Hypocrisy, anyone?

July 7th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Short interview clip with John McCain … I believe this is pretty much the definition of putting your foot in your mouth:


but wait.. there’s more!


Uh.. does this man ever mean anything he says? THIS guy may become president?? A 71 year old geezer that apparently called his own wife a cunt and a trollop in the media?? (still trying to dig up solid proof on that, but there’re rumors all over the place.. so i’ll stick to”apparently”)

This pretty much goes without saying, but I’m rooting for Barack Obama. For once, lets hope enough smart, clear-headed americans bother to vote this year. Seeing as the fate of the rest of the world is sortof in the hands of these guys. *shudder*

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I think other nations on this planet should also be licensed to vote on their election. Their foreign policy effects everybody through economy and wars.

I have faith in the American people – that they recognize the two candidates in front of them.

I have faith that the American people will chose a leader.

I have faith in Barack Obama.

I hope that those who do go out to vote come November have a head on their shoulders to vote out a continuation of the same policy we’ve been dealing with for 8+ years.

A sign of that is that those voting in the democratic party primary saw an issue with allowing another Clinton in office. Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton? I don’t think anything of the sort would have been beneficial to the US or other countries.

The beauty of Obama is he can stir people to want to be involved in government … instead of disenfranchise them to believe there is no point to be involved.

Hopefully he will be the next president, and not more of the same with McCain. Hopefully an Obama-nation will be a good thing.

Duane Ellison wrote on July 7th, 2008

Well, I hope enough clear minding smart thinking americans DON’T vote for Obama…

Why is it that if someone doesn’t think your same way they must be stupid, ignorant, etc. It’s you’re blog and I enjoy reading it but remember over half the country (USA) voted Bush in and it looks like it is going to be a tight race again this year.

Besides on the news last night they were showing similar clips of Obama putting his foot in his mouth. Both of these guys are human and are going to make mistakes – it boils down to the character of the person you like more. A liberal is going to generally like the character of a Democrat whereas a conservative is generally going to like the character of a Republican. This is also the first time some of my liberal Democrat family and friends are NOT going to vote for Obama (or Clinton) for that matter because they just don’t like what the Democratic party is offering.

Bottom line, making generalizations on what type of person someone is because they don’t support your particular candidate of choice isn’t very open minded.

neither of these guys are MY candidates… i just happen to be an inhabitant of this earth, (iceland) and have been watching in horror and disbelief at what a mess the current president has been making of things, and im sorry, i didn’t exactly mean to say that everyone who voted for bush is stupid or ignorant (altho i honestly don’t understand how they could have voted him in a second time around, because the man has time and time again proven himself unworthy of the trust he was given, and strikes me as a bit of a fool as well )
i’m just a bit pissed off at how much power the US government has over the rest of us small fries out there, and in light of that fact, i feel perfectly ok about voicing strong oppinions on the matter, and don’t feel any particular need to sugarcoat things.

To be fair, I’ve also been watching in sadness and disbelief at how the icelandic government has been making a mess of things, (mostly regarding environmental issues) but luckily for americans, that mostly just affects us icelanders.

but really, i fully expect people to disagree with me on this, as everyone is entitled to their oppinion.

Hannah wrote on July 7th, 2008

I’m voting for Obama in November, and if he wins, it will be the first time in the last 8 years I’ll be able to say that I am proud to be an American!

Just the simple fact that every single american president , every last single one, has been a white, middle-aged male, says a lot. Who ever said white middle aged males were THE most competent people around, to run things for all those other people out there who happen to be something other than a white, middle-aged males?

I mean come ON. It’s ridiculous when you stop and think about it.

if only for that reason alone, i’m hoping Obama wins, but besides that, he really does strike me as the better candidate.

Hannah wrote on July 7th, 2008

I completely agree, Rebekka. It’s great that he’s an African American, but that aside, I really believe in this guy.

I have a YouTube clip of Obama on religion. It’s probably the most reasonable stance on religion I’ve heard from an American politician in a looong time.


