if i had a dime…

June 15th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

for each view:


ha. Well, it felt wonderful last night to go out for the first time in AGES and do something foolhardy like jump into Kleifarvatn half naked at 2:45 am , in wind and drizzle, just to make this photo.. I’ve missed doing stuff like that, and coming home, having cocoa and being able to check off yet another seemingly too-uncomfortable-to-justify-doing idea off my mental checklist. I was becoming worried that turning 30 the other day would force me to grow up an put an end to this sortof behavior, but no. I’m still ok. Whew. Actually, i’m reallly enjoying being 30. It sounds so.. distinguished.. and i can always pretend to be grown up , on occasions when such a thing may prove beneficial in some way..

There. Now that i’ve blown the dust off this blog of mine, maybe i’ll try to post something here more frequently..


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Turning 30 is not so bad after all, as long as you stand up at 2:45 am (wich seems to be the perfect time for being creative) from time to time, and taking pictures like the one you did last night (nice shot)… ;)


SophieMuc wrote on June 15th, 2008

jep, it really got dusty.
I check it every day for an update :)
congrats on the milestone and on the superbe photo and execution!
I’m only doing boring stuff these days but hopefully something
more interesting will come along soon…

you check it every day??

oh. well then.
i guess that justifies posting a little more frequently.. i actually very often think “oh.. hey, i’m gonna post a blog about this or that”.. and then i just forget, because im knitting too much probably ;)

SophieMuc wrote on June 15th, 2008

oh well, yes.
I have it in my favorite links and it’s among the things I just click on daily.
As you haven’t posted in a long time, the chances got higher every day that you would write something eventually ;-)

Nice to leave a note at a place where it does not get bogged down with 1000 other notes. I really enjoy your photos but stopped commenting long ago as I assume there is no way you have time to read all the comments on Flickr. I hope you enjoy 30 and 40 and 50 and 60 etc. It’s all as much fun as you choose to make it and really one does not have to “grow up.”

ntempini wrote on June 15th, 2008

“…If I only had a dollar, for ev’ry (song)shoot I’ve (sung)shown…”

You would be rich :D

:D Whose is this verse?

(Here in Italy this could be a very hard question, but probably obvious for you!)
I Love your photostream and work, and your country too.. I’ve done a trip there in 2003, the great circle road and also the sprengisandur route… You are lucky to live there!
Your work is the one I appreciate at most on flickr, keep on!!!

congratulations on your 5 million plus views! and a heart-felt happy birthday to you. yup, some of us check in on this blog quite regularly. i have to agree with Ontario Wanderer about the hundreds of comments you receive on your stream and not possibly having time to read them all. so it’s nice to leave a comment here. wishing you the best on your birthday and in everything you do.

for me it was 29th birthday that I’ve felt more shocking, so I thought I’d have to have a nice party all night long… like if it was my last good year to come, the last year my age could be refered to as twenty-something… so maybe I can’t recall everything that happened that night, but still it was remarkable. :) the 30th birthday actually went pretty low-profile, a didn’t really made any difference that I have became a thirty-something.
you seem to enjoy every day and live a joyful life, and I think that’s what only matters. have a happy birthday … and be happy every day!

Don’t think of it as turning 30
Think of it as 21 with 9 years experience

Kristín Hildur wrote on June 16th, 2008

Sammála þeim sem voru að tala um bloggleti…er búin að fara margar fýluferðir inn á síðuna ;)
Skil samt vel að aðrir hluti hafi forgang :)
Til hamingju með 5milljón áhorfin.
Kærar kveðjur

maria wrote on June 16th, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Your sleeping horse image just hit home. That horse is like my old friend, Peter, who is not lost but I can’t reach him. He pretends to be dead each time I find him. So, I pretend I can’t find him. It’s been going on for years.

Congrats for the 5 Mio. and for beeing a still not grown-up 30 years old woman. That’s good. We should never grow up. Enjoy your time! :-)

If u have a talent there are no borders in age, date time, gender! U’re GREAT person! Go on Rebekka!

