maybe i should just be flattered..

February 29th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

..rather than let this annoy me. I came across this facebook profile the other day:


(Yes, that’s my face, for those who haven’t seen that photo )

If this girl does in fact exist (not just some fake profile) and she is indeed born in 1985, then yay! apparently i can pass for someone 7 yrs younger than me.   My two mails to her asking her to explain this have gone unanswered, so whatever…

Anyway, my point is, people are wierd.. or is it weird… can never remember how to spell that….

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at the end the world is a small place and sooner or later things like that are comming up to the surface! i live in a small country like you and here in switzerland sooner or later everybody knows each other! ;-)

7 Years older and looking like that is much hotter…

SophieMuc wrote on February 29th, 2008

in a relationship but looking for dating… hm :)

it’s spelled weird btw…

anyway, it’s another proof of your popularity and how small the world or rather the internet is… did you find this yourself or did somebody tell you?

have a nice weekend anyways! ;)

an icelandic contact on Flickr found this and pointed it out to me..

you see rebekka, this is the advantage of living in a small country! :-)

Yeah!! The other day I came across someone on Facebook, on the Monaco network, who not only stolen a pic of me (from my blog) but were using my EXACT NAME! (and i don’t think anyone else has my name, which made it particularly freaky!!)
I reported the picture theft to Facebook and also sent the offender a message… it no longer shows up in searches so I think they either deleted or renamed themselves…

Sigurd The Absurd wrote on February 29th, 2008

Came back for the cheesecake – the recipe, not you! After seeing this…now I’m compelled to recommend this site a “must read” for all the vacant zombies fool enough to seek me out for answers. (“Sir, why do people keep getting at my gear?” “Because it’s there for them to nick! Yeah? Get it?”) I came; I sought; I will bake! Others will emmulate. Others yet are a sadder lot. Has it occurred to you that perhaps someone is merely trying to raise your ire…get your goat, mess with your head, fuck with you etc? There must be scores of [mostly] young women having a field day at your expense, just waiting for you to trip and fall. Call it “human nature”; a concept I don’t actually subscribe to, but it’s point generally gets across. Just imagine this: someone seven years your junior wanting to look like you. A-huh! It’s possible. Yeah, run with that. (I smell smoke, so I’ll run to the kitchen….well, it’s “special dark” chocolate now.)

I feel for you – you never seem to be able to catch a break. The internet being bittersweet for you; flickr, your fans; and then all the jerks running around stealing your photos.

The world is full of sick people. I think there are many stolen pictures out there. You have the advantage that many people know your work and report it to you. Doesn’t make that better anyhow…

well, i don’t view this as “stealing” … i’ve had that happen and its frustrating as hell.. this is more just dumb, and strange, and funny, in a way..

I think the reason why you end up being a victim for something like this (or earlier when your pictures got stolen) is that you are famous enough that hundreds, even thousands of people see you and your work. Within this considerable mass there are just by statistics many weirdos. But you’re not quite as well-known as let’s say Avedon or an hollywood celebrity (not that I think that would be a good thing or that you should – even though I cheer for you if you’re going to end up being all super famous).
So someone uses a pictures of yours or your work and can get away with it because many people don’t immediately recognize it (and consequently think the thief is a fool).

LoL, this is very sad!
You shouldn’t have done that much multiplicity images!! Your clone has begun a new life with new name! But she has cheated on the age…. :D

Greetings from Flickr (but I’ve wordpress, too),

I’d imagine you feel a mixture of aggravation and flattery (though I’ve seen better pics of you). I came across someone in a chatroom using my picture as themself. When I called them on it, they bolted very quickly.

what a shame … same thing happened to me with a date site named, I found out by a link in my flickrstats. It’s so common nowadays =(
(btw, sorry by my bad English)

Brenda B wrote on March 8th, 2008

Hi there,
I was just on Flickr ( I can’t seem to log in tonight) and found the thread about your trouble with stolen images on istock. Please, please contact istock at if you ever have this issue again or if it is still ongoing.
This is the email for our compliance enforcement team. At istock, we take any issues regarding copyright or licensing infringements very seriously and the CE Team will address any issues as quickly as possible.
Your photos are so beautiful and it’s downright inexcusable for someone to claim them as their own.

Learning Icelandic…

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heads up!, originally uploaded by _rebekka.
I want to learn Icelandic &…

Nice blog….

miguel p. wrote on March 22nd, 2008

Haha, the same thing happened to my aunt on myspace. This woman (unless it’s some guy pretending to be a girl) took all of my aunt’s pictures including some with family and friends, and made up names for them! It was quite hilarious actually. Funny people….

Sorry. Not very surprised…imposters exist everywhere but especialy on the web. A real wasted resource for those. I like your photos, very beautiful as you are!

westerly oscuridad wrote on March 31st, 2008

Um, I’m just amazed that you even find this kind of copied thing. I mean, I guess I understand better finding robbed photos, but a robbed identity on Facebook? I haven’t even figured out how to find the people I actually know on Facebook’s lame interface.

I wish someone would steal my identity. I’m bored of mine.

1) You’re a beautiful person
2) You take pretty self-portrait photos of yourself
3) You share them online for the whole internet-world to see
4) I would be *extremely* surprised if this is the first time this has ever happened
5) It will not be the last time this happens!

You’re best off laughing at it (and sending cease and desist emails just to be safe and protect yourself) and continue on in your great work that only you can do.


thats sooo random and funny
totally biffed it out laughing at that one

What an idiot… I think some people are just jealous at all the attention you get. It bothers them that you are an great artist, you are pretty, you look young, you are a mother of tow wonderful kids, and you do what you like. Some people don´t have that and they just can´t stand it. In a way, you´re right, you should be flattered more than annoyed. I toast to you.

The trick for weird:

WE are weird.


The end.

Cheers and thanks.

i’ve had 3 different people steal my photos and use them on facebook and myspace. people are strange. one of them was a predator that i was able to thwart with a little investigating.

in any case, don’t feel bad, its happening to more and more of us. you have a face many women would probably like to steal ;-)

Who cares? Nobody reads that blog

thats sooo weird…

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