Carl wrote on July 7th, 2008

Well, Becca, you have the right to feel like you do. I feel the same way towards Obama. I feel this is a person with no sincerity. A person that habitually has shown bad judgement and has shown me not one reason why he should become president. I’m in the military and hold a pretty sensitive position there and I can tell you that Obama, if he were a soldier, would not be granted a security clearance because of the people he’s associated with and I cannot understand how he’s even being considered for our top military position. We’re talking about a guy who WILL raise your taxes and get rid of the Bush tax cuts. A guy who has thrown his friends, pastor, and even his grandmother under the bus. We’re talking about a guy who’s wife is proud of her country for the first time in her adult lifetime. How would any of you feel if your spouse told you..

“You know honey, for the first time since we’ve been married, I really love you.”

I bet many of you would be pissed off.

At least with McCain I know he’s stands true to what he holds dear. He didn’t give up his country or his friends while under duress. Like him, I think we should drill for oil right here and also pursue other ways to become energy independent. I don’t agree with everything he says but, in my opinion he’s the best man for the job of the two. My vote is not a vote for McCain as much as it’s a vote against Obama.

So nice of you to say the the majority of americans are not smart and clear-headed. I being one of these dumb, naive people. So, any who doesn’t agree with you is wrong, is that right?

Carl wrote on July 7th, 2008

Oh yeah, 57 states???


Obama doesn’t even know how many states are in the union.

@carl: i’d like you to copy/paste precisely where i wrote “”the majority of americans are not smart and clear-headed”.

As Hannah says above “if obama wins, that’ll be the first time in 8 years i’ll be proud to be an american.
Clearly Michelle Obama isn’t the only american to feel that way. Millions of Americans probably feel that way. I personally have several American friends who feel that way.

Comparing her statement to someone saying to their spouse that they love them for the first time in their marriage isn’t exactly logical, because Americans aren’t married to America, most of them just happen to have been born there, and a huge number of them are VERY unhappy with the state of their country, and feel little or no pride in their government or president.
And these people have the right to express that oppinion, without others throwing it back in their face after taking it out of context and skewing its meaning.

serge deblaere wrote on July 7th, 2008

This McCain guy reminds me too much of Bush, and I definately don’t want another hypocrite having such a major function. I don’t understand how such people get to be elected for running for president. It’s obvious this guy doesn’t mean half the things he says and he looks like a total goofball. I say it’s about time we give more women the chance to be president, prime minister, or whatever function it takes to run a country. Still, I’m pretty sure Obama will win. I have every bit of confidence in the Americans this time around, considering all the shit they’ve been through scince Bush was elected.

Carl wrote on July 7th, 2008

“…For once, lets hope or once, lets hope enough smart, clear-headed americans bother to vote this year.”

This implies that had enough smart, clear-headed americans bother to vote last election someone else would have been in office. Which implies that the people who voted for George W. are not smart.

It’s good to have friends who feel like you do. That’s one of the reasons for friends. As humans, we seek out people who share our similar feelings. While I agree with you that there are a lot of Americans who feel like you do, I do not agree with how you came up with your conclusion but thats another story.

“…these people have the right to express that oppinion, without others throwing it back in their face…”

It is a free country and you can certainly express your freedom of speech (which you have to eloquently done here). The freedom of speech mean on one is going to throw you in jail for the statements you make (and by “you” I mean anyone). The problem is that some people take this freedom to mean that no one is going to hold you accountable for what you say. They will as those people are also expressing their freedom. If you called your boss an a–hole, you have a right to do it. You are also held accountable and your boss also has the right to fire you.

