A very important announcement! plus some other random stuff.

September 18th, 2007 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

To begin with, i’ve finally managed to get an online print store going. Its in the beginning stages, will add more photos very soon, but here is the location, bookmark it and stay tuned if you’re interested in buying prints at some point.


I’m offering them in limited edition, signed and numbered.  The number of prints available varies, the most will be 25 (of each size), the more expensive will only be offered in an edition of 10 copies.   And once they’ve sold out that’s it, they’re done. If anyone has a request for a certain image that isn’t currently on offer, please get in touch and let me know.

I’ve been taking a bit of a break from photography in the last month, decided to do some pencil drawings for a change, its a shame to have the ability to do this and never use it.. These are almost complete.. not sure if this is going to be a series of more, or just the two.. but im absurdly pleased with them, either way.



My flickr photostream has now reached over 4 million views, which is of course, a really nerdy thing to be writing about, but then, i’ve never denied being a nerd.. im even including a nerdy screenshot, for good measure:


One more thing..

This last saturday, a small independent tv producer team came from London to shoot footage for a short documentary style tv-show about photography, they chose me and one other guy off flickr for their pilot show.. Spent nine hours with them (and the icelandic cameraman), taking them to places i often shoot at, and giving an in-depth interview at my school (documented in the really bad photo included below). If all goes as planned this will be shown on british television, which is rather cool. Very fun experience in any case. interview.jpg

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Congratulations Rebekka!
Do you know when we can watch the show on tv?

Great pics & drawings!

Congratulations on the 4 mil Flickr views, and the store opening and documentary (which I’m sure will both go well). Your drawings are intrigueing. Long ago I once did a B&W 35mm series, ‘Woman in Slumber’ and these reminded me of it.

Do you know what channel the documentary will be aired on? Just so I know what to look out for…

Very cool! Congrats on the show!

Your drawings… Oh my word. No wonder you transitioned so easily to photography.. You’ve got an incredible eye for detail and such agility to express.


Congrats for the new online print store!! Clean design…well done!

Rebecca, can’t wait to see the documentary, please let us know when/where! x

Wow. Were these drawings made from live models or pictures? They are insanely amazing either way.

the drawings were made from photos, btw.
and there’s no chance i won’t let people know about the tv thing, as soon as i know myself.

ill get a clip of it to put on youtube also, so there’s no need for anyone to miss it;)

Don’t we get “sploosh” in the store?

Tom Hundley wrote on September 18th, 2007

Congratulations on the Interview. Looking forward to the U tube view of it since I am in FL.

Allseasons wrote on September 18th, 2007

Congratulations Rebekka!!! The drawings are great too.

A BIG BIG congrats on the printshop. It’s without a doubt one of the most simple, well-designed ones I’ve ever seen. Clean. Very fitting. :)

Re drawing: I’m glad you’re rediscovering the joy of it. As you know, you have amazing talent Rebekka. Rock on.

Congrats on everything. The print store looks great. I will have to keep checking in and see what you add to it. I came across your photos on flickr and was amazed by all of the photos. The scenic shots with their vibrant colors and excellent composition stopped me in my tracks and made me want to hop a plane to Iceland. The use of color reminds me of Eric Meola’s work. The variety with the ponies, self portraits, and different techniques is excellent. You have quite the portfolio and obviously your work is getting noticed. There are a lot of very good photos on flickr, but only a handful really rise to the very top. I am sure you will do well. Keep up the great work. The really great photos inspire the rest of us to push our own limits that much further and step things up a notch. Best of luck.

who was the other Flickr guy?

Sascha + Inge wrote on September 18th, 2007

it’s a shame, your day should have 48 hours or more. can’t tell you what we like more, your paintings or your photos. anyway do you know if theres a way to see the tv show in the internet or at any other chanel?

like i mentioned above, ill be posting it on my youtube site when i have a clip.

and i agree, the day definitely needs more hours..

Good for you, Rebekka. Echoes all around.

Congratulations for the printstore and the interview. Just one thing, the prices of the pictures are only in dollars, why not in euros?

You are finely talented!

gingirljen wrote on September 18th, 2007

Congrats to you! Loving your sketches too. Makes me desire to make more time for my art as well….truly an inspiration

Great to hear all the news! Congrats to you.

I think a Rebekka printstore will do very well. Go for it!

Love the sketches and their foreshortening.

@oria: ill give that some thought. However, it shouldnt be too hard for the buyer to convert dollars into euros.. and if you pay with credit card via paypal, it shouldnt matter what the currency is..
i often buy stuff off the web even tho it isn’t listed in icelandic Krónur..

i think its time to all leave this commercial photographer and go back to the real ones, commercial nd an attitude, lost her heart appaerantly

ordinarily i wouldn’t bother answering such a stupid remark, but im going to say a few words nonetheless.

