I wonder what Debbie Gibson is up to these days..

June 29th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Or Tiffany for that matter… Obviously, i could just google it, but i just thought that would make a neat title for a blog entry..

Does anyone even know who Debbie Gibson and Tiffany are? Maybe if you were a girl between the ages of 8-12 and living in the States around 1988-89, you’ll remember them.. They were singers. Tiffany had this big hit , which was a remake of the old Beatles song “i saw her standing there”. Her version was predictably called “I saw him standing there”. It was awful, and my friends and I probably sang it into hairbrush microphones when we had sleepovers (the song “circle in the sand” with Belinda Carlisle was equally popular for such occasions). I’m pretty sure she had another big hit as well, which wasn’t a remake of an old beatles song.. hell was it called again (i’m refraining from consulting wikipedia here, and seeing how good my memory is…. maybe it’ll come later….)

Around this same time (when i was 9 or 10) i had a short blond haircut similar to Debbie Gibsons, so, obviously, according to my friends, i looked like Debbie Gibson.. She wasn’t as bad as Tiffany (who had long wavy red hair, so nobody compared me to her) and also around this time i “fell in love” for the first time. He was a kid in my science class, and i thought he was unbearably cute..

I even wrote a song, influenced by the heartache caused when this boy started showing my best friend more interest than me. He sat next to me usuallly, but then one day i came to class and saw he’d been moved and was seated next to her. I looked over to see them talking and laughing. Oh, the anguish. The lyrics to this song (which had this really sickening melody that i played with one finger on my synthesizer/keyboard thing i got for christmas the year before) are still stuck in my head… which is funny.. cause this was like.. 20 years ago.. started something like this:

“Ever since i met you it was happiness, all the time, no worries, no exhasperations at all….

now everybodies, hanging round you, and i’m not so sure you know i even exist….”

i’m just going to stop right there, cause it only gets worse .. Also, it makes no sense. But hey, i was ten, so it’s sortof cute i guess..
I suppose Debbie Gibson and Tiffany were the Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera of the late eighties.. only there was no sex whatsover in their music, and it was all really innocent and corny. Which actually is a pretty good description of the eighties, in retrospect. Innocent and corny. (by that i’m excluding politics, which are never innocent, no matter how silly the music and fashion world is at the time)

still can’t remember what that other tiffany song was called.. youtube to the rescue.. (imagine you’re waiting 3 minutes or so while i go find it)

Ah. Here it is. Enjoy. ;)


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“I think we’re alone now.”

I miss the eighties.

ah the eighties! I had to find my daughter a great sax track to take to school as part of her project on a woodwind instrument (thank heavens she chose the saxophone)…

The ones we remembered were almost all from the 80′s. Roxy Music’s “Avalon”, Spandau Ballet’s “Gold” “The Heat is on”… and Gerry Raffery’s “Baker St” which is guess is a bit earlier than Tiffany and her friends…

I love your description “innocent and corny”…

Brady wrote on June 30th, 2008

Don’t forget The Bangles :) Manic Monday was our favourite playground dance routine song. he he.

I used to love “Lost in your eyes”, but if it wasn’t for this blog Debbie Gibson would be dead for all I knew :D :D

ah.. the Bangles.. never really stopped to think before what a rather lame name that is for a band.. like they’re a collection of sparkly bracelets.. “walk like an egyptian” was my favorite..

And yeah, Debbie Gibson deserves at least this much recognition eh? (“only in my dreams” has been on repeat in my head since i dug it up on youtube yesterday..)

i miss the eighties too. big time ..

I remember that song. They also played it in Germany. Oh my god, the people in the video should get a bad-taste-award for their clothes, haircuts and dancing. Or better all the 80s people! So, me too …. :-D

Oh, the ’80s. Excellent time indeed.

I must admit, I do own some Debbie Gibson vinyl. Oh the shame. Actually, at least she did write her own songs.

Last I heard of them, they had both done playboy (go dig up the images and send them to your new stalker in the other post, I’m sure he will appreciate that) and were on some awlful kickstart their career again tv show a few years back.

Oh and I saw Belinda Carlisle last week in Cardiff and she sang “Circle in the sand”. Which was nice. My dad didn’t like her though.

“Could’ve been so beautiful…could’ve been so right…”

I was one of the jean jacket and floral vest wearing, tuck your jeans in your scrunchy socks, and wear dangling over sized plastic bracelets girls. Memories. :P

I saw on VH1′s “Where are they now?” Tiffany I think is a mother and Debbie now “Deborah” Gibson is trying to make her way on Broadway. I believe she did Beauty and the Beast.

Oh the fun times. The fun times.

i had a jean jacket too.. which i wore with the sleeves rolled up several times, all the way to the elbows, accompanied by long t-shirts and leggings , and white canvas shoes which EVERYbody wore, with no laces…

and sometimes, my sister would crimp my hair. with one of those waffle iron type thingamajigs.. god, i was soo cool when i was 9…



Love your pictures and stories/descriptions, by the way.

just a passerby wrote on August 9th, 2008

ooohh… yeah, definitely “could’ve been”!! wow.. it has been that long addy, since u brought this up! hehehe… debbie gibson to me, should be that song “electric youth”, those days, most of my frens were debbie fans.. out of establishing my own “distinguishness”, i was tiffany’s fans. hahaha… that was our youthful days i guessed. gosh.. it has really been that long.. ;-)

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