I didn’t comparing Michelle’s statement to someone saying to their spouse that they love them for the first time in their marriage. I said that they REALLY loved them, just like Michelle did. I see no difference. I’m ALWAYS proud to be an American, to be part of the most hated, loved, feared, and admired country in the world. Sure, we have our faults and we are not perfect. As countries are made up of people and people are not perfect so a country cannot be perfect. I can say that I have been to a lot of countries and it is my opinion that this is the best thing going on this whole planet. I also have found, sadly, a higher majority of proud Americans to be the people that immigrated here legally and not the people that are born here. For those people know turmoil and despair on a level that I only hope you never experience. Americans have a lot to be proud of and I, for one, am proud to be American.

On a related note, I am one of the estimated 6% of African-American’s who is not voting for B.H.O. because a wise man once said to judge people based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

fair enough.

you’ve had your say, i’ve had mine, and i in no way hold your oppinions against you. People are vastly different, come from different backgrounds and experience life differently. I’m an Icelandic single mom of two boys, struggling to get by as an artist, you’re an african-american with connections to the military, it’s not likely that we’d have much in common. I did on the other hand grow up in Florida, so i maybe have a little bit more interest in what’s going on over there than the average young icelander.

I knew that by posting this, i would piss someone off (most likely about half of those reading)

I often say things too quickly, maybe not wording them in the best way.. however, i do mean what i say, even if i say it clumsily. (so you could say i frequently put my foot in my mouth, but i like to think i’m not a hypocrite)
When Bush was re-elected in 2004, i will admit it, i couldn’t help feeling that the people voting for him were not doing so with the most open of minds, or based on the smartest of decisions, and i wondered if maybe a lot of people simply didn’t bother to vote because they felt their oppinion wouldn’t change anything anyway.
What i was referring to above, is that i hope as many people as possible will use their right to vote, and do so with a clear, open mind and give some real thought to how much impact their vote actually has on the rest of the world.
I didn’t exactly mean to imply that “most” americans are not smart and not clear-headed, as that’s not how i feel at all.

Carl wrote on July 7th, 2008

People are different and that’s what makes us all interesting and what makes us all great. While we agree on photography, we’ll just agree to disagree on the political stuff.

Carl's Sr wrote on July 7th, 2008

“At least with McCain I know he’s stands true to what he holds dear.”

Which McCain would that be? The one who called Jerry Falwell an agent of intolerance or the one who sought his (congregation’s) approval? The one who supported the drilling moratorium or the one who opposed it? The one who doesn’t like making his POW story the focal point of his campaign, or the one who talks about it incessantly? The one who championed campaign finance reform or the one who wrote loopholes into the legislation for his own personal situation, and then still couldn’t avoid violating it? The one who says he’s going to balance the budget, or the one who presents not a single number in his budget-balancing plan?

Whether or not he was ever a maverick, he now defines pander.

More at http://www.thecarpetbaggerreport.com/archives/15924.html.

Carl wrote on July 7th, 2008

@Carl’s Sr.

Sir, I’d advise you not to play with the bull, you might get the horns.

Rebekka and I have ended our debate and while I have numerous things I’d love to say in rebuttal, I will no longer entertain this here out of respect to her. Thanks for your comment and good luck in November.

but on your budget comment, here’s a tidbit from today…

“Presumptive GOP nominee lays out blueprint for balancing budget by 2013, including reforming Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, cutting wasteful spending”

I’m not sure why you care, but as bad as McCain is, Obama means absolute disaster for economy, for small businesses, for big businesses and for those of us who make enough money to pay taxes. There is a reason why the biggest Obama basher is Wall Street Journal, funny enough, owned by Murdock, who actually endorsed Obama. And I won’t even go into the whole discussion about Obama’s priest and how can someone sit in Church for many years and listen to his priest preach anti-American sermons.

Obama dosent have a priest. He (had) a minister. I dont see why the views of the leader of his church makes this much controversy. No matter what any religious leader says there will always be someone getting offended too. Suppose you believe he is a ‘secret muslim’ too.

anyway, Obama is the best thing to happen to this country in a long time. I am very confident that he will win AND make the changes that will actually benefit our economy.