I’m sorry! Not”date time”! Day time :-) But it also can be!

AndrewN wrote on June 17th, 2008

30 pah! You are still a child. I’m approaching 44 and wondering when the adults will figure out I’m still a kid. It’s all in the mind, keep looking for fun and don’t worry what the stuffy adults say …

Great photos, I haven’t visited your blog or website in awhile. Nice work. As for turning 30, geesh happened to me eons ago.

Your latest photo is just as amazing and inspiring as everything you do – congratulations and thanks. I wish I could make it to Iceland one day to see its wonders with my own eyes!

All the best to you and your dear ones. And don’t worry any more about getting older – time is our friend, if you look at it from the right perspective…

Sigurd wrote on June 18th, 2008


While shooting the sky for a bit of PS cloning, I recalled that there was something about the contrast and saturation in one of your pix I’d always wanted to ape, so here I am dropping-in again on may way to that often remarked on “inspiration” at your flickr site. Seems you’ve been away for a time. Nothing bad, we all hope. (I’m sure.) As for thirty and beyond, all indications have it you’ll be just fine… if you let yourself be. (Trust me, I’m one of the world’s great, tragic losers and, despite my wasted decades, I never stop believing in my ability to get it right — and occasionally do. And do I ever!)

congratulations from germany. Love your photos and your point of view. That´s why I´m also one of your daily visitors. Go on! :-)

Hi there,

what is this with girls/women getting 30? Neither live is not stopping after this day nor are you really grown up only because of a number.
And someone who “ump into Kleifarvatn half naked at 2:45 am” just to shot this photo is far away from growing up – which is really good so! Where would we get to if everyone would be grown up?
No, stay as you are, and make the photos like you do. And yes, post more regularly ;-) It would be nice!

inglesmaquine wrote on June 22nd, 2008

hi well done n well deserved only hard work and talent could get this result,as for physical age it’s only a tag of no real importance,take care n keep on

happy b-day!

30 is the new 20, except with the benefit of experience!

I don’t know if I’m having as much fun at 34 as I was at 24, but I can definitely say that I’m enjoying the fun I am having much more at 34 than I did at 24!

A belated happy birthday and welcome to the Thirtysomething Club!

30 isn’t bad. To me, 30 feels like 20 only *smarter*. I was surprised when I turned 30 (how did I get so old so fast?) but I’m now proud of the fact that I’m past that milestone. Remember, you’re only as old as you feel!

How on earth do you get to 5 million views? :)
Anyway, congrats is certainly in order and keep up the great work!

Tienes fotos muy buenas, 5 millones no es nada!

Besos desde Argentina!

SUECSUECSUEC wrote on June 30th, 2008

5 millones de feliiciiidadesss desde Catalunyaaa !!!

Welcome to the club. You made it! :)

I turn 30 seven days before you. And you can say whatever you want – it’s damn shitty! I hate it! :( (

Concrats to the five millions! :)

Congrats on making it to 30…and to 5 million views. I have a feeling you’re going to be young no matter what age you are…..and shooting crazy photos at 2:45 AM will help keep you that way.

I turn 40 tomorrow….now THAT’S mortifying. Where the hell did the last 10 years go? I think I need to take some photos tomorrow morning at 2:45 AM. :-)

Hi Rebecca,

I hope you are making a living doing your photography- it is stunning… Anyone can take a good photo in Iceland(as it is also stunning), but you are creating some serious masterpieces. I check back every now and then to see what you are doing, and get a glimpse of Iceland… Visited a couple times with my ex-husband, who is Icelandic, and I really miss it. Hope to get back there some day. I have photos in a box I hope to excavate and scan, and do something with the in my paintings. I just turned 40 this year, and I can’t believe it… I don’t feel 40 at all. 30, you are just a baby! Enjoy it! Bless.
-Colleen in California

Jeremy Hakes wrote on December 15th, 2009

Unfortunately, I can’t see this… Any help?

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