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August 22nd, 2007 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

i dunno if anyone other than me will find this interesting, but i thought id mention it..

In case anyone who reads my blog, or follows my work, happens to be in Copenhagen on october the 6th, i’d like to point out that i have been invited to be the keynote speaker at a photography convention held there.. 50th anniversary convention of the danish amateur photographer organization, no less (i have no idea what its actually called in english, that was just my rough translation of it)

Anyway, i’ll be discussing how i ended up being a photographer, flickr’s part in my rather swift change from amateur to professional, and various other photography related stuff that people may or may not find interesting. In any case, im sure it will be amusing to see how absolutely nervous im probably going to be;)

i’ll write more about this after its over.
here’s a link to where this is advertised on their site (its in Danish, sorry)

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Hi Rebekka
That’s great news. I myself live in Copenhagen. I’m a big fan of your work. I hope i will be able to attend your presentation.

Btw, you have to look forward to going to Copenhagen, it’s really a nice city. There’s no vast nature like on Iceland, but still a lot of great motives.
Regards, Andreas

i do look forward to it.. never been there, unlike most icelanders :)

I plan a trip to norway around that period, perhaps i should make a stopover in Copenhagen …

It would be interesting to hear you talk!
I’m just 500km away from Copenhagen so maybe I’ll stop by.

i wonder if your presentation will be available in some form later for those who can not attend. I am so desperate to hear your story, the narrative behind your photostream on flickr. obviously one can’t replace your success (at least very unlikely) in making the move to become a pro photographer the same way as you did, but it is seems to be an interesting story.


sorry i meant “replicate your success” not replace :)

i dunno if it’ll be taped.. if so , i’ll try my best to get my hands on a copy and put it up on my youtube page at some point.. i myself would want to see what i look like giving a presentation in english :)

AndrewN wrote on August 23rd, 2007

That’d be very welcome. Copenhagen is a pretty city with some very wild buildings. Hope you have a wonderful visit.

Yea, ditto to Greg’s comment. Being in Asia myself, it would be virtually (and physically) impossible for me to attend that talk so it’ll be cool if you can share it with us on youtube :)

All the best for the talk! Am sure you’ll do just fine :D

P/S – Will you be posting some pics from the wedding that you shot? It’ll be absolutely cool to see weddings ala Rebekka ;p

jestem wrote on August 24th, 2007

Fantastic. Congratultaions!


I’ll be there too – I hope. I’m a little in doubt if you actually has to be a member in of SDF or one of its fotoclubs to enter the arrangement? But so far I succeed the online registration. So I hope they let me in too:-)

Congratulations! Hope you can put up a utube but if not, it would be interesting to see the text of your speech here sometime after the fact.
Good luck on the presentation!

yay! congrats!

I so look forward to reading about your activities not just on Flickr or your blog, but in the press and general global media soon enough!


outergate wrote on August 28th, 2007

that’s great news! congratulations. i’d so much love to attend, it’s just way too far.
pitty, really!

have fun and enjoy yourself. no need to be nervous! (yeah, easy to say that :D )

Congratulations Rebekka! it’s great news :) take a deep breath and enjoy yourself, it’s gonna be alright tho you might feel nervous at the beginning

yes! in this time i travel through denmark, sweden and norway. hopefully i can stop by, before the ferry takes me back to germany…

damn! i will be still more nervous than you… ;-D


Mi piace ciò che fa.Un caro saluto

I’ll come! I hope there is no registration needed…

Congrats, Rebekka!!!! :-D D

Kristín Hildur wrote on September 7th, 2007

Til hamingju! og gangi thér vel :)

Jeff Sinclair wrote on September 14th, 2007

Tonight is a gem of a night. This writer has found another key source of inspiration for his work.

Thank you, Rebekka. Many blessings to you.

Enjoy yourself it will be great fun. There is nothing to be nervous about. It is your chance to inspire, motivate and sow the seeds that will allow others to let their passion for photography bloom. It’s just a great story to tell. Your obvious enthusiasm, dedication and enjoyment will shine through. You are, even at this early stage a living, breathing example of what can be achieved and that more than anything is very valuable to those that will turn up to listen.

Don’t forget to take your camera up with you to get a group shot of the audience. A nice way to interact, relax them and ease the tension ??

Whatever you do don’t try the ‘imagine them all naked’ routine. I once did and apparently, noticably grimaced and recoiled.

Congratulations! What a great honor.

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