film experimentation..

January 15th, 2007 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

been playing around with “pushing” film, im a sucker for grain these days… and a bit bored with digital, to be honest..

On the following images i was experimenting a little, to get even more texture and an aged appearance..

held the negatives against paper, with a light in back, took digital snapshots and inverted in photoshop.. i can see a lot of interesting possibilities with this or a similar technique.. need to look further into this matter…









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nice effect…makes ordinary pictures that much more interesting
love the dj shot

I’m following your work at flickr and here in your blog and I think you are the best photographer I’ve ever seen, in all the matters landscapes, portraits, long exposure, and even drawing, and now you give us this gift :) .
I was waiting an oportunity to say that, I have to confess that I have your stream in my RSS and when I think I’m the first one to see your latest photo it has more than 20 comments.

So THAT’S how it’s done… I’ve experimented with placing negatives on a scanner, placing opaque white glass on top and shining a light through it while scanning. Talk about a miserable failure.

I’ll have to try the paper method.

i’m digging your film “scanning” technique :)

i will heartily be stealing this technique at some point, with attribution of course:)

before i got my film scanner i was doing something similar. i discounted any nice effect though, because i was so interested in just getting them to look “right”.

you already got good framing on these; the technique enhacnes them.


I got my MFA in photo, and I used to love grain. Here are a couple of tips you might like.
Fujifilm 1600 developed in Rodinal (if I remember correctly that’s a grainy developer) Mind the temperature, as the warmer the temp, the shorter dev. time and grain will be affected by that slightly, but contrast even more so. And vice versa if you dev. cooler, then add to the time and again grain and contrast will be affected by that too.
Try also the Tri-X and find a grainy developer, that works fantastic too.
There is another method you might want to try.
Print a picture on RC paper, then peel the paper so that you only have the emulsion off the paper/print. Put that in the enlarger and voila you’ll have a beautiful texture. This trick takes practice

I used to love all sorts of different techniques, and my speciality became pin-hole which I also taught to college students :D

I love your work!

Nice experimentation, Rebekka. It’s always fun to play with film. I haven’t done any in a long time, but I wish I did. Not since high school. I hope you continue to find new aspects of photography to sustain your desire.

I guess I’ll say it twice, because I just commented on Flickr. The texture and emotive possibilities of your technique are excellent! The third one from the bottom with the shadows on the face has a great atmosphere to it. Anyway, I love this stuff.

Have you considered solarizing the prints? It gives some interesting effects when you print, and they are not particularly controllable.

Just a thought. Something else to play with. You’ll probably master the technique in no time, since you’ve mastered everything else you turn your hand to.

I Just wanted to say how much of an inspiration you are. I love the fact tha you are experimenting with film now. You are a great artist.

Hi Rebekka:
I just want to say Congratulations for you work, your photos are unique and I have become fan I number one yours.
If in addition we united that you are of Iceland a country that always has fascinated to me, another reason to follow your work.
If you need something from me, you just need to ask
From Valencia, Spain

Oscar Olmos

I’m completely in love with your work :)

nice pics ;D your work is fine ;)

Great! You are one step beyond!!!


a rather nice introduction to you blog today!
best wishes,
love and peace,
peace and love,
(kirk) kirk gregory czuhai

a rather nice introduction to you blog today!
best wishes,
love and peace,
peace and love,
(kirk) kirk gregory czuhai

Cool stuff! Which lens didi you use? Negatives are quite small and I know you don´t have a macro lens. :)

Hey Rebekka!

Just wanted to say that I love your photos and that your creativity is awesome!!! Your style is so adorably unique and fascinating… Wow, wow, wow!!!


Estoy completamente eanorado de ti !
I’m absolutely in love of your work and of yourself. Yeah, right? I don’t know you, that’s true. But anyway … you should know there is a young guys from Chile that checks your site all the time to see your photos.

Good luck with your talent.

Continue to make my life better

peace and love,
love and peace,
(kirk) kirk gregory czuhai

Anne Harb wrote on March 19th, 2007

Who are you? Why is my name and website info inside your website?

rebekka wrote on March 20th, 2007

hmm… im afraid i have no idea what you mean…

Anne Harb wrote on March 23rd, 2007

Forget me….I am the one who doesn’t understand.

gfsgfs wrote on April 6th, 2007

How come you have pages on your site about random topics? like this one:

“el paso software developers”

Great images! Can you do dogs and cats?

Leslie wrote on April 11th, 2007

Why when I do a search for Dana cambra this blog comes up as his? I can’t find any info on Dana Cambra. Why does the first page state that it is about him?

Hey Leslie,

Where do you do that search for Dana Cambra? Google? Yahoo? something else?

You have people posted here who have no idea why they are. They are not related to your topic. And you ask why someone is searching. COuld be because they’ve done something they should pay for. Could be many reasons. Bottom line… stick to your topic and stop using your site for other things besides that.

Found my way here through that “Flickr Incident” and decided to wander around a bit….

…so, here is a great push-processing technique I was shown back in my university days, by the old pro who volunteered to do the PMT’s for our student newspaper (I was the staff photographer at the time):

I’ve used this with great success for pushing Ilford HP5 (400ASA) up to 6400ASA. The trick is to increase the development time as pre the info sheets (up to about 27 minutes for HP5, if I remember correctly; that was with Microphen diluted 1:1, I think…), but, also to dump the developer every few minutes (depending on how much patience you have – and stop the clock each time you dump the developer!) and wash the film in fresh water for 30 seconds before pouring in fresh developer and starting your timing clock again.

There is that usual tonal compression expected with push processing, but, something else: highlights which would normally be completely burned out now have detail in them! So, for instance, exterior shots of a building at night would still show detail inside the brightly lit windows; or people on a darkened stage under very bright spotlights would have better registry of details in their facial features; or people on a candle lit night vigil/march/protest will have great tonal detail in their dimly lit faces.

It’s a great technique for shots where a flash would make things simpler but would be too obtrusive, or, where distances are beyond the range of a flash.

fascinating! I haven’t done film in years, but now I’ve seen these I want to experiment with it again

I used to do all push-processing with tri-x and warm-ish water, as I shot bands either performing or posing in available light

Very nice pictures

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