Lilly wrote on July 9th, 2008

I have to say that I don’t care for either of them. I look at McCain as Bush’s carbon copy. But Obama doesn’t send me running to the booth either. I lost my husband in the war, but I still think that we are doing good over there. I keep in contact with my husbands captain and will keep me updated on all the things that they do over there. Build schools, houses, and spending time with the children. I don’t know what the best thing to do with the war is. But I know that I won’t vote for someone that doesn’t put his hand over his heart when the flag is carried by or someone that doesn’t say the pledge. That is throwing everything that my husband gave up for his country back into our family face

I was going to leave a comment about why I think Obama is not experienced enough to serve in such an important position but what’s the point – everybody is so caught up in the Obama “brand” that speaking against him to his cult-like following has become a waste of words.

Lilly – I am sorry that you lost your husband. People overlook all of the good that has been done, there is great honor in your husband’s service to the country. Thank you and your family.

Lilly wrote on July 9th, 2008

Thanks Kat. It means a lot.

I agree with you completely. Just because Obama is not your typical white male doesn’t mean he’ll be different than anyone of them. He could be as corrupt as the next guy.

Whoever is elected President is not going to have the power to make changes by himself — this was done on purpose by the Constitution to avoid having a king. While the president can be a powerful inspiration, it is through the ordinary citizen by means of state and federal Congresses that any change will come about.

Unfortunately, it will probably take a gas price of over $15.00/gallon to get most people “off the couch” and into action.

David wrote on July 10th, 2008

Hear here! I’ll be out there voting, and you can bet all your cameras and rights to all your photos and drawings… and shoot, all your awesome knitting too, that I won’t be voting for McCain. And you’ll be safe in that bet. :-)

joejoejoe wrote on July 13th, 2008

You should come back to America and run. Guðleifsdóttir ’08! Were you born in Florida or did you just live there as a kid? If you aren’t born in America (or a military brat like McCain) then you can only be Governor like Ah-nold.

Brady wrote on July 14th, 2008

Am with you and hopefully millions of Americans on this one. The UK is very strongly affected by what happens in the US and equally, our own new Prime Minister is making a big mess of things at the moment too (so disappointing, as the alternative is so much worse). So I am really really rooting for Obama.

It does affect us all over this site of the Atlantic, and over the whole world, and we really should have our say and voice our opinions, even if it is not officially. Many people in the Uk are following this election closely, its is all over our press all of the time, precisely because it does affect us so much. Please be informed any disgruntled Americans, that we have ample opportunity to develop well informed opinions on the matter, and I am sure it is the same for much of Europe.

Rebekka, I like the fact that you voice your opinion fearlessly, fully expecting conflict. I don’t believe that avoiding such things benefits anyone at all. :)

McCain has proven character. I work hard to earn a good living. I want to someday pass down all my toys to my family. Obama says he is for a 49% estate tax. Why should I work hard to give half of everything I have to the government? On every issue Obama is wrong. I have taken the time to investigate both candidates in detail so I can make an informed decision. I wish everyone else did the same.

I’ve always been planning to vote for Obama. McCain just seems like another Bush. However that second video actually makes me feel really bad for the guy, that’s just embarrassing. lol

Sigurd "Strange" Juliansson wrote on July 26th, 2008

[I deleted all I wrote, in favor of this:] We’re hanging on with all our might, working hard towards fixing what is broken and restoring what has been lost, and progressing towards a workable future everyone can feel secure in. (Not just Americans.) All that, and fighting – for better or worse – World War IV while actively engaged in a civil war at home. Yet hardly a day passes that I don’t remind myself how privileged I am, and what a colossal responsibility it is, being an American. Despite all else, I’d be no more then that. McCain or Obama? I’m voting for the Constitution. You tell me who is in step with it? (BTW: That’s a rhetorical question.)

I feel sorry for America as they are not exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to Presidential elections in the near future. McCain is clearly a liar and will say what every he feels he needs to at the time. Times and trends change and naturally so do McCains views on things. He clearly cannot be trusted at all. On face value I think Obama has far more integrity but there is just somehting I don’t quite like about him. Then again I could count the number of politicians I respect and trust on one hand.

