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January 20th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Ok, so on saturday (jan 19th) my first solo photo exhibit was opened in Norræna húsið in Reykjavík, a very proud and joyous moment for me.  Rather unfortunately, there were two much bigger gallery openings going on at the same time, but I’m delighted nonetheless with those people who did turn out..

My head was temporarily on backwards and my brain AWOL on saturday, so even tho i had my camera hanging on my shoulder i completely forgot to use it at the opening, when there were actually people there..  during the day i also managed to misplace my phone at least twice, my keys twice, and then left the damn camera (my 5D) lying on a table at the gallery for anyone to take when the opening party was over, and didn’t even realize it until the day after:p

Anyway, went back today to document:








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I think it probaqbly makes for better photos with the Gallery mostly empty – makes it look like the kind of place you’d like to go to. Maybe that’s just me though… I hate crowded galleries and museums.

Looks like a lovely setup by the way. I hope it’s going well for you with lots of footfalls, good reviews and coments and of course some sales too.

Amazing work. You are such an inspiration. I wish you all the best and more good things in 2008 and beyond!

Congratulations on your first solo exhibition. Your photography is always unique and an inspiration. I look forward to seeing what 2008 brings.

so happy for you!

I’d love to come and see it myself!
Nice big size of the photos!
I like that there is not so crowded. Looks exclusiv.

awesome dear.
congrats and all the best wishes.

ralph nardell wrote on January 20th, 2008

hi rebekka. jus wanted to wish you my warmest congratulations on your show! wow, it looks gorgeous – your photos have such presence they just fill this space beautifully. i know this is just the beginning. a very well-deserved event – and thank you for the inspiration.

– ralph

genius shots !! wish I could be there!.

well done!


what is you telephone number?

wow!! Good News!!! Congratulations
Rebekka You are great…
You deserve it & And more, much more than this!!
Your Work is unique!!

Congratulations. I follow your stuff on flickr. The shots look great. I like the unframed pics on the white wall – it kinda looks like the flickr interface ;-)
Congratulations and best of continued luck. Well deserved for excellent photography.

Congratulations, Rebekka. I wish you the best. You deserve it. You have a personal style. You have the eye. The world is on your doorstep. Best of luck.

Val West wrote on January 21st, 2008

Congratulations on a well deserved exhibit. I have been following your stream for some time and am inspired by your artistic eye. How are your pictures mounted if I may ask?

hey rebekka, i’m going to iceland in 4 months time, finally, after years waiting for it.
i hope your exhibition is still on for that period.
i already wrote you a mail asking it but no answer yet.
anyway, lovely images and nice background.
ps: your last pic is a fave. bravissima!!!
an italian fan of yours

joejoejoe wrote on January 21st, 2008

Amazing work. Your photos look great in that space and on exhibit.

rebekka wrote on January 21st, 2008

The photos are C-prints , 100×70 cm, (approx 40×28 inches), mounted on aluminum sheets and uv coated.
I’m afraid the exhibition only stands til february 10th however.

Great work, Rebekka. Those are well displayed and the space looks very impressive for showing off your work. Those are impressive enlargements from the 5D. The largest I’ve enlarged from my 5D is about 130cm on the long end. May I asked how you typically price an image of this size?

The show looks wonderful! Congratulations! I do wish I could come to Iceland to see it. (I missed out in the 60′s too when Icelantic was the inexpensive way to get to Europe. Sigh!)

looks like a fantastic space. The images look grand. Many congrats xx

i wish i was in iceland, once i could see your job (live) and the icelandic landscapes you show in your photos. i really started loving your country when i saw your images. before it i wouldn’t wonder how fantastic it is.
congratulations for your exhibition

the exhibit looks wonderful…i too like how the mounted prints look on the wall…very simple–it’s all about the image. congratulations on your exhibition! i hope you have lots of interest and plenty of sales.

Congrats! Your first own exhibition! Wow!
Hope you will show your work somewhere in middle Europe as well (Germany?). :)

Many congrats again! Be proud!!

the exhibition space looks fantastic with those lovely big prints – huge congratulations to you

Suzie Williams wrote on January 21st, 2008

many congratulations on a well deserved exhibition…the gallery looks like the perfect backdrop to your stunning works – nice one!

Congratulations! I wish I was closer so I could see it in person.

It must be an experience to see your photos in a exposition, I visit Iceland some time ago and I fell in love with this country, watching your photos It’s the nearer to be in Iceland again.
Great style and originality keep the inspiration with you !.

i’ve just watched your video “the dinosaur game”…
i love this kind of animation with clay (is it the name of the material?). actually i made myself some stuff like this, but they’re too silly to be shown. there’s an artist who’s great at this, name Jan Svankmajer

Congratulations – looks like a great space for your exhibition. Plenty of space to let the images breath.

janadrian wrote on January 23rd, 2008

congrats rebbe!!!! i wish u the best :)
form méxico jan

Looks so wonderful Rebekka much deserved success. I hope this is the beginning of many more wonderful things for you !

