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October 13th, 2007 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Thought i’d mention in detail exactly what kind of prints i’m selling.

These are C-prints, made with a technique best described as “digital developing” , not inkjet or laser jet . The result is a REAL photograph, developed , with chemicals, on light-sensitive paper. Only one place in Iceland uses this method, and the prints look amazing.   Guaranteed to last at least 100 years without losing image quality.

They’re printed with a white border, so that none of the actual photo is hidden when framed.

Prints are signed with gold or silver pen (depending on the warm/cool colors in the image) in the bottom right corner (or on the back, if preferred)

(I may offer canvas prints at a later date. Im still deciding on that part)


there are 3 sizes available of most pictures, 30×45 cm , 40×60 cm and 60x90cm.

newest additions to the store are these three:




(the print of the last does not, of course, have that watermark on it)

Here is the full catalog (which is steadily growing)

suggestions/requests are welcome.

also, i’ve uploaded a tiny part of my presentation in Copenhagen, i chose the bit where i explain the Toyota assignment, i’ll maybe add other segments later. I sound really, really strange to my own ears, first time i really hear myself speaking english. I was very nervous, and the whole set-up there wasn’t really what i expected (no podium, was supposed to stand in this circular stairway at the end of this large entrance hall at Microsoft headquarters , but couldn’t stand and also reach the computer to flip thru the slides, so i just took the microphone from the stand and plopped myself down in the steps :p

After trying this once i feel i’ve learned a lot about what to do and what NOT to do in this sortof scenario, and wouldn’t mind doing more of this at some point:)

Click image to see the bit on youtube:


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are thye matted?

are they matted?

Wow. If I wasn’t a poor student, I would definitely go shopping in your webshop! Maybe in a couple of years… (so please, keep up the GOOD!!! work until then ;) )

@hjuston: not sure what you mean..

“…bridesmaid…” is really good. Very buyable/keepable. Keep up the good work.

Did you consider giclee prints? The seem to have better color and last longer.

those are, essentially, ink-jet prints.. this is better.

i may be offering canvas prints at some point as well, personally, im more fond of photos being printed as real photos..

rebekka- what I mean is how do you ship them? on the matboard (flat) or in a tube?

oh, sorry, im a little slow today obviously, lack of sleep:)
i ship them in a tube. Flat would be extremely impractical..
i also once tried shipping a print framed, and it arrived with the glass broken and the print subsequently damaged.
Rolled up is the only reasonably safe way to make sure they arrive undamaged.

Someday I’d like to buy your print.

However, I’m not too fond of the signature being inside the photo. I live in Northern California and I frequent the exhibits and galleries where the work of Ansel Adams, the Westons, Galen Rowell and other favorite landscape photographers of mine is sold. They all did their own mounting and matting, and usually signed prints right on the external side of the print or just outside the actual print on the mounting board. This way you are not ruining the print with an ink or a pencil that over the time will start eroding the print paper. That’s the style around here. Ansel’s prints done 60-70 years ago still look like they were done last night.

I don’t think there is a need for you to do your own framing considering where you live, but with time you might find it useful and cost efficient to do your own mounting and matting. Prints sell much better this way, and it’s no wonder Ansel mounted every print he made.

Rebekka, I watched the clip from your presentation on YouTube. It was very cool to hear you speak in English, and I think you did a great job at briefly explaining the project and motivation behind it. You should definitely continue to speak in settings like that. It’s often a great opportunity to people to learn new techniques, and if not that then definitely to find inspiration.

All the best-

Lovely print shop Rebekka :) Your choices are fantastic and i completely agree with how you have your works printed. The differences in how a shot is printed and the type of paper used makes quite a difference in the finished work. For example ; I found that Kodak paper has a really warm tone which is wonderful for golds and reds, while fuji paper is a very bright white, great for blues and greens. Canvas and other textured papers can give some interesting effects.
Best wishes with your shop, i will be sure to place an order soon :) ~ william

@Ivan Makarov: The problem is really with the shipping. I honestly wouldn’t trust the postal service here to get my prints shipped abroad safely, if i have them flat.. I completely agree with you that the matting is important (and i myself have very specific views on how a print should be matted/framed) but for the time being its really not a practical option for me. The cost of shipping would go up quite a bit.

the matter of signing is actually something i’ve wondered about. Ive asked a number of people and most felt that signing the print itself was the way to go.. if its on the back the whole “signed print” notion becomes a bit irrelevant, as it couldn’t be seen once the print is framed, and since the option of selling them matted is, as of yet, not viable, i think i’ll stick to this method of signing, for these prints im selling online. Of course, if i were selling thru a gallery , here in iceland, i would (or will, as i do plan on that happening sometime) do all matting and framing myself, and perhaps sign them differently.

Thanks for your thoughts on the matter, its good to get different points of view when you’re starting out with something like this.

@austin: thanks, thats good to hear, personally, i cringe listening to this.. ;)

Thanks for your response, Rebekka. I see your point. I obviously have never used Iceland postal service, and you know better.

