new lens appreciation

June 25th, 2007 by Rebekka in Uncategorized


The reason my younger son (pictured above with his best friend) is smiling like that, is that i finally got around to buying myself a 50mm lens for the 5D today.

No, that’s a lie actually. He couldnt care less about my lenses, he’s just a happy kid in general. However, i myself am extremely pleased with my newest aquisition. I’d been flirting with the idea of getting the canon 50mm f/1.2, but after reading several reviews and comparisons on it and the 50mm f/1.4, i opted for the smaller, far less expensive and more compact 1.4. Its purported to be an excellent lens for the relatively low price, and i can verify, after shooting a handful of test shots today, that it is indeed a beautiful lens. Incredibly shallow depth of field at the widest aperture, with lovely smooth blurring. Also, its so lightweight and portable, compared to the 100mm f/2 i’ve been using for portraits. I’ll be shooting two weddings this summer, which is one of the reasons i decided to buy this lens, but aside from that its just a great fun portrait lens i can safely recommend.

below is a crop from another shot, shows pretty well the bokeh at f 1.4 (no additional blurring in photoshop)


you can even photograph cats with it:


what more could one possibly need in a lens?

(‘kay, enough with the sarcasm. )

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Kate Havnevik

June 20th, 2007 by Rebekka in Uncategorized


I had an unexpectedly cool evening yesterday. I was offered, at the last moment, a free ticket and backstage pass to a concert with french band Air (i hadnt planned on going, though Moon Safari is one of my favorite albums.. haven’t really followed their more recent music) because the warm up act, norwegian singer Kate Havnevik (shown above) needed a photographer to document her performance. I agreed, tho i’d never heard of her before, and had only an hour or so to get ready, and have never taken a concert photo in my life:)

Im glad i did, as the woman in question turned out to be not only hugely talented , but extremely likeable and friendly as well. In addition to photographing the show, i managed to squeeze in an impromptu and slightly silly photoshoot in a shower stall after she’d finished.

I was a bit nervous about my gear (or lack thereof), seeing as the only lens i have in my small arsenal that can in any way be called “telephoto” is my small 100mm f/2 portrait lens, and surrounded by press photographers armed with canon 1D mach II cameras (or whatever those things are called) with ridiculously huge telephoto lenses , i felt a bit intimidated. However, this lens proved itself to be more than up to the task at hand, and the 2.0 aperture came in very handy, the constantly changing light was a nightmare to deal with and even at iso 1600 the highest shutter speed i could manage was 25. Challenging to say the least. But fun.
Im rather pleased with the outcome, considering..








And, after Air had finished playing, Kate snuck me up to their dressing room and i got this last one. All in all, not a bad evening:)


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