Congratulations !
I’m there in my dreams but one day I will see your stuff for real.

Congratulations on the exhibition. It is looking good, (but far to far away to visit).

Barbara from Rome wrote on January 24th, 2008

I like very much your photos.I’m an italian actress and I’d like to have one day a book about me made by you…right here in rome were I’m living…in the middle of the historical sites:)
I see your stuff often on flickr.Congratulations and good luck!

rebekka wrote on January 24th, 2008

hey, fly me over some time , and we’ll talk;)

Congrats, You are so Awesome. You inspire alot of folks! I wish you all the luck, you have a great future ahead of you.

How I’d love to be in Iceland to go and see your work in print.
Congratulations Rebekka, you’re a true talent.
Hope it’s going well

Take Care

Congratulations Rebekka! I’ve been following your photography for years now and I am a huge fan. I hope some day to visit Iceland and a gallery showing of your work. (I’m sure this is just the first of many showings to come!) My heart felt congratulations.

Rebekka, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, I tell you that you are so exciting as photographer! I realy love your work.

Congratulations for the exhibition. I imagine was incredible. I couldn’t be there becouse I live in Argentina, but I’m going to Europe next week and I will be there for one month and a half.

If you are planning to do an other one, please, let me know.

I invite you to visit my photo website (


Bruno Moretti
Buenos Aires, Argentina

What a beautiful eye you have for photography. I am truly stunned. I am gutted I will miss your exhibition, I am coming out again on the 22nd.

keep up the wonderful aesthetics!


samuel f wrote on January 31st, 2008

“My head was temporarily on backwards and my brain AWOL on saturday, so even tho i had my camera hanging on my shoulder i completely forgot to use it at the opening, when there were actually people there.. ”

It would have been more admiral just to admit that not everyone clamours to see whimsical photography.

Having self belief is cool, having humility is cooler!

samuel f wrote on January 31st, 2008


rebekka wrote on January 31st, 2008

what the hell is that supposed to mean?

obviously, there are few people in the pictures.

however, there were well over 100 people at the opening, and it would have been nice to have documented that.

this was, after all, a huge moment in my life.
sorry if it annoys you.

nice shots of the exhibit. looks like a really classy space.

i like the addition of a small audience to lend some context to the work in its environment, i’ve seen the same things done with other galleries like MoMA, Guggenheim etc… ;) (as i’m sure you have as well)


i think the scenery set printed out was pretty nice!:)

Congratulations !!!

I would like to see your exhibition. I like to discover your Flickr pictures and your talented vision of the world.

All the best,

Victor from Barcelona

if i travel to iceland, will you have a coffee with me?

Cosmin Simon wrote on February 5th, 2008

Hei Rebekka…I’m loving all your works. I wish I could use your imagination and eyes to take a couple of pictures…i just can’t get them exactly as i imagine them :D

If you are looking for new places to spend your holiday and shoot some amazing pictures, I recomend Romania. It’s really a beautiful country, and with your talent, you could make it look extraordinary :D

dear Rebekka,

I’m so happy to see that (a much better news than your latest on flickr), and i just wanted to tell you that i simply love your pictures because they make me feel happy. :-)

People can check every single pictures you’ve made, they are so full of life that they moves the people seeing them to a “big-smile-on-one’s-face” state.

thank you for that. I wish i could come, but my heart is there, for sure.

congrats for this achievement.

samuel f wrote on February 6th, 2008

It meant exactly what you thought it meant!

I just don’t understand why you didn’t take any photos while everyone was there. As you’ve said, it was a huge moment in your life, and you also had a Canon 5D round your neck. Now I’m no master photographer, but one of these would likely be pretty cumbersome for most, and it’s not something I’d forget!

We’re all fans here Rebekka; nobody would think the less of you if 100 people didn’t turn out as anticipated. Not only did you have the added distraction of “2 other exhibitions”, you were also showing prints of Icelandic scenery to Icelandic people.

That might lure urbanites from the Big Apple, not folk who have the very same scenery on their doorsteps. It’s annoying really, because it looked a great exhibition; just a shame nobody got to see it…

Dare I say that perhaps your newly discovered flair for cuisine and fiction has eclipsed your photography acclaim!

Congrats on your first solo exhibition. I am just starting out and I love the way photography allows me to express myself.

