changing hair like other people change socks..

December 10th, 2007 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

ok.. that’s an exaggeration, but i was looking thru pictures of myself from the past year and realized i look like completely (well, almost) different people on them…this is quite possibly my most pointless blog entry so far, but im a sucker for comparison pictures.. the funny thing im realizing, is that despite this tendency of mine to keep altering the appearance of my head, so often im referred to as a blond.. hmm.. maybe im just invisible when im not doing the blond thing..









also november:


and also november (after removal of braids..if only i could get it to stay this way.. only lasted til i had to wash it)




late december:


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You´re like a chameleon. :-)

January is definitely my favorite. Great portrait.

Is it inappropriate to point out that your hair looks great in each picture!
Perhaps the creative colors of the mind works its way out though the hair :D
(my hair is short and blondish)

I like this comparison and the december one is my favourit…but it’s not only the hair, it’s the woolen pullover too ;-)

Greets, René.

joejoejoe wrote on December 11th, 2007

You should do that thing with the braids at least once a year if only so you can look so smashing when you take them out. The dark colors are nice too. You look like an Irish witch (in a good way ;) ). You could try some quickie punk dye jobs with unsweetened Kool-Aid packets. Your kids might enjoy that too. The colors only last a few days but you can get some nice faint oranges, pinks, reds, and greens for only a few pennies. It looks like you enjoy life and that’s what looks best on you.

I prefer Miss December!

As a photo, April is my fav…. I love the washed out look. Very special.

as long as your beatuful eyes remain the same no problem with you hair

love your work…

You need one of those old crimping irons That should work !
Love these :)

Kristín H wrote on December 18th, 2007

Mér finnst ljósi liturinn lang flottastur, fer thér best. Ekkert smá flott hárid eftir flétturnar, gaetir thú ekki nád thér í voflujárn eins og var svo mikid í tísku i gamla daga. Reyndar mundi thad sennilega ekki koma eins flott út med svoleidis graeju.
Gaman ad thessu, spá í hárid á manneskju sem ég thekki ekki neitt ;)

Funny thing! :-) I prefer the look after the removing of the braids …

I also like comparing elder photos with the newer ones, but for seeing how my way making photographs is changing.

Merry Chrismas and a good new year!

So other people change socks just seven times a year? :-)

I like March and December, by the way.

wyndl jones wrote on December 25th, 2007

Oh I totally love the braids and the ‘braid effect’ (as I call it) … I used to do that all the time, but i won’t pay to have the braids done, and haven’t had a friend that would do it for over 6 years now!

Now adays I usually just settle with dye jobs .. usually orange/red (for a flame effect).

Igor Perfeito wrote on December 25th, 2007

You are wonderful no matter the month of the year.
I always read your blog and I think that this year was very nice for you!

Beijos Linda.

Love January and December. . .but you rocked all the styles!

I prefer the last one. great shot, lovely look.

I love the braid effect. too bad it doesn’t last. Red hair looks good against your fair skin. :)

love all the hair………….but I have a hard time focusing away from your gorgeous eyes. sooooo beautiful

pointless as you tihnk it is, it caught my attention :P I love the braids and the crimped look after taking them out but what a shame it didn’t last. This post reminds me when i went through an extreme case of hair dying right after high school. Lol.. Lovely blog btw :)

bariloche wrote on March 8th, 2008

Amazing. I agree, each photo looks liek a different person

I’m in love. :P

What is amazing, is that all variants look brilliant. How does it look by now? :)

I will admit from day one of seeing your portraits that I love the dark brown hair. Its just beautiful to contrast you eyes.
But of course you look terrific in all “shades”, ha.
Have a great Sunday Rebekka!

Love your blog and related art, photos and words !!

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