if you’re in Iceland…

July 14th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

.. In the Snæfellsnes area, to be exact,  you should stop by a place called Hellnar..  I was there last week with my kids, and found the scenery quite breathtaking..  Even tho i didn’t manage to get any particularly good photos taken.   Hellnar is close to a place called Arnarstapi, there’s actually a 2.5 km seaside path connecting the two places,  which i didn’t walk because it was really windy and my kids didn’t feel like it,  but it’s probably a nice hike to make in good weather.  At the end of this path (if you walk from Arnarstapi) you come out thru a cave-like area, and see a cozy cafe overlooking the sea, where you can warm up with a cup of cocoa and cakes.. (a bit overpriced, definitely,  but still worth a stop if you’re there).






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Ian Murphy aka Ian BC North wrote on July 14th, 2008

I do like the shot of your sons at the cave mouth with the interesting rock formations.
You may yet tempt me to visit your supposedly overpriced island if only to find out what it is that makes Iceland such a prolific producer of artistic talent.

SophieMuc wrote on July 14th, 2008

the rock formations look really cool indeed.
and so do the sweaters of your boys which I guess you knitted? :-)

actually, no.. ironically, i didn’t make those, my mom did ;)

i’m working on sweaters # 17 and 18 at the moment (since making #1 exactly 2 years ago) and i still haven’t made any for my boys.. shameful, really..

You know, before I stumbled across your blog and flickr site, I never really gave Iceland much thought. Now it’s on the top of my list of places I must visit before I die. Great photos; very inspiring.

You didn’t knit the jumpers for yr boys so far!?
I cannot believe it!
Knit them at list some mittens for christ sake!

The place you write about sounds really nice. I gotta move my lazy ass to Iceland one day…

No particularly god photos take?! That second one is insane!

oh.. yeah i actually like the second one.. the giant sleeping troll head ;)

I actually have written down most of the places you recommended before. I ll have to use the coolest airline company sometime soon and check it all out formyself.

#19 and #20 are for your boys, true they ll grow out of it, but i guess with that quality there ll be lots of other kids who will enjoy them after.

(i really like the combination of the camo-cargopants with the sweater — makes them look tough and sweet at the same time :D )

I must have missed that place, looks like I’ll have to go back to Iceland. What a pity!
For anyone who’s thinking about going to Iceland, just do it. It may be expensive but is well worth the money. I travelled (5000 km) and slept in the car for 3 weeks except for 4 nights in the Cabin Hotel in Reykjavik which was very expensive, hense the reason for sleeping in the car.
Iceland was the last place I thought about going to until I saw your photos Rebekka and heard the music of Sigur Ros. It truly is a magical place for artistic kind of people.

As much as I love cows (and I do, I think think they are wonderful), that second picture (troll’s head) is just incredible and would surely be highly popular on Flickr! The rock formations are “out of this world” and having the tiny dots of your kids in the shot provides an awesome demonstration of the size of the thing.
With shots like these and your long exposures of waterfalls, I’m surprised you haven’t got poster manufacturers banging on your door begging for distribution rights, as you could sell as many of these as Ansel Adams. Hellnar is the new Yosemite! :)

Wow – the photos of the rocky places are otherworldly!

Stunning shots, esp. the troll head.
And shame on you cause of the sweaters! :p

Love the shots, I have got to get one of those sweaters hit me up!

The landscape of Iceland never ceases to amaze with its variety and grandeur. It’s long been on my list of places I’d like to visit (and it’s really not that far away from the UK) it’s just the cost that makes it a wee bit prohibitive. I had never seen the Hellnar region before – wonderful rock formations.
For now, I’ll have to make do with your stunning images of the landscape and the equally fascinating (but different) views from Brian Griffin (http://www.briangriffin.co.uk/stills.php?pg_id=3).

Hey Bekka,
Just wanted to know when your blog is going to be pimped up?

Morag Reid wrote on July 27th, 2008

Fascinating rock formations. One of these days I’ll get to Iceland proper (all I have seen is the inside of the airport).

the second photo, the big moving like stone textures! amazing!

great set of pictures

I love Hellnar and Arnastapi! I still say that the fish soup at the little cafe in Hellnar is the best I have had anywhere in the world. The scenery there is amazing and you have certainly captured it beautifully. Being that I have climbed where your boys are climbing, with my son in a backpack at the time actually, I can appreciate the beauty and harshness of the area. As always – great work!

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