Comfort food.

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Some days I just get this urge to spend several hours preparing dinner. Gives you time to think, and there’s something so warm and cozy about sitting down with your kids to eat something that you’ve put some effort into, that also tastes wonderful. My boys even admitted this soup was seriously good, and they usually say ” ewwww” by default (they’re not to be taken seriously of course, everything I cook is delicious)

Felt like sharing the recipe for this, (which I sortof made up as I went along) just for the hell of it. Can be used as a base for all kinds of variations, for those not too dependant on recipes.

Creamy chicken & mushroom soup

4 chicken breasts (or an equal amount of other parts of the chicken, if you prefer) chopped rather small.

1-2 cloves garlic, finely chopped or pressed.

Olive oil

2 chicken stock cubes dissolved in about 750ml water

One large red onion, divided into quarters

5 medium carrots , cleaned (not chopped)

Half a lemon.

A good handfull of fresh thyme stalks.

1 tsp salt

5 large mushrooms, finely sliced.


White wine (optional but oh-so-much better)

100 g cream cheese

100 ml cream

1 tsp sugar

Heat a good splash of olive oil in a large pot, simmer the garlic very breifly and add the chicken

Fry, while stirring, until the pieces have turned mostly white.

Pour the stock over the chicken pieces. Add to the pot the carrots, lemon, onion and thyme. Cover and let simmer for 15 minutes. Remove the lemon, squeezing out most of the juice into the pot, and continue to simmer for half an hour.

Remove the carrots and onion and place in blender with a bit of the liquid from the pot. Blend until smooth. Remove the thyme stalks and discard. Pour the creamed vegetables back into the pot and stir. Salt to taste. You may need to add a little more water (100-300 ml)

In a smaller pot, melt 2-3 tablespoons butter until bubbly, add the mushrooms and cook, stirring, for a minute or so. Add a generous splash of white wine (100 ml or so) or, if you don’t have any, a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Add the cream cheese and stir until melted and smooth.

Add the mushroom/cream cheese mixture to the soup pot and stir. Add the sugar, to taste.

About 5 minutes before serving, pour in the cream. Serve with bread, butter and green salad (and the rest of the white wine, if used)

The bread pictured is my own recipe as well, made while the soup was cooking. I’m too lazy right now to write it down. Maybe i’ll put up a good bread recipe later on.

Note: The chicken will be very well cooked and somewhat dry, esp. if using white meat, if allowed to simmer in the soup the entire time. This is the method i used now, however, the chicken could be stir-fried and added after the vegetables have been removed for purreeing. Then, proceed as described above.


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It looks great. I will try this. Thanks for the recipe.

…I love youuuuuuu!


awww. i know you do ..

Maybe I should seriously consider relocating to Iceland? Even if it was just for the food -and I live in France right now!
Please feed a starving writer ;)

Tempting! Veeery tempting! Gona try it … soon :)

Yum. Now I’m in a cooking mood.

Looks delicious, I’ll give it a try. Also very nicely structured recipe, easy to follow. Thanks for sharing!

SophieMuc wrote on March 16th, 2008

sounds and looks delicious!! :-)
think I’ll try it as well… just not sure what the exact equivalent of cream cheese is here in Germany…

they don’t have cream cheese in germany?! that’s surprising.. maybe iceland is more americanized in some ways..

mascarpone is the italian equivalent, i think.. tho im not 100% sure…

cream cheese is Frischkäse or Rahmkäse in german.
if you use like philadelphia or stuff like that, i would recommend to add some créme fraîche, which makes it lighter and anyway créme fraîche goes with everything.

Sigurd av Easton wrote on March 17th, 2008


You do have a tripod – right? Nevermind.

Is that a non-gluetin bread, or something illegal in Oregon and the Faroe Islands? Seriously, a bread recipe would be nice. I collect them for a W.H.O. sustenance project in the making. (We’ve a flat bread recipe that includes finely milled saw dust. Just like Finnish vodka! Should go over well in the Sudan.)

Your soup recipe reads pretty groovy, but I’ve something less conjestive (call it post-20th C., macrobiotic health gruel) that the boyz (and yucky gurlz) just can’t get enough of. And there’s no saw dust in it! Just pine nuts! (Well…not really.) At least it’s digestible. (That’s the hope, anyway.)

Of course, we luv you… and don’t ever doubt it! Would I lie to you? LOL

Hendri wrote on March 17th, 2008

O my God, you cook your own meal too! that looks delicious, especially in the temperate climate like yours

SophieMuc wrote on March 18th, 2008

@Oberbestimmer: I am aware of the translation, just not sure if I should rather buy something like Philadelphia or something like Schmelzkäse… but thanks for the tip. Creme fraiche will do the trick I think :)

Tried the recipe yesterday – it’s great! Thanks for the recipe! Waiting for more recipes from you…

Hi, just found your blog via your incredible pictures on Flicker! and now I have a new recipie to try!

I knew it was a good day!

nasos p. wrote on April 1st, 2008

…my sister makes mushroom soup…it’s great.. i’m gonna email her the recipe cause i asume this one with the chicken addition will be great too …after all everything you make is delicious !!

Is there *nothing* that you are not good at? Come on, there must be something… poker, football, DIY, singing, flower arranging… there must be something! (looks delicious, will give it a try!)

Vicki wrote on April 9th, 2008

I tried your soup recipe… it was great (definitely comfortfood-ish). The funny thing was I was part way through making it… then had to race out and buy a big enough pot to finish cooking it in haha! Nevermind, it was worth it and I have a nice shiny new large pot as well :)

i have a blog. i never know if people check it or not. i just thought i’d tell you that i check yours all the time. i’m anxiously awaiting an update!!!


hello, my name is Jack, im a student from China
u r my idol!!!
im learning photography
i mean after i saw your pieces on the internet sinces last year, the next week i bought a camera :)

Lexiskull wrote on May 3rd, 2008

Hi Rebekka,

i’ve cooked the soup like you listed in your recipe…it was a great meal, really delicious. Thank you so much !!

Oh, by the way, I love your art of photography too, not only your recipe!!!!!! Please publish more of both.

For “SophieMuc”: I’ve done it with Philadelphia, it’s the same as cream cheese in Northamerica.

I guess a cookbook is on the way ?

I love your menu !!

Jandon wrote on May 25th, 2008

Mushrooms, EWWWW!!! :) Actually it looks delicious…

ring wrote on May 29th, 2008

já takk… þarf svona núúúúnaaaa!!!

eníhú… þetta er klárlega eitthvað sem maður verður að prófa :)

I’m a new reader of your blog. I just wanted to say I love your work and your blog.

It’s about 40 degrees (C) here where I live (Sonoran Desert, USA) and now you’ve got me craving hot soup!

I will try to cook it. Thanks for it!

This seems a very good and tasty recipe. I will try this ASAP.
Thanks for posting it Rebekka

I cooked this one a few months ago, and it was just perfectly fitting the atmosphere – icy cold outside and uncomfortable as can be, and cuddly warm inside, enjoying a wonderful meal. Thanks for the recipe! :)

It seems amazing…….

Looks and sounds good! What kind of Cream Cheese did you use?

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