Pictures at an exhibition

January 20th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Ok, so on saturday (jan 19th) my first solo photo exhibit was opened in Norræna húsið in Reykjavík, a very proud and joyous moment for me.  Rather unfortunately, there were two much bigger gallery openings going on at the same time, but I’m delighted nonetheless with those people who did turn out..

My head was temporarily on backwards and my brain AWOL on saturday, so even tho i had my camera hanging on my shoulder i completely forgot to use it at the opening, when there were actually people there..  during the day i also managed to misplace my phone at least twice, my keys twice, and then left the damn camera (my 5D) lying on a table at the gallery for anyone to take when the opening party was over, and didn’t even realize it until the day after:p

Anyway, went back today to document:








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The least expensive way to get from Europe to Iceland..

January 10th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized


(apart from stowing away on a freight ship or something similarly uncomfortable and time consuming), is flying with Iceland Express. Also, they have pretty good taste, because they’re collaborating with me on boosting the appearance of their website.

Every week, starting today until early July, a new photo of mine will be displayed on their site, some of them being displayed for the first time. (they also made an extra page about me, which is a nice touch)

All in all, pretty neat thing for me. ‘Bout time someone figured out my photos could be useful for this sortof thing… Oh, and if anyone feels like popping over very soon, i’m opening a large exhibit in Reykjavík, January 19th, so obviously that’s reason enough to come here. (Besides, the night life will make up for the cold). And you can always come back in july or august. I’m not being sarcastic about that either, summer in iceland is definitely something worth experiencing at least once, trust me. But as the picture above shows, January does have its charm ..

More on the upcoming exhibit in my next post.

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