Politics is all about marketing and presentation these days. There is never any substance and nothing transparently measurable. It’s about getting elected, keeping your job and working very hard to deceive and to create an illusion of competency. Here in Britain after a decade of spin and illusion we can no longer work out where we are in relation to past Governments as the figures, data have been so heavily manipulated you the powers that be can say almost whatever they like.

Politics and the running of Government should be S M A R T these days. Policies should be Specific Measurable Achieveable Realistic and Timely and most importantly independently measurable. If you fail you don’t get a second chance. In Britain failure means you get a crack at something else. Screw up health they give you Education to arse up.

It is very demoralising when the choice is often the lesser of two evils.

As a Canadian watching this “process” to president…I am alarmed that history will repeat itself.

In the 60s, Canada had a dynamic leader emerge from nowhere to win the federal Liberal party seat and crown that with becoming Prime Minister. Pierre Elliot Trudeau even spawned “Trudeaumania” among the young devotee electorate who turned out in droves to ensure his win.

Years later, after all the romance was gone…Canada had a huge national debt vs. zip before his entry into office, a devalued Canadian dollar, excessive federal government infrastructure, animosity from the Americans who rightly perceived his anti-Americanism and anti-Americanism policies, a new and lousy Constitution that will guarantee “haggling” about every little “tittle” for years to come ETC.

And how did the “dream of change” end?

With the arrogant “changemaster” “glamboy” Pierre giving the country the “finger” as he was traveling aboard a CN train that was accosted by out-of-work fisherman.

You want change?

No you don’t.

The Washington Post stated that Obama’s blueprint for a “New America” is Canada.

As a Canadian, I can tell you that don’t want America remade into Canada.

While George Bush has his faults, he took action when no one else did!

He ended Saddam’s reign and 1.3 million murder machine that was only gathering steam and victims.

Bush’s mistake was to attempt to unify Iraq when clearly most unrest would be immediately solved by establishing three independent states. A Sunni, Shi’ite and Kurdish one. Then once these “new peoples” had matured somewhat, it could have been THEIR idea and motivation to unite “the cousins” and not just that of a good-natured US prez.

Personally, I like Obama’s professionalism but hate his liberalism.

He’s the wrong guy to lead.

Russia is not entirely stable, Islamism is on the rebound and the effeminate EU is setting itself up as a viable business competitor which, of course, brings with it a different, mostly neutered, peace-at-any-price, philosophical outlook that is completely wrong at this point in history.

Dead wrong.

McCain is feared, and an indecisive and uncertain Obama will forever be trying to prove himself, to a world audience that can’t figure out where his boundaries are! With McCain you know immediately know where the line is.

Obama is a waffler who will be like Clinton who had warned the Serbs…26 times! before he took military action! the Serbs were laughing and slaughtering the whole time!

Let wafflers lead Canada…where the outcome doesn’t matter, and not where it does…in Washington, at the head of the West’s greatest superpower.

Hi Rebekka,
I like so much your sensibility,composition skill and the use of light.
Lucky your cousine(to have got a professional photographer as you 4 her wedding)….
I know you are very busy with all those contacts,so I just send you a big
“I appreciate”.
(enjoy wonderful Iceland..)

Oh, and people talk about prejudice against Obama because he’s black…well, I have seen a lot more DISCRIMINATORY PREJUDICE from the young crowd against John McCain because he happens to be 71. That sin of AGEISM.

The “20…30 somethings” are portraying McCain as being a dithering old fart which is just a malicious lie.

The usual sin to describe 70s types is “friendly, but incompetent”. With McCain, leftist Gen-Xers replace friendly with “war-hawk” so there ain’t even a positive!

If such open hatred was being leveled against Obama, there would be a public outcry. But that’s how insular and blind the young crowd are to their own “sins”.

Elder abuse of war hero John McCain is rampant, accepted and encouraged amongst that young crowd whose attitudes were adequately researched in the 2005 bestseller, “Freakonomics”.

