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This is my most recent school project. I chose to work with icelandic drummers, not with the intent of making a complete series of all drummers in iceland (obviously i would need more time for something like that, and someone would have to pay me, because this project was way expensive with only the seven, film and paper is not cheap), but to just see how many would be willing to cooperate in the time i had to do this (fewer than i’d hoped, thats for sure) and what kind of portraits would come out of it. I was determined to NOT have drums visible, but also determined not to decide beforehand how the photoshoots would be, but to let the subject have their say in that.. and obviously one of them was quite adamant about having his (very awesome) drumset in the photo, which turned out pretty cool even tho it was very different from all the others.

Mostly this was just really good practice for me to go out and contact people i don’t know to use as models, something i find EXTREMELY daunting and difficult, and the fact that 6 other guys said yes but then failed to actually meet me for a photoshoot was particularly daunting, but of course this is part of what it takes to be a good photographer, to be determined and pushy in order to get the photos you want. Im slowly learning.

This was also, of course , a very good excercise in working with the limitations of black and white film, i now feel i could develop film with my eyes closed, and have learned a lot of darkroom techniques that make me feel a little bit more like a “real” photograher.
All in all im pleased with the photos that i did manage to get out of this, and feel it was a very worthwhile project






Sigtryggur (was with the Sugarcubes)


Gummi aka Heldriver


Helgi Svavar






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