Several months ago, i was ripped off by a UK company, which sold dozens of my images as canvas prints and made a considerable profit from my work. My hard work, i might add… which at the time, i hadn’t made a dime off of. I had simply shared it, on flickr , to the apparent enjoyment of thousands of people.
After this happened, quite a lot of people encouraged me to set up my own store, make some money myself, which is something i had always planned on doing anyway. After all, i don’t plan on mopping floors for a living, i plan on living off my artwork and photography.

So, hearing something like “commercial, and an attitude, lost her heart apparently” absolutely fucking BITES.

what the hell is that supposed to mean anyway? An artist is only an artist , if she’s starving? Does that equal having a heart? Refusing to admit that she does in fact have to make money in order to have a roof over her head and feed her two kids?

as for the “real” photographer bit.. that’s interesting.. i wonder, is your car mechanic not a real one, because he charges you for his work?
People like you need a serious reality check.

Chris (crobin) wrote on September 19th, 2007

very happy for you, you have worked hard and deserve the best for you and your boy’s. your growth as an artist continues despite any petheatic comments, and jealousy. what you sai in response is right on. glad you said it.

scot thiesson wrote on September 20th, 2007

Rock on!
Your work is awesome!
And I might say I WOULD prefer to buy your art from YOU and not some pathetic middle management!
Best of luck with your new endeavor.

what a peculiar reaction, even more to suggest that your reality is the only one,and if you are the only one to judge what’s an artist or not. Keep up the pretention.

John, how does selling ones art make one less of an artist?

Hey Rebekka,
Just a quick note to say really well done on your new site and on the TV show – I will keep my eyes out for that.
But also…”here here” on your response to the “commercial photography” remark. I agree with you completely and feel exactly the same.
I also think that to make a living from the thing I love doing the most is an opportunity that few people have, so why would I sacrifice that?
Make the most of it and keep up the amazing work. You’re an inspiration…

I do hope you don’t allow such petty jealousies as ‘John’ so obviously displays to upset you. The numbers, the comments, the interest tells the real story. Good Luck and I hope you continue to go from strength to strength. I wish to make a living from photography and I shall. My aim to become self sufficient and to live off what I love doing is why I find ‘your story’ so appealing. Envy and jealousy will always rear their ugly heads and more often than not when people can hide behind the internet. As long as people are both suppoortive and occasionally, clearly jealous you are doing the right thing.

Thury Axelsdottir wrote on September 21st, 2007

Congratulations on your very own company!!
Wows are in order all around. A single mum with two kids, student and the prowd owner of an online print store.
To many men feel threatened by sucessful women, e.g. ,,John”.
I don´t see any sell out here besides the potential of Rebekka´s photos being sold out.
And if we´re being critical, let´t at least have the dignity and self respect of appearing under our own names.

Congrats again Rebekka.
Thury Osk Axelsdottir.
Gotlandsresan 152
75754 Uppsala

Sorry you have to deal with people like “John” Rebekka, they are just jealous fools whom i agree 100% need a serious “reality check”, i deal with such trolls all the time, but anyways, they aren’t worth worying about, truly.

Your work is amazing, everyone knows it, so let your legend live on!

I am glad for you!
Best of luck.

Have to agree with John in some ways!.

4 milion views, t.v shows, selling prints!.

Yeah, how many others on Flickr are doing t.v “Shows”?.

And the prints look a little bit expensive for photo paper.
(And a little too expensive for an Amateur photographer on Flickr to be expecting!)

Marcus, are you being sarcastic?

Your photos are wonderful and you seem to be a really good person. I enjoy looking at your art and your photos are very inspirational. Thanks for sharing your photos and your drawings.

first i must say i love some of your photos.
to explain my thoughts towards you, beside photographer i am a wordartist.
I know you felt my words and they made you think. With my words i only wanted you to see your surroundings again, and to lose some of the pretence you developed. As you are gifted, just like that, without having something to do for it, i wanted to give you some feeling of being thankfull and humble again. To think of what you got and had. Not to take it for granted.
To be aware of all that admiration, even love people give you.

Hehe… John, you really are a smart guy – reading the part with you being a “wordartist” made me giggle. Thanks for being such a genius with words and making us all think… – dumbass ! :-)

Best regards from Denmark

There’s no way that anyone could top that comment. I think this may be the internets peak. It’s all downhill from here…

as i said, even love

Congrats to your store and the TV thing. You can be really proud of having reached a level where people buy your artwork. So, don’t mind that stupid Johnny-comment. He’s just jealous.


The pencils are unreal….a true gift, like you said. Well, you said “ability”, I say gift.

