you really can never be too careful…

July 20th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

ok, this is all very pointless and random.  But when eating breakfast the other day (something i rarely do),  breakfast being a bowl of cereal called Mornflakes Maple Pecan Crisp , i found myself reading the side of the box (as one does, if one happens to not have any other reading material handy) and came across what struck me as a two rather unnecessary “warnings”…


Apparently,  great caution should be shown when attempting to eat this treacherous cereal, as it can be harmful both if eaten cold or hot.

Anyone smart enough to be able to read the warning, should be smart enough to deduce, from the clattering sound produced when pouring said product into a bowl, that the product is, indeed, of the crunchy sort.

all this nonsense aside, it’s actually quite tasty.  Certainly more interesting than Cheerios..

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serge deb. wrote on July 20th, 2008

I’d stick to cornflakes, much healthier and less damaging to your teeth. But then again what is healthy these days!

Stupidity seems to work in a courtroom for large awards: “I didn’t know the cereal was crunchy, so all my rotten teeth came out. They did not warn me on the box.”

It all comes from a successful lawsuit against McDonald’s several years ago when a woman spilled coffee in her lap. Now all fast food coffee cups state, “Caution: Contents are Hot.”

I am amazed that the warnings don’t include the fact that the flakes may make frightening, crunchy sounds if dropped on the floor. Just think, you might be frightened enough to drop the milk container and spoil the rug in the basement. (Sigh! Warnings are sillier everyday! . . .and our basement has a dirt floor anyway . . .)

i also love that it says “Dental Practitioner”..
with capitals..

has the word “dentist” suddenly become politically incorrect?

Hilarious! I love the disclaimers and idiot-proof instructions that so many different products seem to come with anymore. It seems as though we can’t even clothe ourselves anymore without the proper instructions.

That being said, maple pecan crisp flakes actually DO sound quite tasty!

lexiskull wrote on July 22nd, 2008

Caution! Life ends with death, always !

If you read this, you know that someone has sued somebody for loosing a loved one. I wonder who in this case the defandant is.

That is pretty funny especially the teeth part….the product must be sold in America; people here have sued McDonalds when they have spilled their hot coffee on themselves. Hence warnings appearing on every cup and box on the market of anything edible since. Now, although America I agree is sue happy and the lawsuit sounds rediculous, one should read the item below before forming any harsh opinions. Because I, too, have in fact burned myself on their coffee, and now I know why after finding this.

Found you here from a flickr recipe link. Got any more recipes for us?

thats great.
is humanity really falling that hard?

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