One thing you might still consider, however, is having an option of buying a matted print directly from you (again, I’m bias because that’s how fine art prints are mostly sold around here). You can raise the price by enough markup to offset the cost of shipping, and instead, use FedEx or DHL to ship the matted prints. I know it will not be cheap to ship it this way, but if it costs you a total of $15 to mat the print yourself (with a quality mat cutter), and then shipping is extra $50 due to size and all, it might still be a good option, and I know buyers will be willing to pay extra $100-150 for such presentation.

I’d also recommend custom making some kind of a sticker or stamp of authenticity you can attach to the back of the print. It’ll help in the long run when your art gets resold around the world via collectors and dealers by increasing the price. Again, it’s something that art dealers demand around here.

Are the prints you are selling numbered as part of the limited edition?

PS – just looked at the actual web gallery where you sell them. Just wanted to clarify the question – is the limited edition you offer there a true limited edition (as in no prints will be no longer made ever) or limited edition in just these sizes through that printing company? And do you also number the prints as you sign them?

sorry, my previous comment was added before i saw you’re claification.

these are limited editions that im selling in this way. I may choose to sell some of these same images as part of a gallery showing (i have one coming up in january, and i know ill be displaying at least 2 of those images available in the store), but once these editions that i’ve listed in the shop are sold out, they will no longer be available for purchase via the internet.

Hi Rebekka,

do you have some further info on how that development process works? (A name, a book, an article, anything?)

Thanks a lot!

Regards from Germany,

Certainly the shiping of mounted or framed prints is prohibitive at this stage but if people are willing to pay for this format and have he couriered then I would look into trialling it and the best means of doing this. I have dealt in the past with a number of distance sellers of art and prints and was surprised at the creative packaging options they had looked into.

That said I wonder if there is a means by which you can produce signatures on transfer or some form of ‘rubbed medium’ so that your customers can apply the signature outside the border of the print at the time of mounting/framing. I haven’t got around to this but it’s on my list and I think it is feasible. You could also show mounted examples on your site to assist customers with directions as to how you as the artist would present each image. Just an idea.

Thanks for posting the youtube clip; I agree with Austin, it’s great to hear you speak and don’t worry about your English, it is impeccable!

Hola Bk, any sugestions in the framing of the picture? (still not here, but knowing the postal service it can take up to a month to receive something from the other side of the world)

Troy Snow wrote on October 14th, 2007

Just watched your U tube. Wow, talk about a dream come true. I’m excited to see what the future holds for you. Great work! Congratulations!

Kristín wrote on October 15th, 2007

What place here in Iceland uses that method for developing?

rebekka wrote on October 15th, 2007

Þeir gera þetta hjá Merkingu (áður hjá Dikta, þetta var víst sameinað)

Christine wrote on October 17th, 2007

Rebekka – I think we all sound strange to ourselves. You sound great, you speak very clearly, and it’s nice to hear you. I think I better get a hand on one of your prints before you really turn into a rock star, if you are not one already!

joejoejoe wrote on October 20th, 2007

Your presentation on YouTube went well. I think I’ve only heard you in Icelandic (BBC World Service? I forget..). I never picked up on the ‘multiplicity’ angle with your photographs and the dual motors in the Prius. I just thought they used your photos because they highlighted the beautiful Icelandic environment and the Prius was good for the environment.

Your photo’s are amazing! I am a random visitor from Holland! Gr, Martijn Schruijer

Rebekka, it’s wonderful to see you “live” after these past two years of regularly viewing your work online. Congrats on receiving this type of recognition.

I’d love to have 3-5 of your shots hanging at one of my flat’s walls :-) They are amazing!

Ms. Baker wrote on November 7th, 2007

You have a great fan of your work in Kuwait (me). Your pictures are more than beautiful and ethereal, they are moving and speak with an eloquence of their own. I find some of your work to be reminescent of Andrew Wyeth’s stunning oil paintings.

Best of luck in all that you, I am sure we will continue to hear wonderul things about you and your magical photography.

Would like to have a couple of prints – saving up for that.
Certainly some form of cerificate or back label showing its authentic would protect both you from people copying extra copies, and the buyer if they ever wanted to sell on, our collection of prints (of paintings) has one or the other.
Also are you suggesting that we can order other photos from your excellent portfolio on Flickr?
When I was a student I framed, it added value (and profit) at little extra cost, but I can understand the breakage problem.

I think your presentation was great. I’ve been following your work on flickr and myspace for ages and you are such an inspiration. Maybe you never really get used to someone telling you that (and you said in the presentation that you aren’t accustomed to all the attention)…but it’s true. Thanks for that!

I have to agree with you that sending prints rolled is a much better idea, protects the work and is just more practical. I send my prints rolled as well when I mail them. I’ve sent one flat before and the ends were somehow bent…I thought it would be impossible considering how it was wrapped but…Also, I’ve printed on canvas before but really just as a test for myself. I like the way it looks but the paper I think is better and just maintains the integrity of the work…just my own opinion though of course. Other people I’ve shown seem to like canvas.

too bad you sold your heart to commercial stuff, your photos are getting sloppy, no time for your heart left?

La femme nue dans le foin et les cabanes sont tout simplement étourdissantes.

= ~ The naked woman in the hay and the cabins are simply stunning.

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