The least expensive way to get from Europe to Iceland..

January 10th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized


(apart from stowing away on a freight ship or something similarly uncomfortable and time consuming), is flying with Iceland Express. Also, they have pretty good taste, because they’re collaborating with me on boosting the appearance of their website.

Every week, starting today until early July, a new photo of mine will be displayed on their site, some of them being displayed for the first time. (they also made an extra page about me, which is a nice touch)

All in all, pretty neat thing for me. ‘Bout time someone figured out my photos could be useful for this sortof thing… Oh, and if anyone feels like popping over very soon, i’m opening a large exhibit in Reykjavík, January 19th, so obviously that’s reason enough to come here. (Besides, the night life will make up for the cold). And you can always come back in july or august. I’m not being sarcastic about that either, summer in iceland is definitely something worth experiencing at least once, trust me. But as the picture above shows, January does have its charm ..

More on the upcoming exhibit in my next post.

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Congrats! Thats awesome =] Iceland looks beautiful, and is pretty far up there on my places I wish to someday visit list!

becks congratulations, i might take that advice on going to iceland soon… at least in summer, my body is not prepared for icelandic cold.

I’ve been on Iceland 1999 and went there with “Norønna”, a ship from Bergen to Seyðisfjörður. It’s not THAT bad. Yes, it took longer than a flight, but it was worth the experience. :-)
But ok, next time I fly.

I agree, “Iceland Express” do have a nice taste when they decided to feature your scenery-photos.

So your exhibition starts at January 19th – until wich date will it be opened?
Maybe Iceland is a bit too cold this time of the year. ;)

Btw: Where did your last posting to to (the one with the film-docu)?

this is great!

i can honestly say that your photos are the single reason i’ve become fascinated with iceland. i hope that in the near future i will visit and experience it for myself.

It’s been a few times now I’ve tried to organise a trip to Iceland only to scratch it over price. Delighted to hear there’s a cheaper alternative – I shall for sure check them out when we sit down to sort out the holliers this year.

I would love to go mid winter – not least for the aurora. I saw it just once in Norway and was spellbound.

Congratualtions on the comission. It’s been quite a journey for you I guess, these last few years, from flickr photog to megastar :) .

Hey Rebba, that’s great! Congrats! One day my photos will be shown on the Lufthansa website. :)
Me and my girlfriend actually intended to come to Iceland next summer. But it’s too expensive, we have to save some more money. We would need at least 6.000 EUR for 3 weeks (flight, SUV, accommodation). Puuh, that’s pretty much. But I think visiting Iceland is worth it. Maybe 2009 …

Take some photos of the exhibit! :)



What will the weather be like in April ? Thanks.

I came across your work through the Iceland Express site just now.
Wonderful photographs!
I have been to Iceland twice, both times in Summer, and my next trip will certainly be in Winter.
My daughter lived there for some time and will return to live there again in the future.
I would love to see your exhibition but not this one I fear.
I don’t know what to say to tell you how impressed I am with your stuff!

joejoejoe wrote on January 14th, 2008

Congrats! Your work is a good promotion for Iceland and Iceland Express.

OT: Did a post on your blog disappear? I thought there was a link to a video of you speaking about photography but it seems to be gone or I’m just crazy.

SophieMuc wrote on January 15th, 2008

Hey Rebekka,

congrats on the new collaboration! :)
Too bad that they don’t fly from Munich or even close…
But I really wanna go and see Iceland soon, if not
this year then definitely next! :)
And it was good I clicked the page because I haven’t been
to your homepage in a while and found some great new shots
that are not on flickr! :)
You will always be an inspiration!
Cheers from Munich,


Hi Rebekka,

I just saw the small documentary video on Vimeo…

Official Productions did an amazing job capturing your art/images and the personal side of you. Keep doing the amazing work you do!



Great news Rebekka. So happy for you. I would love to pop up in January, but Summer or Fall sounds more realistic…

Congratulations, Rebekka! You’ve certainly made Iceland more interesting in my eyes.

You’re photographs of Iceland really make me want to travel there. (Not this year though, I’m off to England and Whales, yeah!)

I hope your exhibit goes great! Everything you’ve shown has been beautiful.

I just came across your gallery. I am absolutely amased. I put 3 pics in my blog, and link to your page. Please, write me if it is not appropriate to keep one of them as my blog’s logo.

Just wanted to say, that I am in love with Iceland – the music, the land, the people. And now – in your photographs. Thank U so much!

I happen to be in the city right now, so if I figure out where the exhibit is I might show up… It’s my first visit to Iceland (besides the airport). At least I like Reykjavik, got to see a bit more tomorrow.

And your photography is great!

fantastic Rebekka. What a great opportunity, alongside the Toyota campaign, you are having hugely impressive successes!
I like how they’ve personalised you with the extra pages, interview etc. Great for people to find out more about you as an artist.
congrats x

happy to hear that

Yes, it’s really great career-enhancing news! And there is no more deserving and talented photographer than you for such success.

Your Flickr collection remains the best of the going/going/gone-commercial ones out there; having wonderful exhibitions and getting commissions like this one and Toyota HAVEN’T undercut your marvelously personal touch.


A Big Hug, Justine

hi there,

i got to your website through the Iceland Express website. First congrats! on both the use of you photos on the web, and on the exhibition!

all the best in the future!


I visit somtime your “flickr” site and I appreciate your work. All my deep compliments for your job. Unfortunately I live too far for to visit personally your exibitions. Have all the best from the life!!
Best regards.
(ciao da Carnico)

This is me, again.

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