Congratulations on the on line store.
I think the prints will sell well and they are priced well too. (never charge too little) your Photos will look great on nearly any wall.
I did not see what size the prints would be. Poster size??
And what printing process is used to produce them? I am concerned about print longevity.
Inkjet is fine so long as a pigmented ink is used on the right kind of paper.
I don’t know much about longevity of other print processes such as commercial offset but there are many grades and qualities I am sure.

keep up the GREAT work

there are 3 sizes available (as of yet)
(this can be seen when you click on each photo for a detailed view in the store)

the printing process is NOT inkjet, , not sure what to call it in english, other than “digital developing”.. there’s only one place in iceland that does this.. the outcome is a real photograph, made from the digital file, (like with analog printing, light sensitive paper and chemicals are used) and should last AT LEAST 25 years without losing quality.

ive tried several kinds of printing and was happiest with this technique.

oh.. those sizes are cm, not inches .. forgot to add that..

Congratulations on your new store, Rebekka! I stumbled across your photostream in Flickr a while back, and have been enjoying your work since. I was glad to learn you had opened a store, and I ordered a print as a Christmas gift for my wife today. Your photography is fantastic; I am an amateur hobbyist and thus learn something interesting from looking at every shot you post. I hope this post finds you well!

Alright I recently came across your photogallery and blog etc, and have been awed by the positivity and support in the flickr community toward your work. Unfortunately, I was yanked back to the harsher realities in human nature after reading JOHN’s comments. You’re an idiot! Humility and graciousness comes through and is expressed in so many of these pieces, whether or not they are for sale or not! Defending ones point of view when antagonized isn’t a passing of judgement. The one sitting on his soap box of judgement is the pretentious one most definitely. Nonetheless, it is pointless to argue with such an ignorant person, as all he’ll do is drag you down to his level, and beat you with experience!

Again, have I missed the picture, wich has the Name “sploosh” in flickr, or will it get in the store someday?

This has nothing to do with anything other than that I saw posted that you are a fan of Margaret Atwood and I am as well. One of my favorite books in Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson – maybe you would enjoy it as well.

@Joachim : i havent decided on wether ill be selling prints of “sploosh” or not.



just a quick FYI: using a pigment inkjet printer like the Epson R2400 and acid-free, cotton rag paper like Hanemuhle Photo Rag, or a glossier Baryta coated paper like Harman FB AI Gloss are about as archival as you can get. such prints will last 100+ years behind glass without fading, according to wilhelm research. just an option to consider, if you’re selling prints. 25 years isn’t considered to be archival by most collectors.

in any event, keep up the incredible work!

Nice looking site.

As one of the people who got stuck into the guys who were ripping you off last year, I’m delighted that you listened to the advice and have opened your own store.

Really good luck with it.

serge deb. wrote on February 13th, 2008

You keep on surprising! I only came across your work yesterday and it blew me away. You should look into movie making. With the eye and the imagination you have, I’m sure this could also be a great outlet for you, but of course, there are only 24 hours in a day. Those drawings you made, what can I say… WOW! You have an amazing talent! I can’t way to go to Iceland in june for the first time with Sigur Ros playing in my ears. Keep on inspiring!

Hiya Rebekka, I wanted to leave a comment on this thread quite some time ago, but it didn’t work.
I was reminded by the words of somebody on Flickr (not addressed to me) to come back here and try again because this issue is again in my head.

Just to say that I thoroughly support the words you used in your comment above, defending yourself from the accusations of becoming commercial and hence ‘pretentious’.
It’s absurd that when a photographer becomes popular to a certain degree (featured in the press, etc) and especially when they choose to sell prints, some onlookers can’t resist displaying their bitterness. That bitterness is then deflected on the artist themselves, with onlookers using the ‘she’s getting too big for her boots’ argument.

I see that it is the artists who originate from the modest photo-blogging likes of Flickr who are the ones easiest to attack when they get some fame or money from what they do, simply because people are not used to success being achieved in this way. And so those certain people claim the artists are not ‘real’ anymore when they do achieve something, monetarily or otherwise.

You are the least pretentious artist I have come across on Flickr or on anywhere else for that matter.

As for another person’s claim that your prints are "a little too expensive for an Amateur photographer on Flickr to be expecting", I will use their previous sentence to answer that: ‘how many others on Flickr are doing t.v “Shows”?’

I have experience animosity myself from certain people in reaction to my own print sales stemming from my Flickr reputation, so my words on this matter are heartfelt.

Good luck with your print sales.

Wow, to many comments to read them all. I would give anything to see the documentary. Of course… given I’m just a man of modest means I hope it can be shared via youtube or bittorrent. ;)

Was great to see your presentation in copenhagen on youtube.

Hey good luck…your more a geek then a nerd…

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