the ceremony started, all sweaty and exhausted.. Just had time to throw on a dress and pantyhose, which i of course managed to tear in all the rush, just a little boost for my confidence before shooting the ceremony.. Amazingly, despite the murphy’s law feel of the whole day, the actually photoshoot went well, and the people were happy with their photos. So, all in all, a great experience.





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Beautiful work.

41.jpg is fantastic.

yeah.. it happens to be the only one i have on my website.. really fond if that one..

“of” that one.. sheesh, my typing sucks today..

These people look so happy and they don’t even have alcohol! How can you shoot weddings without shooting the wine? :P


i like, the final one here; it’s fabulous

Don Winkler wrote on July 27th, 2008

Reb….nice to see you publish some things again….Ive been following you since day one out on flickr…….funny…pretty much your first shot of the couple is dead on and funny…she will remember that shot over the “pro” she had to take real pictures!

Don Winkler
Cape Cod Ma.

That story of you car drive was very funny. I can imagine you getting all flustered.
I can understand why you don’t particularly like doing wedding shoots (not much opportunity to express yourself artistically when working in a scene that requires clichéd images) but you’ve got the soft glows down superbly and everyone looks really happy and comfortable. The smiles look natural, which must be partly down to the skills of the photographer, i.e. you.
Good work. Couldn’t really choose a favourite, but if pushed I’d say the one of Guðrún in sharp focus a feet metres on front of a blurred husband is iconic. I hope they don’t split up, as that image makes it seem like she doesn’t need him at all!

æææhææææææðislegar brúðkaupsmyndir… sérstaklega þessar í fjörunni… ég vil þannig :D

Ksenia wrote on July 27th, 2008

cheeeese one is my absolute favourite :) ! I should remember to make such shot when i’ll be marrying, whenever that may be :D

I also did some wedding day photos at a friend’s wedding a few weeks ago. Nice to see how you solved this cliché-loaded photo theme!

the first one: pain & smiling:)
the second one: the shades are too dark~~~

Kristín Hildur wrote on July 28th, 2008

Já, æðislegar brúðkaupsmyndir !
Svo var sagan af ferðinni líka mjög fyndin, sé þig í anda villast í Djúpavogi ;)

Maider wrote on July 28th, 2008

Very nice collection of wedding photographs. I really like them :-)

You lived in Gainesville and you’re not hooked in Ska-Punk? What strange world … ;)

there was no such thing as ska-punk when i lived in gainesville ;)

SophieMuc wrote on July 29th, 2008

the first is the best! :)
and the idea with the bubbles is great!
also love the last one!
if I should marry one day, I will have you flown to Bavaria,
haha! ;)

…pic 41 was worth the odyssey…much more than a wedding photo…
it seems i really have go deeper in the manual of my Garmin travelling Iceland next year… ;-)

James Herst wrote on July 29th, 2008

You should have been the official wedding photographer. Your Pics are amazing. Love your work your a big inspiration. Just Quick question what lens do you use for portraits.

aleee. wrote on July 31st, 2008

Rebekkaa in your country all people is beutifull ….

I think these are wonderful……..they really touched my heart and I don’t even know these people. The beautiful way you capture people is so special and your talents as a photographer are greatly admired. I long for the motivation that drives you! Peace and hugs!
Amy from Gainesville :o )

i love your muted colours and daring use of a wide angle lens; very inventive.
Just discovered you on Flickr and find your work very exciting. Your use of the landscape and sensitive use of colour resonates for me. The quality of light in Iceland is similar to here (Ireland)….


Hi Rebecca,
Wow, what a nightmare road trip that turned out to be. With the stress of thinking what was ahead you must have been completely bonkers at that point. Hopefully by the time you discovered the rip in your hose you were simply cracking up at the absurdity of it all and were able to laugh it off and move on.

No wonder you now think wedding photography is not for you! I am pretty much of the same opinion. I think I will limit myself to hippie and nudist weddings, they shouldn’t be too hard!

But in the end you got the shots and satisfied your client so all is well.

Thanks for sharing,

I really like your blog and flickr photos, a friend pointed them out because I posted on my blog about Iceland Eyes, another blog with nice photos.
I hope that I can visit Iceland again soon, your photos make me very nostalgic for the time I was there for 10 days. With kids it’s very hard to travel a lot though. You seem to achieve an amazing amount between photos, videos, animation etc. and with two kids. There must be some extra energy skyrr. Bless,

just a passerby wrote on August 9th, 2008

hmmm… errrmm… i hav only one question which is keeping me confused, u are unmarried as of now? then, whose kids are they as u mentioned earlier!? haha.. of course, i don’t even think i will answer a question of such, from a stranger, even if i am u… ;-P Love ur work though, it gives that warm feelings… will certainly come back from time to time.. ;)

what exactly does not being married have to do with the fact that i’m a mom of two kids.. i wasn’t aware that children were made by getting married..

who their dad is doesn’t matter, he’s not any part of our lives any more, and i couldn’t be happier about that. Need i say more?

just a passerby wrote on August 31st, 2008

agree!! one does not need to get married to have children, hands down! haa… u are one tough person i am starting to admire! ;)

Hey! I found you on Blogs of Photogs… wanted to tell you THANK YOU for being such a huge inspiration!! I’m self-taught as well, and just started my business last year. It’s so refreshing to see someone without a photography degree doing such amazing work that is looked highly upon. :) Thank you! Keep it up!!

I remember I left you some response,but where are they now?

Dear Rebekkka,
Can I use one of Your Self-portraits in my new template?

They look very happy and looks like they will be lifers. Are you married too?

Personally I’d only contemplate making children when I’m 100% sure that I desire to spend the rest of my life with the person that I’m intending on making children with and that this is reciprocated, at which point I’d propose, subsequently we’d get married and then begin to make our children should fete/nature permit. For me under no circumstances would these events’ order change.
After 9 years we’re now engaged and looking forward to both our wedding and subsequently making our long awaited children. I can completely relate to the views of those who believe that children should be made post marriage. Not that I’m casting judgment nor criticism.

I like some of these shots, I’d apply light differently but I like how you’ve applied your distinctive style.

Thanks for sharing.

I don’t know much about photography but sometimes I feel I’ve an immense passion for it. Visiting your blog has added some fuel to the burning fire. I liked all the photographs. You are amazing photographer with amazing photogenic face..

Keep on shooting and sharing..

@justin evans: I’m sure that’s all very wonderful, and i’m quite happy for people who manage to get things to work so smoothly.
however, in some peoples lives, things don’t always go according to plan, and people aren’t always who you think they are when you get to know them.
(also, in iceland, there’s no taboo about children before marriage.. ) But, for what its worth, i was in fact engaged for 5 years. (around the time my kids were born)
But really, I just don’t think it matters, as long as you devote yourself to the kids once they’ve arrived, whenever they choose to arrive. Which i’ve done, and nothing in this world has given me greater joy.

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