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February 9th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

I’ve added the following images to my print store, after recieving a request for them.



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I am still waiting for “sploosh”. :-)

Is it me, but I can’t seem to find an easy link to your main website from this blog. Definitely need to have a link that’s easy to access. Same thing from your print store, no direct link back to your main website.

Your work is amazing and you should make it easier for everyone to get to your site.

funny, i thought most people found their way here, and to the store, FROM my main website.. never though about it the other way around..
one of the links on the righthand side of the blog, which reads “rebekka guðleifsdóttir”, links back to the website..

One of the nicest equestrian images I’ve seen in some time. And believe me, I’ve seen them all – even the ones not actually taken! If I had a horseshoe for every great picture I had described to me, but was never actually saw produced, I’d have enough scrap steel to build an experimantal agricultural centre in… uh, Iceland? (On my mind for years.) In fact, I wish I had taken this picture myself. (Ouch! A horseshoe just landed on my head. How’d that happen?) The picture is somewhat derivative but there is stunning fluidity and curve – like waves crashing against weathered rocks. (I like that! Should one not, the only thing I may suggest as a possible cure to this “derivity”, and in the interest of originality, is to either seek out horses that fly or are stuffed for museum exhibition, and, if at all possible, having linear geometry.) This is the image that can/may generate real revenue… should it be properly placed and marketed. I’m thinking the USA, Canada and Argentina. But, lets not discount Sweden. (They love horses as much as tennis and hydrogenperoxide!) I’m going to have some more bad coffee, now, and try to assuage my jealousy. I hate you! Keep up the good work!

Shit! And I don’t often write a follow-up to my own commentary… Rebekka, I had no idea your work was actually being appropriated (stolen! purloined! ripped-the fuck’-off!) before, only moments ago, reading your other thread’s comments. For one, I don’t so much as use a “friend’s” (I actually have a few) images for my personal desktop image until I clear it with written permission from them. Dunno! I get it, but don’t get it. In all my years of creative endeavor, I was only too happy to learn – to LEARN – from the work of others, that I might grow and come into my own. But call another’s craft, images, words, ideas etc my own? I’d sooner take credit for another satisfying my lover. Either I can or I can’t – or won’t! Perhaps you can place a digital watermark on your posted images. Much as you may feel, and I may agree, it risks detracting from the visual impact hoped for, I think I can work my mind around it. (But that’s just me. Some can’t.) Sorry for being so flippant – oh, and I generally avoid any profanity in a public forum, only that this really had gotten me… oh, nevermind. I’m sure you’re taking it harder then me. Hej då!

Very cool. I saw you on and really fell in love with your work.

Yep verry cool the horses and everything

Minutes ago I was talking about your stuff with my mate Fabio. He’s a photographer, I’m a journalist. He says your pics must have been worked on in post-production. Whilst I, being very ignorant about photography, told him there must be a trick somewhere. So who’s right and who’s wrong?

i’m wondering if u can teach me the steps of how to make this color…
i’m really crazy about that

WOW. I love the 1st one because it looks very high fashion…and the horse picture is just gorgeous. Blue-eyed horses are my favorite.

I simply love the horses. I just discovered your blog and can’t wait to look around!

I’m here just to say that i love your photos, you’r great !
keep going!
kisses from portugal

catarina mira

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