so, i made a book.. sortof..

October 26th, 2007 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Was in a course at school recently on childrens literature and picture books.. one of the assignments was to make a “dummy” book, showing a complete idea for a picture book, didnt have to be too detailed and the theme could be anything…

im not very good at doing things in a hasty manner so i spent 4 days drawing and cutting out and making collages and photographing and organizing the layout.. For a theme i chose the old classic “12 days of christmas”.. the lyrics have always struck me as rather amusing, considering that everything is repeated and the person telling the story ends up with 42 geese, and 40 milking maids, and 30 hens, and i figured it would be neat to visualize that..

here’s what came out of this little project:



(thats a recipe for Coq au vin that she’s studying.. rather fond of that little pun)








by page 10, i was sortof regretting this whole idea, and drew a complete blank..




(for the drummer, i used a photo i had leftover from february, when i was shooting my drummer project)

now, all i need to do is write my own story, and use this illustrating technique for a real book. sometime…

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more info on prints

October 13th, 2007 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Thought i’d mention in detail exactly what kind of prints i’m selling.

These are C-prints, made with a technique best described as “digital developing” , not inkjet or laser jet . The result is a REAL photograph, developed , with chemicals, on light-sensitive paper. Only one place in Iceland uses this method, and the prints look amazing.   Guaranteed to last at least 100 years without losing image quality.

They’re printed with a white border, so that none of the actual photo is hidden when framed.

Prints are signed with gold or silver pen (depending on the warm/cool colors in the image) in the bottom right corner (or on the back, if preferred)

(I may offer canvas prints at a later date. Im still deciding on that part)


there are 3 sizes available of most pictures, 30×45 cm , 40×60 cm and 60x90cm.

newest additions to the store are these three:




(the print of the last does not, of course, have that watermark on it)

Here is the full catalog (which is steadily growing)

suggestions/requests are welcome.

also, i’ve uploaded a tiny part of my presentation in Copenhagen, i chose the bit where i explain the Toyota assignment, i’ll maybe add other segments later. I sound really, really strange to my own ears, first time i really hear myself speaking english. I was very nervous, and the whole set-up there wasn’t really what i expected (no podium, was supposed to stand in this circular stairway at the end of this large entrance hall at Microsoft headquarters , but couldn’t stand and also reach the computer to flip thru the slides, so i just took the microphone from the stand and plopped myself down in the steps :p

After trying this once i feel i’ve learned a lot about what to do and what NOT to do in this sortof scenario, and wouldn’t mind doing more of this at some point:)

Click image to see the bit on youtube:


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