The author, Stephen Levitt, could only conclude ” the young simply did not want to be around older people.”

They hate older people.

And they certainly don’t want John McCain, the better, more experienced OLDER candidate to be the next prez.

They want kewl~

And Fruit Loops through their nostrils.

Real sacrifice…McCain being a tortured prisoner-of-war for 5 and a half years…matter little to leftist Gen-X liberals who only want to support an unproven “dreamer” promising some kinda change, but giving no details of what “change” actually entails~

Only a dummy…would give a dreamer, a blank cheque, with a nation attached.

Agust Gudmundsson wrote on August 18th, 2008

The only thing worse than a man we know to against some of our positions is one we know will lie and pretend he is.

Since living here I have been involved in U.S. politics and I have worked in Chicago Politics for many years. The most dishonest person known in the inside of politics is Bary Soetoro, alias Barak Obama. He is the most dangerous person on the planet right now, and the public relations team behind him, controlled by Wall Street and the energy companies, are attempting to install a puppet, just as they have in other countries in the world.

Do not believe any American TV hype on this kid. He has no idea about what is going on around him.

Be aware. Read and research more than just what the people who sell you jeans want you to hear. The republicans are the most unpopular here than they have ever been, yet Obama can’t pull ahead of McCain. Why? Because Obama’s lack of substance is starting to emerge. He is owned by non-American oligards that do not have Iceland’s or anyone else’s interest in mind. Only their own.

The only thing worse than a man we know to against some of our positions is one we know will lie and pretend he is.

Since living here I have been involved in U.S. politics and I have worked in Chicago Politics for many years. The most dishonest person known in the inside of politics is Bary Soetoro, alias Barak Obama. He is the most dangerous person on the planet right now, and the public relations team behind him, controlled by Wall Street and the energy companies, are attempting to install a puppet, just as they have in other countries in the world.

Do not believe any American TV hype on this kid. He has no idea about what is going on around him.

Be aware. Read and research more than just what the people who sell you jeans want you to hear. The republicans are the most unpopular here than they have ever been, yet Obama can’t pull ahead of McCain. Why? Be cause Obama’s lack of substance is starting to emerge. He is owned by non-American oligards that do not have Iceland’s or anyone else’s interest in mind. Only their own.

Soros, who financed the Georgian president’s election and then went on to make millions buying and selling Caspian oil to Russia, is the chief financer of Obama. Soros, having cut deals with the Russians later, has now the ear of Obama, who just recently blamed Georgia for the invasion.

Be careful. Be very careful of what you believe out of this country. Especiall since Wall Street (Obama backers) are buying up most of your news outlets.

Look for the truth before you jump into graves you thought you were diggin for aonther.

I am an independent. I supported Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Democratic Primary. I understand a little bit about U.S. politics. The Obama team is using the world outrage against Bush to cause people, world-wide, to jump on the bandwagon and joing the U.S. Democrat party. Bush’s intention may have been, in your thoughts, to bomb you but, the people who financed Obama’s campaing to the tune of close to a Billion Dollars, want to own you.

This world needs a Clinton in the White House again. And if you, my friends, don’t understand that, then I hope you will be ready to pay us taxes.

I like you pictures, they are great, you are also a good mom.
But this video is fraud, take pictures and care for children, leave politics to the men like Bush, Macain and now that great woman Palin, they are leader of the USA and world.
God bless you and your children, I became a great fan of your art. This pictures are amaze me!

I agree with you, Rebekka, and its a sad state over here. I was rallying for Ron Paul but the media was able to suffocate his rising popularity. I think I am going to vote on the Libertarian Ticket this year. Ralph Nader. Its time the American Voters think out of the box, we are not stuck with only two choices, darn it. Thats what democracy is all about. Nader is on 45 ballots and I think its time we all make a statement by not being sheep and voting for who the major parties put up in front of us. Its just not good enough this year and settling is what we all did last time and look where it got us.

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