10 things i really, really can’t stand.

February 12th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Lists are fun.

1. Itchy stockings. Especially when you’re in class, and you have to sit for over an hour, and the skin on the back of your thighs starts feeling like its trying to crawl off your legs, that kind of itchy.

2. This song. *shudder*. Ironically, i loved At the drive in, One armed scissor being, in my oppinion, one of the best songs of the last 10 years. (If you have no idea how At the drive in connects to that song, google it)

3. Slippery sidewalks, and falling on my ass on one when wearing a skirt. Actually, that hasn’t happened, but its been very, very close these last few days..

4. Snobs.

5. The actor Owen Wilson, for some reason. I can’t really explain this one. I mean, i shouldn’t dislike people i don’t know. So lets just say i can’t stand him as an actor. That’s safe.

6. Driving around with broken cd/mp3 player for over a month, and having to listen to the radio. Especially when they play the song listed at #2, or if there’s some guy talking about sports for 2 hours, and only plays one song while im commuting home from school , and it happens to be that song listed at #2.

7. Listening to a vaccum cleaner when i’m not the one using it.

8. Listening to a vaccum cleaner when i am the one using it.

9. Writing essays about modern art.

10. The people who keep parking in my parking space, despite having their own private driveway that fits 3 cars ,but usually stands empty.

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One of my favorite concerts was At-The-Drive-In and Jimmy Eat World when I went to see them in Arizona in 1999:

Thank you for sharing your list. It made me laugh because it sounds like something I would write.

Do you like Owen’s brother Luke?

7&8…Bah! lol….ben there man…

joejoejoe wrote on February 13th, 2008

I fell on ice walking to school one morning when I was in high school. When I got there it was delayed one hour so I walked home. When it was time I walked back and proceeded to fall on my ass again. When I got there school they had decided to cancel classes for the day. I never went to school when it was icy again.

What’s wrong with the new Mars Volta?

sorry. just don’t like em…

SophieMuc wrote on February 13th, 2008

you forgot something: when people claim your photos to be theirs and get money for it :(

yeah… that sucks too..
but even so, i’ve learned to see the bright side of that, as it somehow always ends up calling more attention to my work..
and theives always end up losing in the long run ;)

Kristín Hildur wrote on February 14th, 2008

And now you could make a list of thinks you like, hope its not more difficult ;)

Oh man, I hate Owen too! It’s his nose, what’s wrong with it!? And his nasal voice and puckered lips that bug me.
I’d love to hear a list of what you do like.


1. I don’t want know how this feels like. :)
3. Better wearing a skirt than carrying a 5D when falling. :o
9. Post it here!!
10. Poor Rebekka! :p

And know post a list with the 10 things you like the most!

Im so glad Im not the only one who dislikes (thats very mildly put..) Owen Wilson…
He simply does not seem to be a real flesh and blood kind of man, more of a wax formulation with funny lips and rubber nose … PS I love your work…

Things I hate… sneaking over to read strobist when I’m meant to be calibrating my screen then seeing a note about your loss and then finding your blog and spending the rest of the afternoon reading it. aaaaargh!! OK I’m joking but I have to say your blog is wonderful and I will blame you for the green cast on my own work!!!

Nice collection of things ..

Nice collection of things …

I have a similar thing with clipping nails. The sound is fine if I’m the one clipping, but if it’s somone else – argh!

Dear Rebekka:

I’m embarrassed that this is my first visit to your blog!

It’s a great blog, and your list of 10 things you hate is amusing. Something you probably don’t have in Iceland is screaming leaf-blowers (it’s not the leaves that scream, but the blower’s whine is awful). They displace the vacuum cleaner for ugly machine-noise for me.

Writing modern-art essays HAS to be one of the rarer hatreds; having to READ them might be a good bit more common!

Hugs, Justine

Number 10 would be my number 1, but I am very territorial!

I liked At The Drive In, but not Mars Volta. (My fave song was “Invalid Litter Dept.”)
Poor Owen. No one seems to like him or his nose. I hope he doesn’t read this blog. He’s already tried to kill himself once. Imagine how guilty you’d feel if he was successful in future!

I also cannot like Owen Wilson. I have no clear idea why since I’ve never met the man but there’s something very…off-putting about him. Oddly, I am merely indifferent to his nose.

Bro . Pinnex Just got home from the trip and wanted to tell you thank you again for the opriutpnuty to be a part of the missions trip. My wife and I had our hearts touched for this difficult and unique mission field. We will defin itley be praying for you luke 18:1Love the Allens

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