Congratulations. I can only imagine the proud feeling of standing in such a wonderful space filled with all of your own work. The first of many and the ideal reward for the hard work you have put in. Did they arrange any talks or educational visits form schools etc as I’m sure kids interested in photography would benefit from your story so far.

[...] Guðleifsdóttir, a professional photographer, found a picture she took of three frolicking horses on iStockphoto, a “microstock” [...]

rebekka wrote on February 7th, 2008

@Rich: no, they didnt. That would have been a great idea. Hopefully i’ll get the opportunity to do something like that later..

T.Koga@Japan Nagoya city wrote on February 8th, 2008

I came to your nice phto scite. These techniques and wonderfull pciture of hoses is exellent good. Please make your dream. I became a fun in Japan. God bress you! T. Koga

T.Koga@Japan Nagoya city wrote on February 8th, 2008

I came to your nice phto scite. These techniques and wonderfull pciture of hoses is exellent good. Please make your dream. I became a fun in Japan. God bress you!

[...] Guðleifsdóttir, a professional photographer, found a picture she took of three frolicking horses on iStockphoto, a “microstock” [...]

Philippe Piquer wrote on February 14th, 2008

To forgot to take pictures …. is’nt it absurd for a photographer ;p

But I can understand the feeling, congrats to the artist !

Hey congratulations. i know u from flickr and i am facinated by ur talent. i love the photos because they are so so unique. i am not in the “scene” but i feel that ur pictures are quite different from the normal pros ;)
So hopefully u get going and have fun! :)

xcolour wrote on March 2nd, 2008

You are really an amazing girl.

Beautiful pictures, a beautiful country and a beautiful photographer…..

I have been attracted by your pics for a long time, but first time to leave a message here. Just wanna to say “Congratulations” to you. “恭喜恭喜”~

Wish to get a chance in near future to see your pics on ur next exhibition either in Iceland or in my homeland – China. Sounds crazy yup? If you know how many fans you have in China now, you will feel how real it is~

God bless you and keep showing ur talent to all of us.


… i have fans in china?? :)

bravissima rebba.
hope to see the exhibition live when i’ll be there in may…

For some reason I keep posting and my comments are never pusblished! Not that they’re essential to mankind, but…
Rebekka, why are you erasing them? ;-)

Jarkko wrote on March 24th, 2008


Valokuvissasi on todella syvä ja koskettava tyyli. Pidä kiinni omasta tyylistäsi. Löysin sivusi kotimaani valokuvaus foorumin kautta ja jaksoin katsella rauhassa sivustosi kokonaan. Olet myös hyvin viehättävä nainen ja omakuviasi katseli mielellään.
Kirjoitin kotimaani kielellä, koska tiedän, että osaat selvittää mitä olen kirjoittanut! ;-)

Beautiful work…congratulations!

Beautiful work, really.
I too am a photographer and have been looking for idea on mounting large images just for my house walls which i have neglected and my wife reminds me of this often.
Why did you mount on aluminum?????

Many wonderful and creative images and congratulations!

Wow! They say “pride” is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, but you must have thought you’d died and gone to Heaven when Real People (as opposed to flickr commenters) came to see your work. The gallery looks nice and it must have been great to see so many photos blown up to such a size. I’m hardly surprised you kept forgetting things. I would have completely lost my mind just trying to comprehend the situation.
I’m sure you’ll be exhibiting all over the world before long. I look forward to seeing your work in the UK.

uli rahms wrote on April 13th, 2008

rebekka ROCKS!

totally great shots!

Congratulations!beautiful pic.and welcome to China for your exhibition.


I live in Sydney Australia and people show up at galleries to see pictures of the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and other great landmarks and landscapes all the time… without the addition of skillfully photographed solid conceptual ideas. ;)

I love your work. You should enjoy your achievement. :)

I would love to come to Reykjavik and perhaps see some of your future exhibitions. I have heard that reykjavik is a nice town and people are very friendly :) and always partying :) Your photography has always inspired me.

Your work is amazing. Your photography is a great inspiration cloud. Keep on clicking you rock!

Your photographs are absolutely beautiful. Congrats on the exhibition.
I found your knitting pictures on flickr. Your knitting is just as beautiful as the photos of it. :)

Looks an amazing exhibition you should be proud :)

David wrote on June 5th, 2008

What a wonderful talent. I was first introduced to your work while looking at Lindsay Beyerstein’s site one day, and always have to revisit your sites. Congratulations on your show. We love you here in Michigan!

Congrats. You are an inspiration!


wow! what an inspiration you are! amazing work!

Your work is just amazing! Congratulation!

Joe HC wrote on March 13th, 2009

Where there labels with each photograph? If so, did they explain the work or just identify it?


Not only is your work aesthetically beautiful, but wonderfully creative.

Congratulations on all your success!


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